People Reveal How They Discovered They Were Doing Something The Wrong Way Forever


You've been doing something the same way your whole life,only to find out it's wrong. Once the feeling of failure passes, hey, you have a new skill! Achievement unlocked.

adeptwarrior asked: What's an 'oh sh*t' moment where you realised you've been doing something the wrong way for years?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

You... you left on the bubble wrap?

We bought a nice liquor cabinet. We got it delivered and noticed it was a bit shorter than we thought. No biggie. Three years later, we're moving. Lift up cabinet and these beautiful, ornate, screw on legs wrapped in tape and bubble wrap fall off the bottom. Looks so much better now!


Boomers, man.

Until last week, when my father in law would made a phone call on his very basic non-touch-screen flip phone he would open the menu, scroll to the phone icon, open it, hit the soft key for contacts, scroll to the person he wanted to call, press ok, then press the soft key to call.

When he mentioned how he preferred his landline because he could just dial the number, I said "Humor me. Just dial the number and hit the talk button." I've never seen a man so simultaneously grateful and embarrassed.


Counter: doing the bend and snap.

Since the dawn of time, I would pick up the silverware and utensils out of their tray in the dishwasher and put them away in their drawers then go back and pick up more out of the dishwasher. Then one day I saw my wife lift the tray out of the dishwasher and I legit stood there with my mouth open.


God damnit.

I knew that thing moved because I've removed it and changed it around to make pans or big dishes fit better, and I've still been going back and forth for the silverware.


Mine routinely shifts and comes out as I'm trying to pull the silverware out, if there's too much in it. And my idiot response is to get mad and shove it back into place instead of realizing the universe is trying to show me something.


Thumbs up.

It wasn't very long, but when I was learning to drive my dad was explaining the rule of thumb regarding a safe distance to be behind the car in front of you. I thought it meant to hold your thumb up and if your thumb didn't cover the entire car you were too close to it. When he caught me doing that he asked me what I was doing. When I explained he burst out laughing, then considered it, and concluded it wasn't a bad idea but perhaps a bit distracting.


What's the real rule-of-thumb regarding safe driving distance?


First rule of thumb, never talk about thumb.


Pointy lids.

Couple years ago I was trying to open some toothpaste and had to break the seal of the tube, I used to look for something like a nail to break it, then one day I looked at the pointy end of the cap and thought 'what if I could use this to break it' and oh sh!t it did fit and broke it effortlessly, and so did every other tube product I had in the house and their respective cap, my mind was blown.

Edit: Changed "dental paste" to "toothpaste" since it sounds weird in English.


It tastes like fairy dust.

When I was 5 a Pizza Hut employee told me that the powder on the breadsticks was called fairy dust. Ordered extra fairy dust on my breadsticks until I was around 14 when an employee said 'do you mean garlic salt?' It still devastates me to realize how obtuse I was.


I worked at Pizza Hut from 16-21. We called it fairy dust.


I had to google this. I'm legit shocked again buy this damn powder. So it appears the first employee in my story wasn't fcking with me. And the second employee wasn't a knowledgable member of the team.



My mom has been pronouncing Massachusetts "Massa Two Sh*ts" for years and no one corrected her because they thought she just had strong feelings about Massachusetts.


My mother can not pronounce that or Mitsubishi. She tries but same outcome and Mitsubishi comes out miss-yo-bitchy


What a good dad overall.

I grew up without a mom. She passed when I was 6. I was afraid to ask my dad how to put a tampon in. One day I made a comment (about age 18) to some friends that tampons hang out too far out your bajingo and made me feel like I waddled when I walk. My friend asked me how I put them in. I thought it would get stuck up there and wasn't inserting it far enough. Did it wrong for about 5 years. My friends still make fun of me for it. I can't help but use the dead mom card, but looking back it's pretty common sense how to shove it up there.

I didn't really feel comfortable with my body, so I'm not sure I really understood what the directions were asking. For others asking: my dad was a really good dad. Obviously he made some general mistakes as a parent (as all parents do) but as a substitute mother he did a great job. He taught me how to shave my legs (funny voices and all) and he was a Girl Scout troop leader for almost 10 years. He tried to figure out how to French braid, and he did comb my nasty ass ratty hair on a daily basis.


No mom also and the first time I wore a tampon I wore the cardboard applicator inside my vagina as well. I remember sitting on the bus in so much pain wondering how people could do this.


How did you not constantly trip over yourself?

No one really ever told me you don't need to buy shoes with the 'two-fingers' space in front of the toes after your feet stop growing.

I had been buying an entire size too big until about age 23.

Twenty. Three.

One day in college I decided to try a pair of Merrell barefoot type shoes and after reading the sizing guide, BAM. Mind blown.

It's terribly obvious mistake I (29F) like to blame on being an only child. But really I'm just a fu=*cking moron.


I had this problem until about 25. Never really thought about it, I was always a size 10. That's what mom bought me in high school, why would it be any different now? Only thing is, I stopped growing at 14, never had another growth spurt. As guys, we were always told you'll keep growing til late teens, early 20s for some. Yeah, that didn't happen for me. Luckily I was buying a pair of nice boots and the clerk was like dude, there's no way you're a size 10. You're barely a size 9. I was so happy once the blisters I'd always dealt with went away.



I owned a car with swivel headlights and it was very nice to have that. Discovered three years in that I had never turned on the swivel feature.


My uncle has a 2005 Lexus that has swivel lights. When the car turns off, they face down. The swivel motor broke in both headlights a few years ago and no longer turn up to face straight. He lives a few hours from me and I don't visit that often, so when I finally went to visit him, I pointed out the problem. He had been using his high beams full time at night FOR YEARS because he thought the low beams just weren't good enough


This is just cruel.

My name is Ryan.

It took me until I was in 1st grade to realize my name wasn't in the alphabet.

My mom had told me my name was in the alphabet, and I felt so lucky. She obviously meant the letters to spell my name were in the alphabet.

But nope. It took that long to realize the alphabet didn't go "W, X, Ryan Z....


Don't feel bad. My birthday is in July. I was under the impression until I was 7 that the Fourth of July, the fireworks, specifically, were for my birthday.

I felt really dumb, but also really really sad when I realized they weren't.

Edit: Lmfao one of the dumbest parts of my early childhood, and it is worth a silver. Thanks Reddit. I'm glad someone found my naivety entertaining!


The fact that no one noticed is amazing.

Not wrong for years, but I work help desk, and we use a specific (terrible) piece of software for our Support system, IBM Notes.

It turns out, that for the first 9 months I had been working there, it wasn't setup properly, so I wasn't sending any emails from it, at all. No notifications that the ticket went to me, no responses from me, no close notifications, nothing.

Someone noticed this, took a look, and fixed a setting. I immediately sent out over a thousand emails to everyone in the company.


You work in IT and managed to keep your job without sending emails for 9 months, that's impressive.


So basically the company could have done without you for nine months/you could have done nothing for nine months? Did you not realize that you never got a reply to any of your messages?



Apparently the red ring around the bologna is not supposed to be eaten.


Now I'm no fan of bologna, but why the hell is it attached so firmly then? Like it tears off some of the meat if you try to remove it, at least in my experience.


I think they make it like hotdogs, they mash the meat up and squeeze it in a plastic casing and then slice it up.


I know, my mind is blown too.

Realized the multi colored tape measures glued to the door frames of gas stations etc. are for identifying robbers, not for measuring yourself as you walk out. I mean, they can be, but that's not why they are there. Unless you're the robber.


I've seen so many stores where whoever installed it clearly didn't know what it was for either, because I'm 6', but in some stores I'm 7' and in some I'm 5'.


It depends on the angle of the camera.


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