People Divulge The One Thing They Want To Do Before They Die
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We're all going to die. Life is finite. That is just a not so rosy fact about our time hear on Earth. Once we come to terms with that knowledge it frees us to makes grand plans to flourish in every second. Well, it should inspire us to make plans; instead of wasting a single moment. A bucket list is an important item to piece together. We should all sit down jot down some can't miss ideas. Know them, and then do them. You're only gonna get one go at this.

Redditor u/goodfeels4life wanted everyone to open their journals and read us some dreams they want to accomplish before time runs out by asking.... What is one thing you want to do before you die?

Happiness Always....

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I just want to be happy with my life. I'm almost there. Been crawling out of a dark place for the last 6 years. Finally got off medicine last year.


The Night Sky

I just want to go somewhere that it is dark enough to see the night sky like our ancestors did.


Start with this Dark Sky Finder. It helps you find the darkest places on earth to view stars.These are areas (often around observatories) where the law requires light pollution compliance of all nearby residences, businesses and cities. But also naturally occurring due to low population density.

There's a good number of other links on the site to find the nearest place you can go to see the sky like our ancestors did. I found a place in my home state (Texas) where we were able to see the Milky Way like I didn't think possible.

I hope it helps and I hope you get your wish.

Edit: thanks to u/DSchmitt for sharing the link to the Dark Sky Map. It's another fantastic resource for finding the darkest places on earth.


All the $$$

Not have to worry about money.

I'm tired of every decision I make revolving around money...

"Can I afford it?"

"What would I have to compromise?"

"What happens is I mess up and can't afford it again?"

"How long will it take to save?"

"Do I have to skip food for several days again?"


Go! Go! Go!

I want to through hike the Appalachian trail.


Hey this is what I came to say! I've started my journey... kind of. I just bought damn near all the gear to just get into backpacking and I'm going to go as much as possible throughout 2021 to practice and hone my packing list for the trail and then try for it in 2022!!! You got this! Go go go!!!


"12 Angry Men"

Jury duty. Idk why. Just intrigued by it.


Hah, I did that when I was 19 for a one week trial. It was about driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Interesting process and not something I'll forget!

It's funny - we actually DID do a "12 Angry Men" thing. We took a blind vote and 1 person thought the lady was not guilty (everyone else voted guilty immediately, without discussion). So we discussed for an hour or so and at the end the person who initially voted "not guilty" said that he would have voted "guilty", but wanted to force us to at least discuss the possibility of her being innocent.


get your floaties....

If giraffes can swim, it'd be pretty cool to swim with a giraffe.


Don't let your dreams be dreams:'s%20long%20been%20thought%20that,can%20indeed%20handle%20a%20dip.


The Wonders

I want to see the pyramids in Egypt among other destinations.


I went to go visit the Pyramids in Cairo, what an amazing 3 days. It's truly another world there. People were friendly and interested to meet you. Walking the back streets of Cairo at night, discovering tasty street food outlets and playing street football with the local kids. That's an all-time life highlight of mine right there - and I did it alone. Highly recommended!


The Homeland

old man grandpa GIF by The Little Vampire Giphy

Go to the town my grandfather was from. He died way before I was born so I only know about him through stories. I'm told I look a lot like him.


Love is in the Air

To fall in love with someone who loves me at the same time. I've never had that, I've never been in love with someone while they were in love with me and when I was I didn't have the courage to do anything about it. I've always missed my window, and I don't want to miss it again. I'm scared as hell but I'll best my heart and soul for it I have to.


From the Ground

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I want to spend a night under the aurora borealis. It will happen some day. :)


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