People Describe The Most Unexplainable Phenomenon They've Ever Experienced
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Sometimes life feels very much like a movie or a comedy sketch. I've lost track of the amount of times when I couldn't figure out if my mind was playing tricks on me, or if the ghosts were at it again. The unexplainable doesn't have to be grand in detail, design or scope, in fact the things that shake us up the most are minute. The devil is always in the details y'all.

Redditor u/Schnazzly wanted to hear about the things that have left them shook with awe by asking... What is the most unexplainable phenomenon you have experienced?

I can't tell you how often I feel like my actions and my day to day seem like they were happening in a dream state. That can be dangerous. On certain days I have to think hard to decipher sometimes if reality is real, because I can't give my dog extra shots of insulin. (Which I never have) The people who responded to this thread had some moments akin to mine...


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When I was a kid I always kept a glass of water next to my bed. I would get thirsty at night and drink it and place the empty glass back down. A few hours later I would wake up thirsty again and the glass would be full. In fact I never had to get up to refill that glass because I always knew my parents would fill it for me as I slept. This went on for years until one day I brought it up in conversation with my parents. They had no idea what I was talking about.



My sister died in an accident about a week after I confronted her over her escalating drug habit. Our last conversation had been very 'frank and unpleasant' and she threw me out of her house, screaming that she hated me.

After the funeral I had a dream my sister and I were at karaoke singing something incoherent. In the gaps, I'm trying desperately to tell her I was sorry and as the song finishes she says it doesn't matter now, she still loves me and I needed to help her daughter.

I woke up and had a generally crappy day from being all wound up. Out of the blue I got a call from my niece who needed a place to live after her father said she couldn't live with him. I said she could stay with me and went to pick her up.

She stayed with me for 5 years and on her 21st birthday she told me she had a dream where her mother had told her to call me for help after her dad told her she could only stay with him for a week.


Dream a little dream...

It was more of a dream. I was told to take my dog out. I said I'd do it in a minutes. 30 or so minutes later I was asked to take the dog out again. I said "I just did." Parent replied "No, you didn't." Apparently there's a kind of dream that can make it look like you've done something you might have not.


Wash Away

I was wide-awake, I was washing my clothes and had 3 loads (whites, colors, sheets). I finished all three and I know I was done because I was hanging sheets out to dry. I went out to buy food, and when I come back, the sheets were gone, I thought my neighbor stole them.

I put my food down, and heard my washing machine beep. The sheets were inside, warm and slightly damp.

I live alone, and I locked my door on my way out.

I just convinced myself that I had a mild stroke.



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I had a dream, a very detailed dream, about meeting a redhead at a gas station in Northern California.

We got on so well in my dream that we agreed upon a time and date to meet.

I woke up, remembered it, and thought, "well crap, I'm probably insane but I'll still go."

So two days later I drove up there to meet on the assigned date - turns out 5PM Thursday was when this person got into work at said gas station.

They really existed. I met them. We're friends now.

I just... how?


It feels good to realize we're not alone right? All of our minds can be a little wonky. We all have moments that seem to defy reason; especially with small items disappearing and the concept of time feeling... malleable? The stories just keep on coming...

Money Fail

I dropped a $20 bill once in the side of my bed. I moved the bed to get it but it wasn't there. Took the bed apart a while later because I was moving out and I expected it to have snuck into a crevice or something. Nope. It went to another dimension or something. I once found $50 on the ground in a puddle of water. Just saw it as the universe making me pay back what someone else lost at some point, or just spreading the wealth I guess.



My "ghost" story.

I was riding my bike at night when I was away at college and I saw someone standing down the drive. They saw me coming and they walked into a lone pine tree next to the curb. Didn't see them go past it, seemed odd so I stopped and looked around at the tree. Nobody in it, nobody around. Would have totally seen this person walk away because it was a wide open area. Really freaky.


It's a Ghost

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We once dropped our TV remote, whilst watching a film.

Try as we might, we could not find that thing. And they're not tiny, and can't really hide anywhere. But it had just gone. Anyway, we went to bed. Next morning came into the living room & there's the remote, in full view, right in the middle of the coffee table!!


Nap time...

Was about 12 years old asleep in my bed. And at about 11 pm I wake up to a really loud sound - the tap in my room has turned on full blast. I obviously scream out loud and my dad comes running in, realises the problem and turns off the tap. At the time he tells me not to worry and that it was just the pressure that turned it on. However a couple ago (I'm 26 now) he told me he had lied to me back then and actually it took him a lot of force to turn the tap, as if it had been forced open... really freaked him and me out.


Something is Coming...

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Multiple times I've gotten a terrible sense of dread and immediately froze.

Then a car I didn't even know was there going way too fast sped by that definitely would have hit me if I kept walking.

It's happened enough times that I've lost count. Apparently I just know if I'm walking and am about to be hit by something.


I guess we should learn to embrace that which transcends explanation. If we don't we'll just be in a constant state of meandering which can lead to too much anxiety. If ghosts are real they're real. If they want the remote for a bit, let them have it. If time warps, it warps. Don't try to reason.

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