People Describe The Worst Broadway Show They've Ever Seen
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Everybody isn't going to like everything.

That's why putting up works on Broadway is such a gamble.

I understand everything can't be "Hamilton" or "Wicked," and those shows have detractors as well...

But Broadway is still the best.

Redditor Micahxfranco wanted to compare notes on some of the worst stories ever to hit a Broadway stage. They asked:

"What is the worst Broadway show you’ve ever seen? I just saw Diana the Musical and now I want to know if there’s anything worse or equally as bad as that crap show."

Cats. Why is that still thing? And I'm sorry but Les Miz... too depressing.

Not so Pretty...

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"Worst is so hard to narrow down. Right now I'm going to say Pretty Woman or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."


Bad Bullets

"Bullets over Broadway. Got discount tickets and still wanted my money back. Although close tie with Paramour. That show had a lot of potential was the writing was so messy it brought the whole thing down."


"I also saw Bullets Over Broadway and consider it one of those 'certainly not the best I’ve seen, but far form the worst.'. I’m actually a little surprised by the level of hate it’s getting in this thread!"

"I mean I’m certainly not going to defend it, and I basically remember nothing about it, but I feel it was more meh than godawful (for me personally the godawfuls are Dr Zhivago, Finian’s Rainbow, and Dear Evan Hansen). One of the stars of Bullets Over Broadway, Nick Cordero, was a very early-on and really very tragic casualty to Covid."


"threesome with conjoined twins"

"It might have been the theater being cramped and me being tired, but Side Show was not a good time for me. All I really remember is the opening song (which had some actual cool makeup) and the 'threesome with conjoined twins' sequence."

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was also pathetic, besides Christian Borle of course. Never getting over the set of the chocolate river being stuck inside a giant tiny glass cube instead of being an actual set."


No Shade but...

"Spider Man in previews. I was working it—handing out marketing surveys—so I got to slip into an empty seat once I was done taping all the surveys to seats. I felt sorry for anyone who paid for those seats. No shade to Reeve Carney or Patrick Page; they did what they could with horrendous material."


Never Again

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"A Bronx Tale made me rethink my love of theatre."


"Didn’t love it, but in retrospect, I’m glad I had a chance to see Nick Cordero. He was great in it."


Thankfully I skipped all of those shows. I heard the same word of mouth.

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"War Paint. 100% the only show I've regretted paying to see."


Bad Jazz

"I had some friends visiting from Chicago, and I took them to see... Chicago with Christie Brinkley as Roxy Hart. IT WAS SO BAD. I mean Chicago isn't like Shakespeare or something, but the music is good and it's pretty unoffensive. This made me actively mad and embarrassed that this is what my friends saw on their first trip to Broadway!! I still feel so angry about it when I see Christie Brinkley on TV lol. She played Jerry's wife on Parks and Rec and it totally ruined the joke for me!!"


“use your imagination.”

"The Bye Bye Birdie revival with John Stamos and Gina Gershon. Man was that just jaw-droppingly bad on so many levels. Allie Trimm as Kim was the one good thing about it. But I just felt terrible for everyone else, including the audience."

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too - mostly just the massive letdown of what could’ve been a production spectacle for the ages, and instead was 'use your imagination.' I also really loathed Hand to God and could not figure out why people around me were laughing. I thought it was so stupid."


And yet...

"'In My Life' was astonishing. I saw it with some other actor types in an almost empty theater and it beggars description, it was so terrible. And yet... There was a sweet moment where the characters were in a recording booth that actually worked. The show was idiotic, the plot was insane, none of the characters made any sense but there was still this one lovely moment. If was definitely the worst show I've ever seen, but even the worst show had one magical thing in it, which is kinda wonderful."


Well everything, everytime is not gonna be a hit. And more often than not we'll never understand why something was a hit.

But please keep supporting the theatre!!

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