People Divulge Which Moments In Life Defined Their Character


I am who I am now!

Life is full of choices and moments that redirect every aspect of our existence. Most of the time the moments that change us most are out of our control. Life is what it is. We don't control it. And it's those moments, those seconds when everything turns on a dime we learn exactly what we're made of. How capable are we? You'll find out!

Redditor u/JannisT wanted everyone to discuss... What event happened in your life which caused some character development for you?

Best Dad!

I lost my fiancee 3 months after we were engaged to a car accident. She had an 8 year-old-son who I'm now raising because his dad split. I have no other kids. The last 4 years have been a rewarding and frustrating. davisj1081

You are the good people of the earth that give me hope. Thank you for the strength. FatBabyCake

You have strength... 

My super healthy husband woke up one morning with sudden vision loss. He lost 95% of his vision due to optic neuritis. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few weeks later. I was 14 weeks pregnant with our first son. I went from carefree to my life crumbling and it was scary. Those weeks before his diagnosis were spent being terrified that I was going to lose him. We're 6+ years into the MS life and, while it's incredibly difficult, overall I'm very happy and content with our life. He used to be my rock, the stronger of us, and when he got sick, our roles were reversed. I've had to learn how to be patient not only with him, but with myself. I try to find the positive side of things. When I make mistakes, I no longer beat myself up, I allow myself to be a human. I understand that every day has an opportunity to learn and show compassion to others even when I'm not given the same consideration. You never know what is going on in another's life. anxi0usly_awkward

With nothing you've got nothing to lose...

We lost our house and car in the same year. Had next to nothing to eat most nights, barely made it through BUT we did.

I was 12, it changed the way I did things, it definitely changed me for the better. RealChemical

Something similar... We lost everything, except the clothes on our back. It wasn't a fire or a disaster that the community rallies around... it was my uncle. I still lay awake thinking about what effect that has had on my kids. As for eliminated my anger. I just can't seem to get worked up about crap because I know how insignificant it really is.

As for my uncle... lets just say I will never again travel to, pass thru, or come near the entire state of Colorado. I don't know what would happen... but I have no desire to spend the rest of my life in prison. Ashotep

Just breathe...

Having a heart attack helped me become more chilled out. I don't really stress about things like I used to. Presuminged

Brain: Well in the meantime, how about we rethink every decision and thing you do shall we? inglishman

Time is fleeting... 

A friend of mine died. And he was one of the honestly good people, easy to talk to and he went out of his way to do good things for others. He generally made life better. Then he passed away and I realized life is as short as it is unfair, it doesn't care how valued you are. When its your time to go you'll just go. Nothing anyone can do about it. afrocircus6969

Life on the streets....

Spent two years on the streets. Made me turn my life around. SangEntar

Lived on the streets for a full year myself. It almost breaks your mind in a way. A full decade later and sometimes I still wake up scared in the middle of the night thinking someone will find where I'm sleeping and kick me out or take my food. TheRealDreamcastGuy


Divorce, high school sweethearts together 17 years. Made me look at my own self, flaws and character and who I want to be and also learn from past life and relationship mistakes which I could previously not see while still in that situation. At the same time learnt from the ex's actions things that I will never allow to be apart of my character or let myself be involved in, in the future. youkn0wit

Learn kindness...

Worked in a special needs facility.. noticed I became more compassionate and patient. mistergelatin

Same thing happened with me when I started working with kids, some of which are special needs. It really helps mold you into a patient and kind person. PlausibleLee

Seek treatment... 

Right when I finished University, my mom left my dad and he tried to hang himself, which got him put in a mental institution. I had to take the decisions for him, talk with the doctor, decide if he was ready to get out. Got me growing up pretty suddenly. Everything's fine today. KeeRinO

Be safe...

One day, toward the end of shift, we had a car accident victim that came in. It was a pregnant female, probably 30's. She wasn't too bad, but she was going to hurt. The baby was fine. What got me is that her four year old son came along, too. The kid didn't realize have any injuries aside from some bruising. Given that dad was apparently still at the accident site, I sat and kept the kid preoccupied. He was a bright, fun little kid. He loved Marvel, especially the Hulk. We made action figures out of printer paper and we're having a real good time. He loved his future little brother to death, too he was super determined to be the best big brother ever. But then he let slip what was happening before the accident. Apparently Mom and Dad we're in an argument prior to the accident and Dad hit mom just before which is what caused it. Dad stayed with the car because he was getting arrested. Mom eventually called Grandma to pick up her son and take him to her house.

Just being in that situation and being the one to hear that from a child you've known for maybe 15 minutes. It made me want to go to war for that child. It honestly really made me rethink the way I look at kids. I hope he's doing better and I hope he does great things. Most importantly, I hope he's somewhere safe. SourHyperion1


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