People Divulge What They Really Think About When They First Wake Up
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I am the complete opposite of morning person.

Though the older I get, the more I realize being a night owl isn't the best idea either.

Waking up is one of the biggest chores of my day.

But I do it. Gotta keep breathing...

Redditor Jackiungwanted to compare notes on what is really on our minds when the sun rises. They asked:

"What do you think about when you wake up?"

I often cry when I wake up. Because I love sleep so much. I need to work on it.

Eyes Open

Sleepy No Way GIFGiphy

"F**k I’m awake."


"F**k is the first word my bf says when his alarm goes off 3 hours before mine. Every morning. Once he's awake he's a happy dude, no one likes waking up."


I have no control...

"The me in that state of consciousness is not the normal me. It's someone else. And no matter how much I desperately need to get up to be on time, that me will sleep another 15 minutes at least. I have no control. I've had to start setting multiple earlier alarms to give that me their ransom to let normal me get up."


Next Time

"That I can't wait to go back to bed."


"Alternately, how many hours until I can get back IN bed?"


"Can’t wait to take my edible and go to bed again."



"Did I wake up on time or did I lose my job?"


"I provide a service for specific surgical cases. One morning I get a phone call waking me up, that they were rolling a patient into the operating room and where was I. Some dingus forgot to put that I would be needed on the schedule. Never gotten dressed and left so fast."


Night Tales

a nightmare on elm street this is god GIFGiphy

"My dream."


"How do you do this? When i wake up i don’t remember anything at all but i’ve been trying to remember my dreams for years."


Ah dreams. Dreams freak me out. Mine are just so out there. I try to forget.


Waking Up GIFGiphy

"Ahhh crap... here we go again."


"Nothing makes me mad as quickly as realizing I did not die in my sleep."



"Why the hell did you think it was a good idea to stay awake until 4 am playing that stupid game? Now you have 12 long hours of work ahead, barely slept 3 hours and you're not even that good at that game. You're 38 g**dammit! What is wrong with you?"



"It’s like a huge scream inside my head and my heart races."


"Gotta love those morning panic attacks."


"Yes and punch/kick the bed especially if you are hungover its x10."


The Usual.

"Let me walk u through it. First I open my eyes and sit there for like 20 or 30 minutes with a dazed look on my face before actually sit up to use the bathroom. After about 30 mins of being awake I think about why God couldn't kill me in my sleep. And why I will make my existence everyone's problem after about an hour I start looking for food."



Cute GIF by DisneyGiphy

"I just slept for 8 hours. How is it possible that I'm more tired than before I went to sleep?"


Waking up is hard work. Especially if you have a very comfortable bed. But everyday is a new chance. So there is that.

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