People Divulge The Truths That Humanity Might Not Be Ready To Hear
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A good chunk of humanity have a hard time hearing certain truths. We don't want to admit what isn't working, because it's just human nature to be scared of being wrong. It's hard to admit weakness individually, much less as a whole.

But eventually, we need to face the facts, and these Redditors are ready to deliver the harsh truths about what it means to be human. SomeWillingness2960 asked:

What is the truth humanity is not ready to hear?

Let’s start with a few of the light ones, before we dive deep in what we’ve been overdue to hear.​

​Starting off with a very controversial one.

“The air in chip bags is important.”


“They replace the air (which contains oxygen and water vapour) with nitrogen so the chips don't get soggy or oxidise.”


“And they "over inflate" the bags on purpose to cushion the chips from crumbling during packing / transport.”


A universal work struggle.

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“No matter where you work, or what you do for a living, there will always be That Person that nobody can figure out how they got hired, never mind why they are allowed to continue working there.”


“I remember seeing a post on Reddit that seems to answer it. It basically says that to keep most jobs you just need to tick two out of three of the following attributes(I might have misremembered 1)

  1. You actually show up on time
  2. Your work is good/up to standard is not the worst and passable
  3. Your colleagues and bosses like you don't hate you the most out of your colleagues

Edit. Adding 4 and 5 based on below discussions which can supercede the above 3 while also ammending the above three slightly

4. It's more difficult to kick you out than to keep you

5. You have some control over those in charge (some kind of relation, having some kind of incriminating evidence, etc)”


What is “normal”, anyway?

“We will never have a good sense of the world's "normal."

News won't focus on it, because it's boring by definition. Social media won't focus on it for the same reason. Word of mouth and fiction too. Statistics may get us close, but they're hard to picture in terms if human experience, and of course, more exciting stats get repeated more.

Our view of the world outside of our own personal experience will always be shaped by the outliers, and there's not much way around it.”


Ok, now it’s time to dive deeper. Prepare yourselves.

​This one hurts.

“Most people simply don't care about the things you're passionate about no matter how much you try to convince them that they should be.”


“As I've gotten older I've had to learn that my friends don't find joy in the same things I do. It's nothing personal.”


People Share Which Social Norms Absolutely Baffle Them | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

I’ll never understand this.

Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy Superhero GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

“Much evil not only goes unpunished but is rewarded.”


“Not only that but a lot of evil behaviour is rewarding itself for many people.”


​Unfortunate truth.

“The loudest among you are mostly a bunch of wankers. Unfortunately you usually let them lead you.”


“A big part of that is because they tell us what we want to hear.

You ever hear a politician go "We're going to have open borders, lower corporate tax rate, higher sales tax, reduced prison sentences, laws forbidding employers from looking into if they're hiring a criminal, a ban on beef, and we're doing it all because that is what the experts say we should do and I have a giant book of sources on that"? No, because even though that's very much what experts advise, it's not at all what people want to hear.

So instead, when you hear someone going "Don't listen to that guy, what we really need is better border control, huge taxes on corporations, no taxes on the poor, criminals get treated like the scum they are, and corporations are the main ones behind climate change, and don't ask me for sources", you're still much more likely to support him. Because when you want to believe them, they're so much easier to believe.”


Those would be some very smart monkeys.

“There's a good chance that humans simply don't have the capacity to fully understand the universe.

A monkey will never be able to comprehend calculus, macroeconomic theory, or how a car works. It makes sense that we too have an intellectual ceiling that will prevent us from ever understanding how the universe works.”


Ready to face the music? Keep reading.​



“Humanity is the largest threat to itself. Not some natural disaster or outside invasion. We will kill ourselves off at this rate.”


“Yes. It's sad that the most successful and intelligent species in the solar system is most likely going to cause its own downfall.”



“For most people the last thing left of them will be an eroded name on a headstone.”


“I want to be one of those taxidermied drones.”


Username checks out.

“Are you special? Maybe a little bit. Are you as special as you think you are? Certainly not.”


“We are all the same decaying organic matter.”


​Humanity may not want to hear these next few, but we have to face them at some point.

Thanks a lot for that.

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“Earth will cease to exist and it's likely that humanity will go extinct at some point. The andromeda galaxy will collide with the Milky Way and the sun will increase in size, engulfing the earth as it makes its transition to its next stage in the star cycle.

Before any of that happens, the surface of the earth will be too hot to contain water and we could wipe each other out with nuclear weapons any day of the week.”


This SHOULD be common sense…

“If you put yourself in a dangerous situation through sheer recklessness, you're responsible for the consequences.

Example: If you ride your motorcycle without a helmet, get in an accident, and suffer preventable injuries. That's on you for intentionally disregarding your own safety. Obviously, if someone else caused the accident, that's in no way your fault. Choosing not to protect yourself is.”


Well that’s depressing.

“No matter what ideology, what governing principle, what laws, what sense of social justice society runs by, evil is always going to thrive and exist no matter what. The protests that people carry out in every other corner of the world, the people who give away their lives fighting for social justice (me being one of them) have their dreams of realising a world where equality exists among peoole from all kinds. But History shows us that it was never like that, and it will never be like that. Even if it is attained, then it can't be sustained. Evil is going to thrive in some way or the other. That's just human nature.

That said, we keep on our good fight. We keep on demanding and seeking justice and giving in our best, because that's what we do. We rage in the face of dying light, and if we have to Die ourselves, we die trying.”



Always Sunny Dennisreynolds GIF by hero0fwarGiphy

“You are a different person in each person's mind. Their reality of "you" is not what you really are. On the same note, you can work as hard as you can to be the best human being on Earth and be kind to everyone you meet, you will always be the worst a**hole for someone. And that's ok."


Now for some more space-related terrors.

“Long after we'll be gone, the sun will go supernova. It will annihilate every matter in the entire solar system. Not even dust will remain of us or anything we've achieved unless we dominate space travel before that. Until the universe itself expands beyond life speed, causing matter to cease to exist.

Our only hope is that universe becomes compressed after a massive expansion and a new big bang happens, resetting time itself.”


Well, I hope y’all aren’t too messed up from reading that. Especially that first one about the chip bags. How dare they.

But in all seriousness, just do your part to make our world a better place. That’s all we can do.​

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