People Describe Their Craziest 'Something's Wrong, I Can Feel It' Experiences
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You should trust your intuition. It's usually correct. Ever been somewhere and had those alarm bells go off in your brain? Be aware: If something genuinely doesn't feel right to you, it's likely because it isn't.

After Redditor euphoricwarriofangirl asked the online community, "What was your 'Something's wrong, I can feel it' moment?" people shared their stories.

All we have to say to some of these stories is... yikes.

"I was on a ladder..."

I was on a ladder at my work, and thought "someone could die falling off of this." I get home to find out my best friend died while falling off a ladder at the same time.


"My mom didn't call..."

My mom didn't call at her usual time. I had an overwhelming sense of dread. I called an ambulance. She'd had a pulmonary embolism. Despite arranging for her to be flown to the nearest trauma center she died six hours later.


"I always could just feel..."

Every time one of my ex-partners cheated on me. I always could just feel when it was happening. I can't explain what was going on or why, but I knew something was.


"I'd been having..."

I'd been having very brief speech problems I'd just written off. Then I couldn't find my way home from work, so I couldn't keep living in denial.


"That feeling confirms to me..."

I describe it as "feeling death." I remember the feeling clear as day. I was driving and kept looking around because I was certain there was some hazard I couldn't find. I got to my destination fine but within 15 minutes my brother is calling me that my dad passed.

Felt it again a year and a half later on the elevator at work. This time I recognize the feeling. I checked in with all my loved ones. They are okay. Later that day found out a super awesome co-worker died of bee stings.

That feeling confirms to me that there is something more than what we can see.


"When my kitten..."

When my kitten refused to eat and drink for a couple of days. Honestly had a "she's gonna die" panic moment that night. Two days after the discovery, we took her to the vet. After being there literally all day, they discovered she ended up having an incurable infection in her intestine. She was put down that night, after my brother, father, and I visited her to say goodbye.


"It felt like this oppressive cloud of dread..."

I woke up one random morning with this horrible, overwhelming sense of doom. It felt like this oppressive cloud of dread on top of me. I have anxiety, so I'm familiar with the anxious impending doom feeling, but this was not it. It felt ominous. I tried to shrug it off, go about my morning routine. Midway through making coffee, my best friend calls me. Her mom passed away that morning.


"I can't really describe it..."

Not mine, but my Grandma's. My grandpa was on the liver transplant list at the time. She was working and she decided to go home for lunch. She never, ever does that but something was pulling her that way. When she got home, Grandpa was in a coma with his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He would have died then if she hadn't come home and called emergency services.

My body has its "something is not right" moments. I can't really describe it, but I'll pause whatever I'm doing and then immediately hit the ground or try to get somewhere safe. Seconds later, I will blackout and eventually recover. It's weird. It's happened while riding my horse (she's extra tall, so I galloped her over to the porch, slid off of her, and then blacked out on the porch. When I woke up, she hadn't moved and stood over me with the dogs hovering and the goats as well), at work at the vet clinic, several times just walking to a room in a house, in the bathroom, etc.


"I honestly don't know..."

I connected with this guy on Tinder and I just felt weird about him. I can't put it into words, but something just felt off so I stopped responding to his texts. Then like three weeks later, I started thinking about the situation and decided that I ghosted this perfectly good guy for no good reason. I texted him and we started talking.

About a week later, we decided to go out on a date. I asked him for some bar suggestions so we could meet for a drink. He suggested a bar right around the corner from his house despite the fact that we lived nearly an hour apart. I was a little annoyed but ok fine. So I got there at 8, which is the time he told me to meet him. Dude was half an hour late. He texted me to let me know he was on his way (about 15 minutes after we were supposed to meet), so I stayed. He didn't really have a good reason for why he was late, just that he got wrapped up in things. Off to a good start.

So we had our date and while he was extremely hot, he just wasn't for me. It was like I would say something and he would respond by just jibber-jabbering about that topic. It wasn't for me. But listen, he was hot so I decided to at least get laid while I was out so we went back to his place to fool around.

I honestly can't explain it. He did nothing that I can pinpoint, but I just felt very very weird about him being on top of me. It was like, oppressive. I just felt scared, which is weird because I usually really enjoy the feeling of a man on top of me. About 5 minutes in, I bailed. He let me leave, but he didn't take it well.

So I'm driving home on the interstate in the dark and in the rain and he just will not stop texting and calling me. At first I was nice to him because I did feel bad for abruptly leaving like that. But then he just got angrier and angrier and started lecturing me so I hung up on him and stopped responding. I would have blocked him but I wanted the evidence in case I needed to call the police.

This went on all night long until about 8am and then picked up around 2, so I guess he got some sleep. This went on for the better part of a week. I honestly don't know wtf would have happened if I'd actually tried to date the guy. I dodged such a big bullet.


"I was driving..."

I was 16 or 17, and my family was heading out of town to visit relatives for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I was driving for the first leg. It was night, and the interstate through town was almost empty. I was in the right lane, had cruise set right at the speed limit, and a semi was slowly passing on the left. A car came off an onramp that turns into a temporary lane that ends as an exit. The car didn't have room to merge on unless I slowed down, but I got this feeling to not let it pull in front of me. His turn signal comes on, requesting I give him room to merge. I bump up the cruise control 1mph to keep him from merging. Right as he's being forced down the exit ramp, the back of his car lurches with a mechanical tearing noise and a shower of sparks, and I watch his right rear wheel land in the road as he disappears down the ramp.

If I'd let him merge in front of me that wheel would likely have gone through the windshield.


"A few years ago..."

A few years ago I was dating this person, and they were not responding to any text messages I was sending. I usually assume if someone does not respond they are busy. But for some odd reason something felt off about it this time. Turns out he was stuck up on a mountain with a girl he was cheating on me with.

Did not suspect the cheating but felt like something was wrong for sure.


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