People Divulge Which Myths They Actually Firmly Believe In


My grandma would always say that I would catch a cold if I went outside with wet hair...

But that is impossible, because colds come from germs. Still, despite the facts, it was something that she, and many others, still believe in. Just because a story is labeled as a myth doesn't mean that everyone has to agree with that conclusion.

Redditor u/xtinap21 "What myth or folklore do you FIRMLY believe in?" Many people readily admitted to believing in things that arguably defy logic.

10. The last dance

"There is a Native American belief that when you die and death comes for you, you have a right to a last dance, and all death can do is watch... it makes me feel so sad but so happy at the same time."


9. It sounds possible


It's just a really, REALLY big anaconda, and since those snakes grow continually throughout their lives, I wouldn't be surprised if some have, in the past, gotten over 50 feet or more."


8. America's most infamous heist

"DB Cooper made it!"


7. One for the bucket list

"If you whistle at the Northern Lights the devil will slap you in the face. Haven't been brave enough to try it."


6. Faerie Rings

"The Sidhe/Faeries and 'Faerie Rings'

Might be silly superstition, but....I'm not exactly gonna mess with it. You know. Just in case.

Roman's did the same when they conquered new lands. They'd pay homage just in case."


5. It helps me feel better too

"Coca Cola settles my stomach. I know there are studies on this saying it doesn't but it does. I know this isn't in the spirit of the question but it's the only myth I believe."


4. Can we tell the future?

"This past holiday season, I had a nightmare one night where I was chased by 3 polar bears. The very next day, we had a big holiday party at work where we did a white elephant gift exchange. I received a snowglobe with 3 polar bears in it and that freaked me out.

I have no idea what it means, but our brains are weird."


3. I was taught to pray to him for lost items

"St. Anthony can find stuff I've lost."


"🎶St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around. My [whatever I am looking for] is missing and it must be found.🎶

My Grandma taught me that when I was younger. Seems to always work for me in a pinch."


2. A creature out of "Supernatural"

"Skinwalkers. Never seen one, but I live in Arizona and the number of Native people who dare not to talk about them, adamantly swear their existence, and just the fact that the Sonoran desert is so vast and mysterious makes me firmly believe in them."


1. We seriously aren't 100% sure about what's in the ocean


"Most things in the ocean, like the kraken, still alive megaladons, sea monsters, etc.

We have explored a tiny fraction of the ocean and we constantly find new things when we go in deep sea exploration trips. I'm not sure which specific myths or folklore I believe in, but I absolutely believe the ocean has some weird, scary, strange things in and we have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg."


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