Most items come with instructions for a reason- to prevent people from using them the wrong way. And you know, hurting themselves. However, some things work even better when you ignore their intended uses. And these Redditors will tell you which ones work best.

u/michal2287 asked: What item do you use for their not intended purpose and how?

Isn't that what all fans are for?

I use fans solely for the noise they make that puts me to sleep.


For me it's a combination of that plus the intended purpose. I've lived in some apartments where it's a boiling death trap at night even in winter, plus the fan drowns out any noise from outside or neighbours.




I use beach towels as bath towels.


This isn't the beach, this is a bath tub!


You learn something new every day.

I work in construction. If you can use like a hammer, it's a hammer.


  1. Always use the right tool.
  2. A hammer is always the right tool.
  3. Anything can be a hammer.

Suuuuuuure you do.

I use a hitachi magic wand as a back massager.


What are those actually for?


I use those masks they make for burglars when I go skiing.


You mean balaclavas?

I use them for free shopping personally.


Smart idea.

I used Remote control car parts, specifically the servo and servo arms, to open and close the blinds in my room. I rigged it up as a joke one day with my friend but I decided to keep it when I moved.

I haven't set it up in my new place yet, but may do it for all the blinds.


Those blue cookie tins have never been for cookies.

The medication I take for migraines was intended to be used for seizure disorders.

Also, I've never seen a blue cookie tin filled with anything other than sewing materials.


Topamax? I take it too. But I've found it stops them better tgan prevent so I don't take it regularly. But my migraines are hormone related so I take a birth control every day. Viola! No headaches!


Who doesn't do this, tbh?


Grocery bags as trash bags.


If somebody doesn't do that he is just too rich.



I use Reddit in the place of antidepressants.


Its like using coke for dehydration.

You might think it work!. But hell it ain't!!



Hairbrush to scratch mosquito bites.


Top tip - Use a hairdryer for bug bites. Put it on high and hold it as close as comfortably possible up to 30 seconds. The heat kills a protein (apparently) that causes the itching sensation. Tested it myself and confirm it works pretty well.


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