People Divulge Which Industries Are Much Shadier Than They Seem


Is there anything that we can trust!?

Probably not. The truth is, where there is money to be made, someone is doing something dishonest to make more of it. Anyone who has worked in a behind-the-scenes role of a business would know that there is usually something sketchy going on. Price gauging, unscrupulous business partners, and just straight up scamming is happening in a lot of businesses that you regularly frequent and rely on.

Redditor u/Kneecap_Buchaneer wanted to know about what is favorite companies might be hiding, and so asked... "What industry is a lot shadier than it seems?"

20. Not the pulp...


"Orange juice. The Orange juice industry has been constantly under fire for false advertising since the 1950s. The health values of Orange juice are no greater than that of a can of soda, and NONE of the Orange juice you can purchase in stores is actual Orange juice. Even pulp is artificially made and added in."


19. Dare to search...

"Electronics, cellphones, every battery. Just search 'conflict minerals' and enjoy the read."


18. This horrifying safety hazard

"The Slate industry. It's not so much like this now, but in the 1980's there was very little safety gear. There were slate quarries in wales that employed thousands of workers. They ended up inhaling slate dust into their lungs, which would solidify, killing them after a few years. The quarry owners often payed doctors to tell the miners they were dying to do drinking too much tea. This corruption ended in the 1980's due to the slate industry shrinking, and most work being done by machines. But it went unheard for a long time."


17. How hasn't Nintendo buckled down on these scams?


"(Sorry if this has been stated) Not an industry but Animal Crossing man. People are selling villagers for 140 dollars a pop (seriously just check amazon), charging people to even go to their islands, and if it's not irl money you can bet a good handful of them charge 120,000 bells and 50 NMT. I just wanted to play fun animal game man, not Wolf of Wall Street for a cat with glasses and some turnips. And of course you can ignore this when playing, but it's still a huge part of the community right now"


16. They let people get away with a lot on that site

"Porn industry. On pornhub there was an actual **** of a missing 15 year old girl was uploaded to the site. Unfortunately there's quite a bit of sex trafficking on these porn sites"


15. You can Google these things for free

"Business/Management consulting. Honestly, 90% of the time we are just making **** up or using fancy words and charts to explain common sense things everyone already knows."


14. This one came up a lot

"The banana industry. They actually took over an entire country"


13. It's really a gamble to donate

"Lots of Kickstarter businesses. Some try and fail and decide to keep the money or cant pay it back so they ghost the backers. And Others just try hard to get the money with no intention of creating a product"


12. Daycare is a necessary evil

"Daycare. People are underpaid severely, kids are crammed into rooms at the highest state allowed capacity in the United States. 14 toddlers watched by two adults is the standard in Washington state. Borderline inhumane imo."


11. Add these to you suspect list

"nutrient additive companies, they do not have to test(in the USA) their products and only have to take something down, when someones dies/gets ill etc"


10. This vinegar may be too authentic

"My dad knows a story from someone who works for a nationwide grocery chain, they have to deal with an Italian mafia to import balsamic vinegar."


9. Cakes will taste different now


"More people died last year over vanilla in Madagascar than cocaine in South America. They've even coined the term 'vanilla murder'. Farmers hire armed mercenaries to guard their crops from thieves near harvest time, and if one is caught... well... let's just say it's in response to all the farmers that were killed by thieves for the same reason."


8. Research your supplements

"Dietary supplements

It's gotten better, but there's still a lot of half-truths and whole lies. Not all that long ago it was seriously like the wild wild west."


7. Job agencies are sketchy

"Recruitment Industry

some examples:

  • fake jobs to lure candidates for registration kpis
  • trainee negotiation tactics of telling a candidate there is a better candidate who wants less so we recommend less for you to get the job. especially for contractors.
  • 'coveting off' pitching and telling a candidate they have been sent to a line manager but in reality they haven't been submitted because two others from same recruiter have already been in interviews. if they fail you may get a chance.
  • lot of coded ways to put on a database info on your age, non professional related appearance, and ethnicity
  • ageism, sexism, racism is rampant in hiring
  • a lot more dodgy stuff behind the scenes"

6. Don't take Yelp reviews at face value

"Rating services like Yelp. Refuse to advertise and your good reviews magically get rearranged. Hey, look if you want to do that and be transparent, I get it. But most every business owner knows how scummy this is and most clients just have no idea.

I have a business that isn't something that would usually be looked for on Yelp. They called and I just froze. Luckily I do long term rentals and was sold out. Explained I wouldn't have an opening for months, they seemed to leave me alone. Yet they have my business on the front page of Google search (under the wrong category)"


5. The world of internet domains

"Domain names. There's so much shady stuff that goes on when it comes to domain names: cyber squatting, sketchy registrars, domain hijacking, scams, predatory pricing, etc.

Then there's the whole ICANN/.org fiasco that's been in the news recently."


4. Pet breeding is sad


"Pet industry. Basement puppy mills and dogs that are so inbred they can hardly breath. There are plenty of ethical breeders out there (and some unlicensed breeders are ethical even if in a legal grey zone) but the conditions of some of the so called puppy mills can be really bad. Sometimes when breeds are mixed and the pup gets the recessive genes the breeders weren't looking for.. they straight up euthanize it because they know it won't sell. Not to mention how many 'purebreds' are actually not pure at all... and sold as is. Shady."


3. Avocados are not pure

"Avocado farms. Most of the farms in Central America are taken over by the cartel because of how much money is in selling avocados."


2. Glasses don't need to cost so much

"Eye wear. Luxotica owns a large majority of eyewear and holds a virtual monopoly on the market. They control all prices and will crush competition. The only reason eye glasses and sunglasses are so expensive is because of price gouging."


1. I've worked for some terrible dog daycares

"Dog Boarding/Daycare

Not shady in the mafia sense, but you'd be surprised at some of the places I've worked at. Aggressive dogs don't get kicked out, very dishonest about what goes on behind the scenes, not enough staff to care for the number of dogs. My coworkers at my current job have had the same experience as well. We were all very happy to find a place that actually treats the dogs as the #1 priority. Most people are just in it for the money (which is funny cuz there isn't much money in the dog industry)."


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