People Divulge What They Have Absolutely No Sympathy For

Sympathizing with people who are suffering is a part of human nature, it comes naturally to many people.

It can be really hard to dredge up that sincere sympathy when the person is 100% responsible for the crappy situation they found themselves in

Reddit user Boss31112 asked:

"What do you have no sympathy for?"

The Sign Is There To Protect You

People who ignore signs and warnings at zoos and get mauled.


Or people who disregard fences and signs at places like the Grand Canyon.


Just Leave Animals Alone

People who taunt animals and then get bit.


Every time I hear about one of those stories I'm reminded of the Chris Rock line.

Chris Rock on Siegfried and Roy - Everybody's saying that tiger went crazy. That tiger ain't go crazy; that tiger went tiger! You know when he was really crazy? When he was riding around on a unicycle with a Hitler helmet on!


Yeah because then after the people get that they blame it on the animals and we tell everyone and then someone’s most likely going to kill the animal for biting someone even though it’s not the animals fault


That's Not What Family Means

People who abuse family and then try to use the word family to create a cult that you can never leave or disagree with.


AKA: a toxic work environment tactic 😑


HAHA I told my boss today “I don’t allow my biological family to speak to me that way and so why would I be ok with a manager treating me that way “ it left us in a deafening silence


Everyone Else is Tired And Cranky

People who lose their sh*t on planes and abuse staff/passengers….should be fined for every hour of everyone’s time they waste if flight is delayed/stopped and never allowed to fly again.


Leave Our Elders Alone!

Television Evangelists who prey on their elderly viewers. "touch the tv with your right hand, and use the phone in your left hand to donate, Jesus will heal you" BULLSH*T!

Those televangelists follow the model of "prosperity gospel" in which they believe that wealth is a sign of God's favor, and that by simply believing and praying for money—in addition to donating copious amounts of money to various Christian ministries—is what will take you there.

Last week one of those b*stards claimed that Jesus hasn't come back, because THEY DIDN'T GIVE HIM ENOUGH MONEY!


Didn’t Jesus chase money changers out of the temple?


I no longer have expectations of logic and rationality for these people.


It's Not Entry Level If You Need Years Of Experience

Companies who publicly whine that nobody is applying for their jobs or wants to work anymore, but doesn't think anyone without a bachelor's, 3-5 years of experience, and mastery of two coding languages is worth considering for an entry level job that pays minimum wage and doesn't offer health insurance. F**k those guys.


Accountability Is Key

People who lack any accountability for their actions & decisions.


This b*tch was in my team. We were making a project for college. For four months I worked my @ss off. She kept telling me, she's working and at the end it out turned she completely wasted those four months. Had to drop the project and salvage whatever I did in that time. She got credited as well cuz she was in my team.

And now for the final year, this girl had the audacity to come running to me for another project. I declined. I requested her to find someone else and she was shocked. When I told her the obvious she was butthurt. She kept blaming others for her mistake. F**k that.


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Downright Despicable

Animal and child abusers. They can all vanish. I won't ask questions.


People who abuse disabled and elderly people too. Anyone who preys upon a vulnerable population. Downright disgusting.


Connections Shouldn't Get You A Pass

Anyone that gets away with crime just because they have connections.


To add, anyone who commits a crime because they think they’ll get away with it because they have connections.


Pranks Gone Wrong

YouTubers that try to prank people for likes…


When I lived in Orange County I met the guy who does the Venice Beach shampoo "prank" (he just pours shampoo on people using the showers on the beach) during jury duty and he was as annoying as one might imagine.


For anyone who feels compelled to watch or do this stuff: pouring shampoo, soap, detergents etc or spraying perfume on strangers is no joke. People can have deadly allergies to this stuff. I have someone close to me that regularly needs to get driven to the emergency room ASAP because of this. I often joke that we should get a frequent visitor discount but seriously it's been way too close on more than one occasion.


Abuse Is Never Okay

Abusive parents


All children deserve parents but not all parents deserve children.


Carry In, Carry Out

People that litter


Unpopular opinion (in the backwater I live in) but: cigarette butts are litter, too


Dangerous litter, in many areas of the country. One of the most common human causes of wildfires.


Don't Take Advantage

People who take advantage of empathy


God, I feel this so damn much. I can be an extremely empathetic and emotional person sometimes. Yet, it sucks because I always have to keep it in check as people will absolutely take advantage of it with their plight and sob stories to get something out of me.


Willful Ignorance

Willingly stupid or ignorant people.


For me what's worse is the people who know the truth and are actively spreading misinformation to the stupid and ignorant people to manipulate them for their own benefit


You Have Turn Signals For A Reason

Aggressive drivers.

You're driving a giant death machine and refuse to use your blinkers, tailgate, and risk your life to make an exit, all to save 2 minutes. I might feel sympathy for your passengers, but if your face hits the pavement or you road rage the wrong person I don't feel bad for you.


Doesn't even save them time. The tailgating causes traffic jams. Leaving adequate room speeds up both you and every car around you.


You Don't Have To Have Kids

Bad parenting. Toxic or cruel or neglecting. You don't have to have kids. So love them and do right by them or just don't have them.

- acmasso

This. I know i wouldn't make a good parent. So I'm simply not having kids.


Don't Do That

People who cheat on their partner. F**k em.


"F**k em."

No, don't do that.


The Window Open Isn't Enough

Adults that smoke in cars with children. F**k you


Go back to the late 80's and [yell at] my mom for me. I'm pretty sure I have that to blame for my asthma. The one time I brought it up as an adult her defense was "I aLwAyS rOlLeD tHe WiNdOwS dOwN".


The people who decide and allow medications that are necessary to live to be expensive.


or to cost anything for that matter


Eyes On The Road

Texting while driving.


I had an acquaintance come by recently and complain about an expensive ticket she had gotten for texting while driving. I definitely did not sympathize, and was shocked that the other people there did. IMO her license should have been suspended.

Edit to add: she had been looking at a Tiktok of a relative’s cute child when she was ticketed.


It's pretty easy to understand why folks would have any sympathy for those listed, who all brought their situations upon themeselves.

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