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Most of us have kissed a few toads before winding up with the love of our lives.

That doesn't mean the process of ending relationships is easy or any less painful as we pursue the next significant other who won't break our hearts.

Curious to hear about painful relationship transitions, Redditor SCP-JakeYT asked:

"How did your previous relationship end?"

These birthday were not so happy.

"He told me on my birthday that he and his ex want to try again and that they are moving in together. We were talking about getting married a week before. The funny part is he was promising her to find an apartment for them in the same time we talked about my engagement ring."

– masri_13

Birthday Bust

"I was given a day off work that happened to fall on my birthday. I told him about it, since we had planned to hang out that night. BUT I told him that while I suddenly have the day off, I'd like to still spend my morning to myself now that I had the time to relax and play some video games."

"He began screaming at me about what would 'others think' if I didn't spend my birthday with him. I said, 'it is still with you, I just got surprise time off and wanna chill a bit first.'" He then sent photos of the birthday gift he was going to give me going in the dumpster. That was the end of that."

– ventigrey

Taken Away

"She passed away from pancreatic cancer on my birthday in 2015. We built a wonderful life together and I will never stop loving her. I was truly blessed to have her as my wife."

– ItsMyView

These people were never matches to begin with.

Pattern Of Violence

"I took his abuse for a while. Like years."

"Had tried to leave him a bunch of times but never could. I was a young stay at home Mom who dropped out of highschool. I had no skills or qualifications besides childcare."

"Eventually the abuse turned from me to our daughter and that’s when I left. Didn’t care how we were going to survive but had to get her out."

– dollyprincessb

Matter Of Life Or Death

"He tried to kill me. Was a huge deal breaker."

– crazedplantlady

Bad Timing

"He proposed to me in the middle of me breaking up with him. True story."

"The reason I was breaking up with him was because I thought he was kind of controlling and didn't listen to me. So him proposing in the middle of our breakup was actually very on-brand."

– Particular_Fault1275

The Omen

"She told me that as she was leaving to drive to my place a homeless guy walked past, looked at her and shook his head and that it was a sign from God that we should break up. I wish I was kidding."


It was time move on without the other.

It Was Nice Knowing Ya

"We hit a glass ceiling. We work well as friends, we worked well casually dating, but didn't work as a couple. Our respective day-to-day lifestyles didn't mesh; for one to be happy the other had to be miserable, so we went our separate ways."

"No harm, no foul, it happens."

– foxden_racing

Dodging A Bullet

"She moved to a different state and joined a cult."

– Zinope121

Very Texan

"She dumped me, moved out, literally took my truck and my dog, most Texas thing ever so I moved to Nyc."

– Bbwpantylover

These guys were not someone you'd take home to meet mother.

False Accusation

"She accused me of being her stalker and left me ... For the man who it was later revealed to be her stalker !"

– Ireallyamthisshallow

The Hypocrite

"Together for 4 years. He started accusing me of cheating on him, making my life hell. Turns out he was cheating with someone he met at work and they had been 'in a relationship' for weeks."

– schwiffttyy

"Not Ready"

"He left me saying his head wasn’t all the way in the relationship and said he’d come back whenever he felt 100% ready. Literally like two weeks later he told me he actually lost interest and less than a month later he was with this girl who had rejected him prior."

– MielMogu

Navigating relationships are tough, especially after you've been burned once before.

But don't lose hope. Because no matter how cynical you become about finding true love, I firmly believe there is someone for everyone.

And while clichés about the right person coming into your life at the right time is trite, there is some truth to that. At least I think so.

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