Every town's history is riddled with lies and tall tales. A Nightmare on Elm Street might be just a fictional horror story, but a portion of it is rooted in fact. All those parents held close to the vest the fact that they killed Freddy and years later the children paid for it. Every small town has the same issue. Secrets are always buried. Everyone should discuss these matters before Dateline NBC arrives.

Redditor u/The_StoryTeller_Am wanted to know all about the darkness many towns keep quiet about my asking.... what is your towns dark secret?

On a 10 Speed....

Our town Bank got robbed twice by a guy on a bicycle. Twice. Thru the drive thru. The suspect was never found.....



Meth. There's about two meth busts a year in a population of about 11,000 people, half of which are federal prisoners.

Edit: The state is Michigan.


I am in the central Michigan area too. It's like every rural community has a meth factory. Hope it gets better where you are. Ionia has so many gorgeous houses that it is a real shame some people are literally poisoning them.


The Popular Guy

A guy was murdered on the main street of my small town and from what I'm told everyone knew who did it but one of the police officers mishandled almost all of the evidence and the guy who supposedly did it fled the country. The cop who mishandled the evidence was apparently friends with the suspects parents and many of the other cops accused him of purposely mishandling the evidence and he was forced to retire early.

Edit: just figured I would give more information on what kind of happened. The guy who was killed was very popular within the community, he was a great football player and was genuinely well liked, when he was murdered we had two days off from school. It was believed that the man who is suspected of murdering him killed him as a case of mistaken identity.

The police officer who mishandled the evidence was not a normal patrolman but a detective and he had been one for awhile, when the other police officers began to voice their concerns with his work and his mishandling of evidence he was immediately demoted and then was forced to resign/retire. That is all they could do as there was no legitimate evidence that he had purposely disrupted the investigation other than the fact he knew the suspects parents and the other cops did not trust him anymore.

Everyone in the town was surprised by these rumors because much like most of my town's police force he had never been involved in any use of force incidents or any type of controversy for that matter. After all of this he was pretty much banished by the police force and many of the other officers families stopped associating with his. I believe this case actually ended up on a dateline episode a few years back but I'm not completely sure, of course the police department didn't want any further controversy so I'm pretty sure they neglected to tell of the mishandled evidence. It was a very messed up situation all around.


The UC

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In 2008, our City's police department pressured a 23-year old woman to act as a confidential informant in exchange for not being charged on drug charges. She was executed by the dealers while 20 police officers (and some DEA agents) were supposedly supervising the buy. City had to pay out $2.3 million to the family in the civil suit.



The neighboring suburb I used to live in in Sydney had been renamed Erskineville. It was interesting as all the addresses or shops would be considered to be Erskineville, but the train station was still called Macdonaldtown Station.

I did a little digging online and it turns out that in 1800s, we had "baby farmers" who, for a weekly or monthly fee, would raise babies that were born from affairs or illegitimate marriages.

A few years down the track, workers are digging up a yard in Macdonaldtown (as it was still called then) to clear a drain, and they found two dead babies in the drain. They investigated it further and ended up finding like 15 more. The baby farmers were living off the weekly and monthly fees they were given to take care of these babies, and they were killing them and disposing of them.

As a result of these horrible events, they renamed the suburb so it wouldn't be associated with some gruesome history. I don't know why they never changed the station though?


The Missing...

A local chinese restaurant was owned by a married couple. They had 2 young girls. Most of their time was spent there as a family. One day a news report went out about one of the girls who "went missing." We were asked to check sheds/outbuildings & check for footprints on our property. Police were searching everywhere, based on details given by the couple.

A couple days later (if I'm remembering correctly), they finally searched the restaurant and found the missing girl in the freezer, beaten to death. Husband blamed the wife, wife took the blame. Husband escaped the police van escorting him to jail but didn't get far.

Restaurant is now closed, and nothing has taken its place. I believe they just painted the windows/made it look like an extension of the other stores in that plaza.


Under the House

The small town I grew up in was once home to a serial killer- a woman who may have killed at least 42 people (though only 14 bodies were actually found)- about a hundred years ago. She may have died there but it was suspected that she staged her own death and left town. They dug up bodies around her house afterwards, including those of her children.


God Better Have My $$$$....

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the christian book store on one side of my street is used to launder money from the illegal gambling joint on the other side of my street.

they get raided at least twice a year by the sheriff but they are still operating.


The Squad....

In 2003 a commando squad attacked my city's prison with AK47, blasted the door with C4 and an helico landed to exfiltrate the inmate that ordered rescue mission. We live a bit more than a km away from the prison and got woken up in the night by the assault. It's otherwise a quiet neighbourhood lmao, I was too young to really remember anything though. My parents do full well

Edit : Link to the story



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Famous Serial Killer here liked to dress up as a Clown.

Though it couldn't be proven, it's suspected he had accomplices that helped him. They may have gone out on their own.


"Closed doors"

This woman
was my supervisor at my second job right before she killed her entire family.

It's, of course, no longer a secret. But at the time I knew her, her children were begging neighbors for food, and she'd show up to work like nothing was happening at home.

I work in social services now, and I've taken that lesson with me. You just don't know what's happening behind closed doors. People who seem ok, may not be. You literally cannot know what's going through people's minds, so always be cautious, always be vigilant. Especially in my line of work.

I'll just never get over how normal she seemed. So boringly normal.


"Still missing"

Not really a secret but goddamn dark, about 60 years ago a couple spent two years snatching children off the streets, murdering them and burying them on the nearby moors. They killed 5 children, and one body is still missing.


It happened in 2008 I think. I was a little child when I heard the news about it. There was a little restaurant/trattoria near the town I grow up in Peru. The dishes were mostly traditional, but it was popular because of its "chicharron" which is basically fried pork skin or pork rinds, really tasty. It was a family business...turns out the main's chef husband cheated on her, and she killed him, and instantly chopped the body and mixed many parts with the pre seasoned pork meat.

"Thankfully we didn't during these months it happened"

All this happened while the restaurant was working normally, the woman (killer) called the police some days later saying his husband never returned from the nearest city, but she got caught after some interrogation made by the police. She admitted it and told them where the rest of the body was, they would only bones and the hard parts like feets, head, etc.. she used mostly the ribs and all the fatty parts. She said it would taste exactly like pork after seasoned. If I remember correctly she is in a mental hospital now. Ps: we used to eat there many times, because it was in the middle of the road to go to the nearest zoo park, thankfully we didn't during these months it happened.


"I did NOT vote for him"

Our scumbag MP went to the Caribbean for Christmas and prerecorded a bunch of videos to look like he was at home. Wore sweaters and had a green screen in cabinet meetings. Our province is on lockdown at the moment due to covid. We were all told to isolate and not celebrate with members outside our household and this dude is on a beach. We are the embarrassment of the country. I did NOT vote for him. His office is in my town.


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