People Describe The Most Unforgettable Thing 'The Weird Kid' In Their School Did
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

I'll never forget the kids who went to school with who were constantly doing the "Naruto run" wherever they went. You know you've seen it. It's when someone runs leaning forward with their arms outstretched behind them. Kids thought they were sooo cool. They even made whooshing noises as they ran by.

What dark times. If you've ever wondered what happened to those weird kids after you all left school, chances are they have no qualms about jumping into a Naruto run on their way to their office job.

After Redditor UngyBungy9383 asked the online community, "What did 'weird kid' in your school do that you'll never forget?" people shared some of their memories.

"He wrote in my yearbook..."

He wrote in my yearbook, "When I was 6 years old, I went into a cornfield. I didn't realize it was a maze. I was stuck for several days without food or water. When they found me, the doctors said I'd never be the same. Good luck in college!"


"He would take off running..."

The albino kid in school. He would take off running down the hallway with one hand straight out in front of him and yell, "White lightning!" He was weird but everyone liked him.


"Poured his juice..."

Poured his juice on the table at lunch and suction cupped his mouth over it and inhaled it all like a hoover when you put it directly onto a hard floor

He's a lawyer now.


"A few days before a pep assembly..."

A few days before a pep assembly, anonymously posted signs all over school that said "the cock is coming". Teachers and school administrators were obviously concerned but clueless.

Smuggled a live rooster into the assembly and partway through the opening speech at the assembly, whipped it out over his head as it went wild. Entire gym full of kids stood up and started chanting "Cock! Cock! Cock!"

Was not seen at school for a few days after that.


"She barked at people..."

She barked at people and tried to scratch behind her ears with her foot and sniffed people's butts at recess. She was 14.


"Pulled down his pants..."

Pulled down his pants in the middle of a public bathroom and spun in a circle while spraying piss everywhere and shouting "AROUND THE WOOORRRLLLD."


"He then fled across state lines..."

Robbed a gas station dressed as a ninja, armed with a katana. Stole cash from the register, all the cigarettes he could carry, and a bunch of lottery tickets. He then fled across state lines with a 17-year-old girl (he was 19). Not a great result for him.


"Humped my desk..."

Humped my desk for a solid minute while maintaining eye-contact with me, and then said, "Thanks," and just walked away.

I'm a guy, this was 15 years ago on my first day at this new school, and I was just eating lunch at my desk, and this dude just walked up and went to town. No context, no introduction, nothing.

Didn't even buy me dinner first. Just wham, bam, thank you desk.


"I'm from a small town..."

I'm from a small town. There was this weird kid who was a year older, but he was so weird that even the younger kids would pick on him. I didn't really know him, but I put him in the weird but harmless category. He graduates, and then decides to rob the local Taco Time with a shot gun. Well, it is a small town. The kids working at the Taco Time all know him, and pretty much everybody in the Taco Time also knows him. He got two years.


"Ran around the hallways..."

Ran around the hallways making pterodactyl noises with his arms raised up behind him like he was swimming butterfly.


"He would make dolphin noises..."

He would make dolphin noises and bit girls while he pretended to be a dog.


"She would take some glue..."

She would take some glue and roll it around in her hands until it became semi-solid, and she would call it "putty." Then she would show it to everyone and ask if they wanted some. Nobody really liked her that much.


"Someone bumped into him..."

Someone bumped into him in the hall and he pounced on him like a f**king tiger. I'm not joking... With noises and everything!


"He used to tell girls..."

He also ate pens, pencils, paper, markers, name it. He was actually someone I was friends with for a long time, he grew up without a father figure and his mother was never emotionally present for him.


"Someone I know..."

Someone I know had a packet of jelly beans with maybe 5 or 6 left inside, well he wanted to offer them to the class but before doing so he took 1 out and split it in half and proceeded to clip his toenails and put the clippings inside the jelly bean and put them back together, the look of disbelief and confusion when a group of people found it was funny, disgusting and super weird.


"Within the first week..."

Within the first week of high school this kid posted a picture of himself sucking his big toe on his Instagram. Was the talking point of conversations for the rest of the four years when he would be brought up.


"Brought in..."

Brought in an "anatomically correct dinosaur." It had a vagina sewn onto it.


"I was the weird kid..."

I was the weird kid, and I pretended to date the stuffed animal that I used as an emotional support object because I thought that was the only way to get attention.


"Used to bring paper..."

Used to bring paper to eat as a snack. On my first day, she had asked if I wanted to eat some too and proceeded to take it out of her mouth to hand it to me.


"He shaved his head..."

He shaved his head, but only the very top. It was a perfect circle of baldness, with a few inches of hair hanging below it. He gave himself the Friar Tuck.


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