People Explain How They Finally Escaped Their 9 to 5 Jobs


Tumble out of bed and RUN FOR THE DOOR!!

Dolly Parton warned us about the perils of 9-5. Did we listen? No. Not that there is anything wrong with a 9-5 career, but it is fulfilling? If it is... then bless but if it's not... find an out. Who decided that those were the magic hours? Don't feel you have to be submissive to that timeframe.

Redditor u/FerryMayne wanted to hear from the people who were able to free themselves from the everyday work drag by asking..... People who have escaped the purgatory of the 9-5, how'd you do it?


Tangically related anecdote, I started freelance web development to try to escape the 9-5 and work on my own schedule.

Turns out, most of the country runs on 9-5 (and my clients), so now I just work 9-5 at home, lol. PayMeInSteak

Total Hell....

I love 9-5, compared to the weird shifts I had at a call centre where I might start at 10:30AM some days, 2pm others, etc. emu404

Yeah. 9-5 may seem like purgatory, but I've had plenty of jobs where the schedule was total hell. I'm dying for a 9-5. Total_ClusterFun

On my Knees....


I spent 3 years in a hospital working 6-6 with 28 hour on-call shifts every three days.

I fall on my knees everyday and thank god for my 9-5 current job. PhillipLlerenas


I know what I'm about to say is really hard for 99% of people, so I consider myself lucky- but finding a job I love. It sounds crazy, but I actually get really excited when I wake up on Monday morning. Shuckles116

The Extreme.

Probably not what you are looking for, as it is a little extreme. Moved, almost literally, halfway around the world so my wife could take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Her job had a temporary position open up in Asia. Big downside was that my job couldn't keep me remote if I was moving outside the US. We lost a large chunk of our income, but we had enough saved up so it would work out fine.

We had planned to travel a lot since we have never been able to visit this side of the planet. So I never got a standard job. Now it looks unlikely that we will be able to take any big trips this year.

I'll return to my 9-5 when we eventually move back, but for now I'm just enjoying my extra long vacation. PM_me_your_recipes-

The city.....

Taskrabbit. Idk that its viable in any city but in a highly populated one i was making more a week than my office job. With that came absolutely no work benefits. With that also came complete autonomy and responsibility which for me were worth it. thewinterboulder

The Dream.


Worked several shitty jobs for 30 years. Lived frugally. Obsessively saved. Done without a lot of things. Then got sick, got laid off, can't work anymore. Living off savings until I die... hopefully before my savings runs out.

The American Dream. dirtymoney

Hey Hun!

Hun, I started selling young living essential oils! They're life changing! They cure cancer and can help protect you from corona. I make thousands of dollars a month! If you want in on the action, dm me.

Haha. Just kidding, MLMs are awful. I am a teacher so my hours are 6:30-4:30. I am allowed to leave at 3, but I usually stay to get work done. Being that I am allowed to leave at 3 means I can normally attend my daughters daycare parties. lifeisgolden414

Forget all that crap.


I'm an accountant. I work what most people call a stereotypical 9-5 office job and lemme tell ya, it's fantastic compared to my previous jobs as a trade contractor, working in a hotel, grocery stores, and restaurants. Forget all that crap. I actually work anywhere between 6 and 3 because the company I work for is more flexible than a contortionist. Taurus0594


I have a friend who works a 12 hour night shift, he loves it, he doesn't have to talk to any suits, he reads, takes courses, works on his poker.

It's usually quiet, he has so much seniority now if he wanted 9-5 they'd have to give it to him, but he doesn't. Because it's a 12 hour shift, he's 3 days on 4 days off, then 4 days on 3 days off. So basically he only works 14 out of 28 days, but gets the same hours. maldio



I asked my boss if I could work from 7-5, four days a week, and he said yes. So now I have a three day weekend every weekend.

Not only that, but I work Sunday-Wednesday, so my "Monday" is hassle free without everyone looking over my shoulder. I just come in and get my projects done without any interference.

I'm also getting so many of the home improvement projects done that I wanted to get done now and I'm enjoying life much more. DuctTapeChainsaw


I currently work 2 days a week 16 hours days (hospital) and I can never go back to 9-5.

Only negative aspect, those days are Sat-Sun but whatever I only work 8 days a month, I'll take it. kayrod417

Untie Me Down....

I work a job where there's no set hours and we can work whenever.

I end up working 10-6 anyway because that's the sanest schedule and having midday interruptions disrupts the flow of my thoughts and focus.

It's nice to not have to be at my desk when work is light, and I'm glad I can start late or leave early when I have other things.

And I prefer choosing to work these hours than being expected to, because there isn't any expectation from others that I'll be tied to my desk at a certain point in the day. sensitiveinfomax



I got myself a new job that's now 6-6:30. Only now I work (on average) 3 days a week and have long weekends every week. GGinYYC

On the weekends.....

On the weekends, I wrote articles and gave them away for free. Then some videos. And made some forums. I reduced my expenses.

Then the videos started to send me money, and I monetized the articles.

And then one day, my piddly income was bigger than my expenses. I was able to break away

And the I did some kickstarters, made some movie-like things, wrote a book.

Now I own a couple hundred acres and support a half dozen people. I have been free of the 9-to-5 for about 15 years.

And it all started with giving stuff away for free. paulwheaton


Laid off from Covid-19, now I'm making more in unemployment than I did while working. I know this won't last (CARES act only covers the additional $600 until July 31st).

I consider myself really lucky because I know there are a ton of people out there suffering. I'm using most of the money to build up my savings. GratitudeRock

"working for the weekend" 

After a really bad depressive episode, I realized being regulated in an office from 8 - 5 was slowing destroying my mental health. I hated "working for the weekend" and I hated going in Monday knowing I would be stuck doing the same thing five days again.

I applied to an airline on a whim two years ago, and becoming a Flight Attendant was the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.

I love that every day is different, every flight is different. I start and come home at different times and see so many different places.

Now... right now with pandemic restricting flying is super unfortunate, to say the least. However it also makes me realize how much I love this job and that. lookslikewitch

​I dropped out of that life style.

I dropped out of that life style. I was focused on getting a 9-5 job for reasons and once I was there I hated it. Worked my butt off in school and had a job at the World Trade Center with a awesome view of Manhattan. A lot of people would feel inspired or accomplished, but the only thing I felt was disdain. I didn't like who I was and I didn't like who I worked with. Really disliked my work. I dropped that lifestyle and became a mover. I work with a bunch of talented musicians and make ends meet. I like my life a lot more now. notconnormclarney

Pure damn luck.


Pure damn luck. I was a couch bum that literally stumbled into being a Political Consultant for 4 years.

Left that and used what I learned to become a Business Consultant. IamAWorldChampionAMA


Went back to college. This has been a temporary fix but it's at least given me a a break from it.

Finding a job where you work gigs rather than regularly also has helped (I've done all kinds of stuff from photography to childcare)

I agree cutting expenses helps a lot too. My car is 20 years old. I live in a small apartment. I could afford more but I'd rather work less. catherine-antrim


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