People Divulge Which Injustices From Their Past They're Still Salty About
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To this day, I am still annoyed when I think of the idiot who stole my copy of Pokemon Gold when I was a kid. I loved that game (and still do) and was in the middle of yet another exciting replay when a now ex-childhood friend decided to steal it and claim that my copy had been his all along.

Needless to say, the incident permanently ruptured our friendship. I did end up receiving another copy of the game later on, but I was so disgusted by the situation. And here I am, eighteen years later, writing about it! Ugh!

People told us their own stories after Redditor DrunkTomCruise asked the online community,

"What is something that happened a long time ago, that you're still mad about?"

"Anyway, he

"My sister had just gotten her driver's license and, at our parents' request, she drove me and my brother (both younger) to the grocery store for a few things. While we were sitting at a red light, the a***** in front of us started reversing until he ran into us. This was before dashcams and before cell phones so my sister didn't know what she was supposed to do in a situation like that (ie: collect eyewitness testimony from others around us and get their contact info) and she just swapped insurance info with the guy.

Anyway, he put in a claim in saying that she ran into him and our parents refused to believe us when we tried to tell them it was the other way around. They insisted that our sister was lying and had guilt-tripped my brother and me into covering up for her. We all got punished for it. This happened in 1997. I'm still pissed about it."


At least you're okay, but wow, your parents suck. That's the kind of thing that never makes you want to trust another adult again.

"My college roommate..."

"My college roommate told me I should move out of our apartment that we both signed the lease for because her boyfriend had moved in. I was under no obligation to move out but I did it anyway and afterward, I no longer considered her a friend. Years later, I ran into her at a work conference and she tried to say "Hi" to me as though nothing had ever happened but I ignored her."


Some people are best left behind in the past, and that's that.

"I was a student..."

"This has become known among my friends and family as the "b*tch stole my orange" incident.

I was a student, running late in the morning and didn't have time for breakfast, so I grabbed an orange on the way out the door. Got to the lecture, sat between a pair of strangers as I was one of the last in the door, started taking notes. Remembered I was hungry, got my orange out of my bag and then the lecturer said something important so I left the orange on the table while I noted it down. Then I go to eat my orange, but where is it? I can smell orange. I look around. I see the girl next to me. She's peeling my orange. She breaks it open. She starts to eat my orange without so much as a sideways look. I said nothing - I was legitimately stunned into silence while she finished it off.

I spent the rest of the lecture waiting for her to glance into her bag, realise her own orange was there and she'd accidentally stolen someone else's, but no. She had no orange of her own. She just took my orange with no excuse or justification or even a look.

I no longer leave my snacks where others can reach them."


I once had a boss who decided to eat my chocolate bar. I still think about how smug this person was about the whole thing. The nerve.

"Never trusted another adult..."

"I went to my teachers and my therapist about the abuse going on at home. I was in a meeting about it with 4 teachers, my parents, and my therapist.

Teachers kept interrupting me, telling me what was actually going on at home and having adult-level debates with me, a traumatized 8th grader, who just found the courage to speak. My parents downplayed what was going on and my therapist played middleman. Never trusted another adult again after that."


This is heartbreaking. Hopefully you're in a better place now, far away from abusers and enablers. This is not a minor injustice.

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"I had my first real job..."

"2007. I had my first real job, working at Burger King for the summer. About a month into my employment, they call me into the office and tell me a communal register drawer was short $43. They accuse me of doing it and put me on dish duty, when they're done I have to go home, for weeks.

Not only was I getting screwed out of hours, but my work pants didn't even have pockets in them. Where the hell would I have put the $43 I "stole"? Just because I was new, I caught the blame for it. Still mad at the injustice and slander of my character."


The new kid on the block suffers the consequences. Sorry to hear this. Hopefully you're never in such a terrible work environment again.

"The cops and the administration..."

​"I was a student at Virginia Tech when the big school shooting there happened. It opened up when the shooter killed a few people in the AJ dorm early that morning and then took off, ultimately to make and then mail off crazy videos.

The cops and the administration decided that the killer had fled the area and that classes should go on as normal. That decision cost the lives of 20+ comrade Hokies when the killer came back to shoot students at Norris Hall. There were no repercussions, no lawsuits, no firings, no resignations.



"I'm not sure..."

"Being outed. I'm not sure really if I'm still mad at the people who outed me, or on the fact that I was outed against my will."


"It's been over 20 years..."

"There are a few things, but perhaps the lightest one that still boils my blood is that in kindergarten, I asked Santa and my parents for a Hot Wheels monster truck slime jam set. I was asked multiple times if I was sure, because "that's not a toy for girls." I kept saying I was absolutely sure. Christmas day comes, no slime jam set in sight. Not even a single little Hot Wheels car.

It's been over 20 years and I am still incredibly salty."


Give this woman her Hot Wheels monster truck slime jam set now!

"And my Mum wonders..."

"My little sister and her best friend trashing my room because I had bunk beds that they wanted to play with (without my permission). I said she should clean up after herself, I was told I should clean my room because it was mine. And my Mum wonders to this day why I don't get along with my Golden Child sister.

Small example of a much larger problem."


"They closed down..."

"They closed down my favourite tiny Italian restaurant that was in the basement of another restaurant but was so romantic and Godfather-esque."


You know what, I will be salty about Pokemon Gold being stolen from me. Not sorry about it––you don't put your hands on other people's things. And the people who've shared their stories here are equally justified.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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