People From Around The World Break Down Their Nation's Greatest Shame
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The citizens of most countries are quick to boast about their country and tout their patriotism.

Few, however, are willing to acknowledge some of the things they are embarrassed about regarding their homeland.

Many would never volunteer that information unless asked directly.

Fortunately for us, people came forward and admitted some of their country's faults when Redditor frodesu asked:

"What is your nation's biggest shame?"

When it comes to constructing something, these nations seemed to have an open-ended date.

Slow Progress

"In Romania, they took 11 years to make one km of a highway."

– deivid_theboi32

"I live in the states and we have a freeway in my city they’ve been working on since 2001. It’s only half done and expected to be completed in 2029."

– PomPomdog

Waiting To Worship

"We took over 1000 years for a church."

– Random_German_Name

"Trust me when I say that Germany taking a 1,000 years to build a church is the least of your shame."

– spillledmilk

The Stadium In Progress

"We have been working on a NATIONAL STADIUM for 25000 people since 1987. Every now and then, a politician will mention that it will be completed by the end of the year."

"Simply google 'Lithuanian national disgrace.'"

– LogicalPrinciple6

Political leaders get major scrutiny.

Australian Prime Minister's Past

"Our PM sh**ting his pants at a Mcdonalds"

– Jackwahbe

Philippino Dictator

"Ex-President Dictator who holds the Guinness World of Record for Greatest Robbery of Government son will probably win the next election."

– ZoeWeird28

The Klepto President

"Czech Republic: During a live broadcast in Chile, our previous president stole a ceremonial pen."

– BeautifulBreaksalt

"You should see the video. It’s genuinely hilarious. He gives this little nod like he’s so f'kin’ clever."

"Just don’t Google czech president. We have some embarrassing ones."

– orincoro

People brought up things about Ireland the denizens weren't very proud of.

How Unmarried Mothers Were Treated

"Ireland, the Treatment of unmarried mothers, they were put in church run institutions against their will and forced to work, their children were put up for adoption."

– torqers

Irish Psych Ward

"The Magdalene Laundries."

– FrostyGrotto

"Never heard of Magdalene Laundries until I read an article about how Sinead ‘O Connor spoke up about how she was sent there as a teen. She got a lot of shit when she tore up a picture of the pope on SNL in protest against their abuse. She was right though."

– xOogieBoogey30

People discuss the sad histories of these nations.


"My parents nationality... The Khmer Empire.."

"The Khmer Rouge really f'ked up the country. Cambodia went from being a pretty decent country to downright f'king poverty at one point. It's gotten better but most of the traditions and other practices are either forgotten or just rarely taught."

– vedrahh


"Our second monarch (Leopold II) used the Free Congo State as private property, enslaving, torturing, and killing 10 million Congolese people over the course of 25 years."

– WasternCandid

As outsiders, it's interesting to observe the specific aspects of a country we're unaware of.

The negative examples provided by the Redditors above showed there is always another side to a nation.

And while some nations have shameful history and governments that are perceived as worse than others, all countries have their imperfections.

It's in how much a nation is willing to make improvements for the good of the people that places them above the rest.

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