People Divulge The Nicest Thing Someone Else's Parents Did For Them

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People Divulge The Nicest Thing Someone Else's Parents Did For Them

Raising a child takes a village, actually it takes the population of the world. We're all in the creation of a human together but we rarely take part. And even in adulthood people need help for survival from those that are not blood. Sometimes all anyone needs is a hug to let them know they aren't alone in the world. That can make all the difference. Some people are just born parents, not just to their own children but all others and they have know idea of the difference they make to others.

Redditor u/GreenChorizo wanted to know who has benefited from the kindness of parents that are not their own by asking.... What's the nicest thing someone else's parents did for you?

The View. 

My mother and father in law showed up to my dad's viewing after he died since my wife (my best friend at the time) couldn't be there. I had not expected to see them and I was blown away that they'd come. Hynjia

As their Son. 

My best friend's parents basically took me in as their son, I don't have a bad relationship with my parents or anything but when I lived with my dad during the summer I basically never left their house. They took me everywhere with them. I still consider them my adoptive family and see them every week since I moved back to my hometown. alltgethings1776



My girlfriend's Dad refilled my lunch account with money without me even saying anything about it. A swell guy he is. AtticusNari


The first time I visited my bf's country his parents cried on the airport while dropping me off and later told me they cried on the car for the whole one hour drive back home. japzilian_de

'Happy Birthday'

One year my dad was in hospital recovering from a heart attack and I didn't really celebrate my birthday because we were all visiting, helping my mum and generally worrying about him. No big deal, didn't matter to me at all.

The next weekend I went to stay with a friend from uni and crashed at her parents' house. At dinner time they brought out a cake with candles and sang 'Happy Birthday' because she'd told them about everything that was going on. I thought it must be someone else's birthday at first! So kind of them and I've never forgotten it. charlie1701



When my mother's mental illness was at her worst, my then-bf's mom learned that we had no heat (but electric was okay), and she bought multiple electric space heaters for us.

Later, the mother of my sister's best friend (at least, I strongly suspect it was her, but it was technically anonymous . . . whoever it was though, was definitely a parent) paid for my mother to go to a psychiatric hospital for a week.

Overall, so many parents and teachers in my town pitched in to make sure my sister and I were okay when our single mother's mental health went off the walls. There was the mom who dropped by to check on us every evening when we were home alone for a week when my mom was in said psychiatric hospital; another who brought us food. I'm sure I don't even know all the acts of kindness people did and I'm tearing up just thinking about it. sazed_sassypants

Bye Dad. 

I am transgender. When I was 19, I got my top surgery and my unaccepting (at the time) father verbally berated me and manipulated me into thinking that because I went through our insurance, I screwed the family over (he basically told me that insurance works like a credit card and that I used up all the money the family had and no one in the family could use our insurance for the rest of the year thanks to me).

I couldn't handle the verbal abuse, and my family already treated me like garbage, so I decided to live in my car until I could live on my own, but my friends mom (who is a nurse) discovered this, and she offered to bring me in to their home and took care of me while I recovered. She changed my bandages and asked lots of questions so she could learn about my experience transitioning. On the day I moved there, the whole family stayed up late watching bad horror movies and they invited me to join. It was the first time I ever felt part of a family.

On Thanksgiving they even had me eat with them and asked my opinion about a name to give the new family puppy. She even offered to house me longer than I had intended , but I was ready to be on my own. I have always held her in the highest regard. The friend I stayed with is still very dear to my heart, even if we have become a little distant. fayekingdrag

Med School Future.


Good friend's dad who coached us back in the day in football, was on the head committee at my high school and he fought singlehandedly for me not to get kicked out my senior year, when I got a DUI. Kind of one of those who you know type of situations, but some people told me he was the only reason I got to stay. I feel like it definitely would have thrown my life path off a bit. I'm in medical school now. catfishjimmy39


The dentist mom of a friend identified a dental problem i had upon meeting me once and hooked me up with a cream that helped within a week. The-Tewby

Shoe Help. 

Only thing I could think of on the fly was they bought me the steel toe boots I needed for my new job. My first payday was a two weeks away, my payday from my old job was keeping the lights on and food for the family, and I had to start work in two days. I told my buddy my problem, and asked if he had an extra pair laying around.

He said he didn't but he's check with his dad. They called me the next morning and told me they'd go to the store and buy me a pair. I got the cheapest pair they had but it got me started and I was able to pay them back and get me really good pair later. But at the time it certainly was a selfless gesture from two wonderful people. sbashe5

Best Dad Ever.


After a long term GF and I broke up, her dad would still call me up whenever he was in town and take me out for food because he missed finding new restaurants with me and wanted to make sure I was getting out of my apartment and my head.

I don't miss my ex, but I do miss her dad. i_draw_boats


The parents of my best friend let me live with them for a month to help me escape from my abusive mother. I was 14. I didn't tell her but the police did. vankerina

Next Sunday. 

Gf's mom helped pay my rent twice never asked her too let her know she didn't have to her reply? "She loves you. your family to us. I would do this for her I'm gonna do it for you" plan on getting engaged next Sunday. tolandxiv

Good people.

My dad died of cirrhosis when I was 17. He went into the hospital and stayed there for 3 weeks before he passed. In that time, my girlfriend's parents immediately offered me their home as my own. The fed me 3 meals/day. Made sure I had clean clothes. More importantly, they were there for me mentally. We had long talks. They legitimately cared about me and I'm so grateful for that. That was over 20 years ago and I still think about them. Good people. Sirnando138

In Grief.


They came to my dad's funeral. I wasn't expecting them to be there, but the whole damn family showed up. It meant so much to me, that they were there. QueenMoogle

forever grateful.....

My parents thought going to the movies were a waste of money. The only way I can watch them is on cable, many months after. So my aunt found out about that and took my sister and I, along with her own kids to watch awesome movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and many more fantasy and scifi films. It sounds so simple but it was a pretty big deal for a kid. I'm forever grateful. rootingfordaenerys

My first love's mom bought me a car. I've always felt guilty about it. I don't deserve good people to do good thing like that for me... That car made it possible for me to do so many things. I probably wouldn't be where I am today without her generosity. Outrageous_Claims

My Fabulous Future. 

My future wife's parents treat me as one of their own. They are some of the nicest people I've ever known. They completely accept me and don't judge me. I can safely say they are the parents that I wish I had. Reddit

Include Everyone. 

My best friend had divorced parents who struggle financially and an abusive step dad. My parents made it a point to always include her in our vacations, and trips. Always let her spend the night or come to dinner with us whenever we wanted. She was basically my sister. During the summer she'd spend 2-3 weeks just chillin' with us.

Her dad had another family in Mexico and her mom was broke but worked a lot and always told her she was a burden. She's been my best friend for 10 years now. I'm really proud of my parents for including her in everything we did with no question. It was like "of course she's coming, if her mother's ok with it" <3. Admirable-Cat

Stay With Me.


Let me sleep in their basement, fed me warm meals, and let me shower at their house for weeks while I was kicked out of my house at 18 in the middle of a particularly cold winter.. All against the wishes of my parents who they were friends with. My second family showed up to help when my own family would not. Got so much love for them for that. I felt as though I had lost absolutely everything at that point in my life. They stayed by me. Whodamamuh


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