People Divulge The Story Behind How They Got Their Most Noticeable Scar


Scars are cool. Right?

At least, that might be what we tell ourselves. In actuality, the story behind the scar is what's really the cool thing, not so much the bodily harm done to our body. We want our lives to sound more interesting than they might be and what could possibly be cooler than surviving bodily harm?

Well, if the story is right, nothing. However, if the story is you tripping over a stick while pretending to be Sonic the Hedgehog? Maybe keep that one to the internet.

Reddit user, u/generalkiddo, wanted to hear the epic tale when they asked:

What is your scar story?

Never Go Third

Me and two friends built a bike ramp in the forest of some wood we found, I went over it third, the ramp collapsed and I got a bit of a nail straight into my skull.


Scar For A Tony Award Winning Musical? Seems Fair.

About a year ago I went to NYC with a friend and his family. His six year old sister wanted to race me to the train we had to take so I started running with her, the road was unpaved and I ended up tripping on a rock. I skinned my right knee and different parts of my thigh, as well as the majority of my hand. Everything is healed now, but I have a huge circular scar on my right knee and scars going up my thigh.

Got to see Dear Evan Hansen, though, so I don't mind.


Invading His Territory

When I was little and home alone I was asked to feed the dog some bread in the evening. So I laid it in front of him, but he didn't eat it right away. My dumb 6 year old brain tried to take it back but was bitten by the dog who, naturally, tried to protect his food. Resulting in a small sort of scar on my hand.

The sad part is that hr had to go to another family after that, because he had had more incidents than this one alone, and the fact he had to go made me cry more than the pain. Sorry for the big sad


Training Dogs The Wrong Way

Dang very similar to my own story. I was also about 6 and we lived on a sheep and cattle farm (ranch). I was with Dad helping burn some tree stumps when John-dog (a collie) chased some sheep. That was natural instinct except that no working dog could do this without being commanded by the boss = Dad.

So Dad grabbed John-dog and shook him while shouting how BAD he was. I was a bit shocked but also impressed. Training animals was a bit rudimentary in those days.

Shortly after we went back to the house for lunch. Dad got some chops out and fed the dogs who were ambling about. Each dog grabbed its bones and crouched down to munch. John-dog went under the truck (ute) for security.

I decided the dog needed further instruction from 6yr old me so I picked up a branch and poked him while explaining "Bad dog, bad dog".

50 years later I can still see his open jaws and teeth as he defended his meat from my attack. John-dog didn't actually do much fortunately, just ripped open my nose. I had three hospital stays and plastic surgery by the time I was 10 and today nobody notices the small scar.

Mum was horrified and we went to hospital. The best part of this story is that Dad did not shoot John-dog. And I am forever grateful for that. Dad wasn't a hard man and didn't blame the dog. As soon as I could I went and patted him because I knew it was my own fault.


This Is What The Adults Told You Will Happen

In elementary school I was in boys and girls club before, and after school. This all happened before school in the first grade. I was walking behind our swingset when I fell halfway under the swing (that someone was in btw). I got up but when I pulled my head up, the swing hit me straight in the forehead. I didn't feel any pain because of my adrenaline so I didn't know why everyone was looking at me. I was carried inside the bathroom so I could stop the bleeding with a paper towel. I looked in the mirror and sure enough, there was a chunk of my head missing. Long story short, I went to the ER and got 4 stitches.


Gotta Go Fast

Was pretending to be sonic the hedgehog (this is in 4th grade) and started to chase my friend. I tripped and ripped my knee open. Needed stitches, and the first thing my dad did was complain about the hole in my new jeans.


Back At It Like A Giant Saw Didn't Just Rip Into My Arm

I sliced my arm open with a dropsaw on a Sunday. Reached across the blade to grab my offcut before it had come to a stop. 7 stitches later, and back at work the next day, albeit a bit sore


Not Sure If Even Goofy Can Explain This Fall

Slip and sliding down tiles wearing flip flops in the rain.

Legs slipped too far ahead and was falling backwards. Twisted midair all catlike. Put my hands forward to stop from face planting. Success!

Hands slipped on the tile and face planted.

Scar on my chin.


Adding Insult...To More Insult

Fell with my bike. The brake was stuck inside my inner leg. Someone had to pull the brake out of my leg.

To make things worse i also fell in a cactus at the same time


And Sometimes, You're Just A 7-Year Old

Have over 200 but here's the story behind the first ever

6 or 7 yo me, went to buy bread from the bakery. There was a road maintenance work and a guy was using an excavator. I was fascinated and tried to watch it while walking. Didn't see the barbed wire fence on my right and cut my right arm while watching the excavator.

That's the second biggest scar on my body lol. Everyone think there's a deep and hurtful backstory behind it but I was watching an excavator and walked into barbed wire like an idiot


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