People Divulge The Secrets They Intend To Take To The Grave
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Secrets, secrets, are no fun, you say?

Wrong. Secrets are very fun to keep. In fact, we should all work on building our trust we've set up with our loved ones so they feel comfortable holding on to our secrets for a long time. That way, ours don't end up on a list like this one.

Since we're all here, however, let's learn some stuff!

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Reddit user, Duck_Diggler_, wanted to know the secrets no one else was supposed to know when they asked:

"What's a secret you'll take to your grave but you'll share with reddit because you need to get it off your chest?"

It's Just A Habit That Got Out Of Hand. Right?

"The amount of empty liquor bottles I found hidden around the house after my husband passed away. I knew that he liked to drink, sometimes a little too much, and it was something we bickered about occasionally, but I didn't appreciate the full scope of how much exactly he was drinking. Maybe 2-3 years before his death he started working from home full-time and I'm guessing being home alone all day was when he started going off the rails."

"Absolutely nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding his death and I wouldn't want to tarnish his memory to family or friends, so I keep it to myself but I don't mind sharing it with strangers."

– Hrekires

Unable To Properly Move On

"A year ago my partner of 8 years left me out of the blue, two months before our wedding."

"People tell me how ‘strong’ I am and how well I’m doing. Compliment my work ethic (I work 60+ hours a week between two jobs) and tell me how ‘admirable’ my coping skills are. When people ask I’m quite firm in saying how much better off I am without him and how happy I am."

"Truth is, I think of him every minute of everyday, I work so much to avoid being alone in our house, I still love him, I cry myself to sleep at least twice a week, I think about suicide a lot and truly I don’t think I’ll ever love anyone like I love him. He was truly my best friend."

"We bought a dog a few months before he left me, I don’t know where I’d be if she didn’t come into my life."

– ArtVirtual6866

When Even The Family Doesn't Back Them Up

"My ex-girlfriends family told me to break up with her because of her erratic behaviour - I will never ever let her know this -"

– beermansam

Exploding Tank, But Not The Cool Kind

"I lit a firework in a public park and panicked so I flushed it down the toilet... boom. No more toilet. Whoops, I was 12."

– No_Housing_4819

Walking To What She Really Wants

"My first day as a nanny looking after a baby girl. I take her to the park and I'm taking videos of her and getting her to walk to me. She walks three steps to me and then falls on her butt and cries. It occurs to me that I don't actually know if she has walked with her parents yet, she isn't sure of foot yet. Speaking to her mum later on she tells me she is super close but hasn't walked yet. I figure she must have walked with me because she was feeling clingy without her mum. I never told her parents she walked with me and it was about three weeks later she finally walked for her parents."

– Sydneyfigtree

Getting Revenge Any Way You Can

"Not as dark as the most in here..but as a teen I had a really bad relationship with my dad...and one day I was really pissed and signed his e-mail up in any freakin newsletter I could find online... He still get's spam mails and doesn't know why .. (we get along great now)"

– CutimedSiltecSorbact

Sometimes It Never Leaves You

"The first and only time I stole something in my(M8) life was from my neighbor who was having a yard sale to take his kids to Disney land. He had a DS game of backyard baseball and I had the money for it, it was $5 and I wanted it. I went up with the money and he told me that he was going to give it to the landlords kid who was my age too. I was so mad and annoyed that he was going to get the game for free. A few hours later I went back outside and I saw he wasn’t there, I walked up to the stand and I saw the game was still there so I took it. I also grabbed a bag of golf balls he had for $10 and a few more games that were marked $1 each so he wouldn’t think it was me."

"I then ran into my apartment and the guilt was eating me up, 30 minutes later he knocked and asked if I took the games because he knew I wanted one. I told him no that I was inside the whole time. I never played any of those games I felt so damn bad I couldn’t put in my DS. I even wanted to take them back but I knew I would get caught. They did end up going to that trip, and the landlord kid was mad he didn’t get his game (I didn’t like him so I was fine with it). I still have that guilt and I remember the prices of everything and the stand."

"Edit: to clarify I’m 23 now"

– Chivasguy1906

All It Takes Is A Lifeline To Hold On

"When I was nineteen I was seriously considering suicide. I had written letters to my family and everything. The day I was going to do it my mom took me on a surprise errand. It was a woman selling chihuahua puppies. My mom had me pick one out to be just my dog. I fell inlove with that puppy and knew I couldn't leave her by herself. My mom and that dog saved my life."

– UnicornQueefsGlitter

Heartbreak So Bad You Don't Think You Can Go On

"When I was 26 I got divorced. Should have never been married to that woman but here we are. I was already in a bad mental state but that put me to the edge. I after the first couple weeks where I was kinda shell-shocked, then it really sank in and I was just looking for the best opportunity to do it."

"She calls me one day and says she’s taking my dog to the shelter because of some bullsh-t reason. I tell her to f-ck off, I’m coming to get him. I pick him up and get him home, look down at him and know that as long as I have that little fuzzy f-ck, I can’t do it. That was 7 years ago and he’s the reason I’m alive. I don’t know how I’m going to handle it when he passes."

– Barf_el_Moggo

Never Ever Mess With An Allergy

"My cousin purposefully tried to find the people lying about food allergies by putting a little bit at a time of something they were allergic to in their food at a restaurant she worked at. Most of the time she would tell me people would lie just to make sure something wasnt on their order. I'm not sure the restaurant but she got caught and fired after she almost killed a young girl that had a severe reactions to onions."

"My best friend who worked with her when they happen, told me they were regulars and that no matter what they ordered everyone in the family would ask for no onions. The cook was aware of this and would always make sure nothing he used for their food had touched or been anywhere near an onion. Well my cousin, not believing the girls allergy, grabbed a little bit of chopped onion and put it in her food and covered it with something so they wouldn't notice it."

"Well the little girl took a bite and immediately couldn't break. The boss called for an ambulance and her dad used the epipen but she still couldn't breath as good. My cousin found out later that she was put in the hospital due to her putting some onions in her food. The parents were mad and they demanded the owner pay for her medical bills."

"Apparently they wanted to press charges as well but they didn't have cameras and no one would own up to who did it so my cousin didn't get arrested but later on after the owner paid someone told him it was my cousin and he said he wouldn't report her but he was keeping her last check due to him paying the medical bills for the girl. My cousin got arrested a year later for almost killing her then boyfriend at the time doing the same shit. She's now serving time for attempted murder due to her knowing about the allergy."

– Glitter_Love1

Different Paths To Success

"I didn't graduate college, I dropped out, just got lucky with a job that doesn't have anything to do with my 'degree'"

– jojo_ryoko

Too Late To Tell Her Now

"I ratted out my sister for sneaking her boyfriend over to the house at night because she was always mean to me. I told my therapist who I knew would insist I need to tell my aunt. I told them I didn’t want her to know I ratted her out so my aunt said the neighbors saw her one night. My sister brought it up the other day and still hates the neighbors for telling on her. (We are both now in our late 20’s) We are actually really close now and I love my sister so much. I don’t have the heart to tell her it was me. I’d rather she just hold a grudge against the neighbors."

– itsgoingtobeokayyy

Too Late To Tell HIM Now

"I used to work night shifts."

"My dad would let me drive his truck on nights/mornings when the weather was expected to snow bad."

"The morning after my shift it snowed pretty bad.. traffic was absolutely terrible."

"I was finished with my last 3rd 12 hr night shift and absolutely exhausted and not patient."

"I went through a neighborhood to avoid traffic only to find more traffic within the neighborhood, guess people had the similar idea. There was a crash ahead, out of frustration I backed into someone mailbox... luckily I was able to reposition it. As for the truck.. there was a large dent."

"My dad noticed it later that day and blamed the snow plow trucks. I went along with it. To this day he still thinks the snow plow truck was responsible"

– AwkWORD47

Do You Smell Smoke?

"I almost set a kitchen fire about 2 weeks ago. I was boiling some food on the electric stove when it started over spilling. I’m not really sure if water effects a stove, I just know water + electricity = bad. So I turned the stove off and moved the pan away, the area it was on still glowing red."

"Then I was a dumbass and decided to dry the water with kitchen roll. After all, there’s no fire, and I just turned the cooker off, so there was absolutely no way it would be hot enough to start a fire!"

"Feel free to laugh at me now."

"The sheet of kitchen roll sets on fire. Panic. Grab the bot burning end and put it down on the side. Put it right next to the toaster like the absolute moron I am. P a n i c. I didn’t want the fire to spread to the toaster and burn the house down, when I suddenly remembered: I was in the kitchen. Water exists. I just cupped water in my hands and threw it until all the flames were gone. And I will never tell my family because I won’t live it down"

– CC12gg

My Secret Based

"I skipped an intire 2 terms of school by hiding in the tiny hatch in the attic"

– MyHatHasDepression

Hoping For The Best

"I'm pregnant right now, but I can't tell my husband because I usually have miscarriages. I don't want to make him sad because I know how badly he wants a second child. I'm 39 and time is running out. I'm just waiting, trying not to feel anything about it, not excitement, not sadness, just nothing"

– Apprehensive-Ad4244

Something for all of us to learn, really. Make sure you're friends with people who have an eye out for you.

Feel like sharing a secret you were never going to share with anyone? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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