People Who Discovered They Were Being Secretly Recorded By Someone Explain How They Reacted


I'm going to sue!

Everyone has a camera phone nowadays. Everyone from a preschooler to the 100 year old retiree. Everybody is ready to film. But the filming happening in public is usually for the greater good or the comical. Let's discuss the video and audio recordings that aren't. The lines seem to have been blurred a bit. Yet it's all very black and white. You are not allowed to privately film others without their knowledge. That's a felony. Look it up. Let's discuss some instances in case anyone is confused.

Redditor u/KillerQ97 wanted to see who was willing to share about the times our images have been hijacked without warning or permission by asking..... For those of you who have ever discovered a hidden camera or microphone that was recording you, what was the end result of that whole situation?


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Found a small camera hidden in my parent's kitchen overlooking the whole room. I found it. Dad came downstairs.

"Fat fool, finally caught you eating my yogurts."


The "Outing"

My brother and I were constantly monitored this way by our dad. We didn't find the recording device, he actually sat us down and played the recording for us where we talked about secretly visiting our mother who we were forbidden from seeing for no other reason than her leaving. He also had a software program on our family computer that would log our chats. That's how he found her address and also found out that I had smoked for the first time.

The only thing that really came of these situations were him sitting us down to "out" us and our shared phobia of cameras and hidden audio. Now I contact my dad out of obligation because he's dying. I don't visit. Conversations are basically "just calling to see if you're dead, have a good day." My relationship with my mother is pretty good. I call her sometimes to just shoot the crap, and I wish I could visit her except we're in a pandemic.



Somewhat related, but I sold a guy a spy camera one.

It was one of the ones with a pinhole camera in a phone charger. I bought it more or less to play around with (and see just how good the quality of these cameras were - pretty good by the way), but didn't really have a purpose for it, so I sold it to a guy off Craigslist.

During the meet-up though I did feel like I should do my social due diligence, and asked the buyer what his intentions were with the camera.

He told me he owned a workshop with a bunch of contractors and his tools were going missing. Small things, bits and bobs here and there, but he was sure he hadn't misplaced them. Story sounded plausible enough. I noted the name of the company on the side of his truck.

Few weeks later, just on a whim I decided to look up the company website. Looked into the career listings and sure enough, there was a position for a new tradesperson posted a few days ago.

Was it the camera? Who knows. But I like to think that the camera found a non-nefarious purpose.


The Regift

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I was regifted a plastic cactus figurine by a coworker. When I was going to bed I accidentally kicked the cactus over and found a spy cam inside.

I asked my coworker about it and she was freaked out because a guy that made her uncomfortable had gifted it to her a few weeks earlier. She apologized for giving it to me.

I tossed it.


The Peeper

No cameras or microphones were recording me but my landlord had drilled holes in the ceiling of the bathroom in my apartment and the 3 other on the top floor and had been watching us all in the bathroom for a year.

A girl on my floor looked up one day in the shower and saw that he had been looking down on her.

He went to jail but I wasn't able to do anything because there apparently are (were?) no laws on the books in Iowa to prosecute peeping Tom cases when the victim and perpetrator are the same sex.

Edit: Here is an article about the incident



My last nanny job was in the summer of 2019. It lasted 3 weeks. The family was... well... we didn't see eye to eye. They seemed totally normal and great during the interview, of course. Every day that I came in after starting, there were more and more red flags.

They would not allow me to close the door when I used the bathroom. Kids were 2 and 5. Their reasoning was that the door needed to be open in case the 2 year old needed me.

Okay, maybe I could understand that, but the parents WORKED FROM HOME. They were in the room right off of the bathroom and could easily see me with the door open! So that was just something that was non-negotiable for me and I ended up holding my pee in for a few days because I kind of didn't feel like being seen by the mom or the DAD when I was peeing!

One day, both parents went out and left me alone with the kids. I thought we had a pretty good day. The mom, who was watching us from undisclosed cameras all day, had a different opinion. When I was making lunch, she claimed that I put her children (who were sitting in the living room watching tv) in danger by cooking on the front burner instead of the back, and what if the 2 year old (who wasn't tall enough to do this) ran in the room and banged the pot off the stove and spilled boiling water all over herself?

Okay, unlikely, but if you wanted me to use the back burner, all you had to do was TELL ME instead of spying on me. There were a lot more weird things but you get the idea.

After that day with the cameras, we parted ways since I told them in my interview that I was uncomfortable with nanny cams. And they just straight up didn't tell me they had them, in every room, and the one camera could definitely see into the bathroom that I wasn't allowed to be in with a closed door. -_-


The Ex

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My ex husband and I had been separated for a few months and I was getting ready to go out to eat with my cousin. As soon as I got dressed, my phone rings and it was the ex hubby wanting to know where I was going dressed like that and my brown boots would look better. (He bought or approved all of my clothes when we were married and told me what to wear when we went out) I found cameras in almost every room of the house. He owned a security alarm business so I assumed there would be one or two but not that he would be watching me all the time.


That's Illegal...

This is a fairly recent situation so there isn't really an end yet.

I worked at a local grill/ice cream place over the summer and our boss was a massive fool. We got a soft serve machine but it was kind of janky and would make weird noises when it was overworked. We knew that our boss recorded absolutely everything we did, and sat at home watching the cameras, but what we didn't know was that he was recording audio as well.

We found that out when he called to ask why the soft serve machine was making noise and nobody had told him. We all talked a lot of crap about this guy because again, he was a huge moron, so our manager had to take each of us outside and very quietly explain the situation.

This might not seem all that bad, but this is illegal where I live. I actually went through all the application paperwork to make sure it wasn't in the packet and it wasn't. We couldn't do anything about it because we didn't have proof, but if someone were to get fired for something the mic picked up they could take the owner to court. I'm reporting him for some other things so it wasn't the main concern, but still very much illegal.


Sister Dear....

I come from a large family (5 boys and 5 girls.). As you can imagine things get loud and raucous pretty easily. One night, my sister and I saw my dad discretely put a recording machine on top of the Fridge. When dinner started, we started being the most obviously polite kids: "Sister. dear, would you be kind enough to pass the potatoes?"

"Of course, brother dear. May I refresh your water for you?" It only took a couple of minutes before my dad stomped over to the fridge and took down the recorder. "I was hoping to show you all how bad you behave. Well, so much for that. Shape up and start acting like civilized people." My sister and I still laugh about that.


A crush...

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I took over managing cameras at a job and when I was looking at them I saw 2 focused right on one gal's cubicle. I was friendly with her so I asked her if previous guy had a crush on her. She said he was infatuated with her. I told her I wasn't surprised and mentioned the cameras.

Guy had passed away so I didn't mention it to anyone else but it was weird.


Give Him a Key

This is a little different. We lived next door to my dad's parents. They had a key to our house because his dad would often come and let our dogs out. Well we started noticing weird things go missing like a box of cereal, $5, just small things like that. So my dad set up a hidden camera in our kitchen to see if it was his dad and sure enough it was. One day he came into the house, stuffed his pockets full of dog treats, and left. We eventually changed the locks and didn't give him a key. LMAO.


"up to something"

My mom set up a hidden camera in my son's room at her place to spy on me while I visit him there because she thinks I'm "up to something." She was asked by our social worker to take it down but they couldn't do much because it's a private residence and she's apparently within her legal rights to keep it there.

So the worker organized for all visits to be at my place instead because she refused to be accommodating and make me feel welcome.

Mom was not happy, worker finally gets what I mean when I say my parents hate me.


Just Listen

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I didn't actually find the cameras but my younger brother found the recordings. My stepfather had set up some cams with crappy quality, mostly for audio and not to watch. My older brother later confirmed it and told me mum found them and told my stepfather to take them down. Dunno if he did. It made me extremely paranoid for a while.



My ex was former military. He had me convinced he put a bug in my condo - he had a key so he could have gone in while I was at work. I tore my condo apart from top to bottom looking for it. He called me later laughing saying he was just messing with me.

Not cool bro.



I work in IT. Our security guy set up a camera in a clock in another facility. It was in the main office where they answer the phones. The IT guy for that facility found it and basically said "HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK OVER HERE. THERE'S A CAMERA HERE!!! HOLY CRAP, WE'RE ON CAMERA, SOMEONE IS RECORDING US, LOOK GUYS, IT'S A CAMERA!!!!! SEE THIS CLOCK RIGHT HERE?!? IT'S ACTUALLY A CAMERA!!!!"

Needless to say our security guy was not impressed with his professionalism.



My sister's fiancè's baby mama has now twice discovered her boyfriend hiding cameras in her children's rooms. The first time he got her to believe it was a neighbor so they moved. The end result of that will hopefully be her losing custody because she still lets him around her kids.



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Me and my mom moved in with my best friends family for a few years around middle school. My friend would complain I snored like a Harley, I didn't believe it so he secretly recorded me for a few nights. Sure enough I snored like a Harley, and farted quite a bit. Being middle schoolers we thought this was hilarious and spent a summer secretly recording each other and playing it back at inopportune times. All stopped when his grandpa got a camera with a night vision mode. I sleep walk on occasion and my friend caught me standing at the bedroom window looking out.

Everyone in awhile something would come of frame on the other side of the window. Not enough for us to make out what it was, could have been a cat, a raccoon, Coyote, but that shot of me just standing there while this thing messing around outside then me laying back down was just to freaky. Also from that point forward the blinds were always drawn and we hung something up at night.


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