People Divulge The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Actually Done
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Humans are dumb.

I'm not being mean that is just simple, scientific fact.

Sometimes we're just gonna act a fool.

Redditor IMA_COW_IRL wanted everyone to fess up about all the times they've used a few more brain cells than they usually do by asking:

"What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?"

It Burns....

"I applied hair removal cream meant for women on my testicles. I can't tell you how much pain I was in. I was in the shower at a friends house and I couldn't even ask for help. Air caused a burning sensation. So I switched off everything and just lay in bed. I also dumbly sprayed myself with pepper spray. But that's another story for another time."



Going Up?

"At work we have glass elevators. Once, a guy was inside as I approached, so he was trying to press the button to open the door to hold the elevator for me. He accidentally pressed the button to close the door instead."

"I could see him inside panicking as the doors slowly closed, and as the elevator started to ascend he put his hand out to gesture an apology. For some reason, the sight of him and his hand gesture slowly floating up in the elevator made me laugh so much."


Being a Kid

"When i was about 8, i was walking out of school, i picked up some pink fairy floss (cotton candy) off the ground and put it in my mouth. It was insulation."


"Hahaha. Reminds me when I was a kid around that age, my cousin and I were hitting each other and playing around in insulation lying around when construction was being done on his house. We learned the hard way that day."


Holed Up

"I've shared this before on similar threads but I can't get over how dumb it was. I turned my pants inside out after noticing they had a hole in them, thinking the hole would be on the inside that way."



The Worst Part

"I tried free climbing down a 20 ft rock wall towards the top of a mountain on Oahu with no climbing experience. Ended up falling right off of it, but there wasn't much space to land. So, I took an 80 ft tumble down the side of this mountain before I slammed into brush strong enough to stop me."

"Had to get airlifted off the mountain to a field where flight for life took me to the hospital with a broken wrist, broken humerus, shattered elbow, ruptured diaphragm, broken ribs, and a laceration on my spleen. I got lucky it wasn't my legs or head or neck. Worst part is if I'd have been patient I could've taken the little trail down next to the rock face that I climbed."



"My sister once told her boyfriend she lost her phone, while on the phone with him, set down her phone, scoured the church for her phone, returned, picked up her phone and said, "I can't find my phone anywhere." And yet that's not the worst my family has done."

"My dad once stopped mowing the lawn to tell me to put the lawnmower (big red lawnmower with an 8 foot deck) onto the trailer so when he was done mowing the lawn we could tow it to the next location. It took a bit of explaining why I said, "No.'"


Don't Jump

"In a wedding I was alone, probably 13yo, exploring the space which was filled with beautiful gardens, when I found a large space, it's ground looked wavy like a skateboard park except it was black, I figured it was plastic so I jumped on it. It wasn't plastic."

"It was a net covering a biga** water reservoir and I sank in it knees deep before I got right out. Went back to my parents and no one noticed my legs we're super wet before they finally dried out, and my crazya** story I never told anyone stayed buried in my memory... Thus far at least."


The Flash

"I was looking for my phone lighting up the room with a flashlight on phone."



The Toot Maker

"Decided to mask a fart with a cough during class one day at school. Coughed, fart came out a second late. It was a cheek slapper. Then immediately proceeded to blame the kid next to me. Everyone knew it was me, and I still cringe about that moment to this day."


Dive In

"When I was younger my friend and I were messing around in my basement when we found some chemicals used in swimming pools and whatnot."


"We started playing scientists and began mixing them all up in random ways and to this day I'm still surprised we didn't blow ourselves up or melt our faces off. Good times."


Hot Press

"I decided to save time by ironing my shirt while I was wearing it and burned my boob." ~ RhinestoneHousewife

"Hair straightener! Only works well for button plackets and hems though, and is very, very hot immediately after. Also the risk of ironing leftover hair product into your shirt. All of this to say, I have also done this, while thinking I was being smart about it." ~ savvyjiuju

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The Licker

"Licked a saucepan that I just got off the stove when I dropped a bit of sauce on the edge of the pan. Walked around with a second degree burn on my lower lip and a numb tongue for 2 weeks. A close number two is trying to catch a kitchen knife that fell off the counter while doing the dishes. Luckily it only grazed the side of my hand, but it was with the sharp side towards my hand so now I have a cool little scar there. These are all reasons why I'm no longer allowed in the kitchen XD." ~ L_Greenleaf


"Bought a Dreamcast two weeks before they stopped making games for it." ~ opus_4_vp

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metal + microwave = bad...

"When I was like 10 I was craving an ice cold coke, but all the cans were warm. I figured I’d toss one in the freezer for 20 minutes but forgot about it, and only rediscovered it a couple hours later frozen solid. I needed a quick way to defrost that tasty beverage just enough to be drinkable, so I tossed it in the microwave."

"Only upon seeing the flurry of blue sparks did I remember that metal + microwave = bad. Realistically this probably isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in terms of negative impact on my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt like a bigger idiot." ~ its_average

Square One

"I moved 1,000 miles away from home and had a hard time finding a job when I got there. After a few months of searching I finally did get a job, but I overslept twice in the first week and was late to work both times. They fired me that Friday and I was back to square one." ~ DanHam117


"There was a huge hill near where I grew up, and at the bottom was a 4 way roundabout. I was a dumb daredevil as a kid and this hill was on the way home from school, so naturally one day my friend watched me as I rode down the hill, my bike could not go any faster, and I went through the roundabout, narrowly missing 2 cars in the process. I did this twice until I realised how dumb it was. As an adult now, every time I go through that roundabout in my car I picture what could have happened, and how big a twat I was." ~ TheRealReapz


"I tried heroin with a guy I had just met. I overdosed and only survived because he called an ambulance." ~ YourYam

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Long Shift

"One time I was exhausted after a really long shift, and going to take a shower. So I got undressed, carefully folded my clothes, and placed them in the toilet. Then I stood there, staring at them, thinking 'I know something is wrong here, but I'm not sure what." ~ Crocutaborealis

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