At every corner in this country, you hear of another labor-related horror story. Stagnant wages, parasitic business practices, and the ever-changing landscape of the United States under capitalism has led to some very questionable labor practices among bosses, and the stories are insane.

Working hours without a break, or in unsafe conditions, or for no pay for several weeks have become commonplace stories, which is sad. People who are trying to make their living simply get way way more than they bargained for.

Redditor Dogspasting asked:

"What's the worst job you've ever had?"

Here were some of those answers.

Good Ole Country Boys

"Corn detassling downwind from a pig farm. Well, you don't notice the smell after half an hour so just corn detassling in general."

"Backbreaking, skin shredding, walking down rows of corn in the hot sun all day while some old kid checks up the row behind you and throws tassles that you missed at you."

"Pay is good tho. Job sucks."-tezoatlipoca

Pizza + College = Disaster

"Night manager for a pizza place next to a huge university campus."

"I was getting paid $12.50 to manage a staff, deal with drunks, deal with insanely high sales volumes, and be a bouncer. I was 21."

"Every week I would have to shut down the bathrooms because something went horribly wrong. Most weekend nights I would have to kick people out, sometimes by force."

"I would be there until 8AM sometimes cleaning up. The openers would arrive while I was still trying to take care of the aftermath of the previous night."-PhreedomPhighter


"Hotel housekeeping. If it comes out of the human body, I've cleaned it up. I started in a by-the-hour motel when I was 14, owned by a woman who didn't bother with hazardous waste procedure and cleaned up what looked like a murder scene with nothing but bleach and kitchen gloves."

"I walked into that room, and was absolutely positive that when I pulled the shower curtain open there was going to be a body in the bathtub."

"Thankfully there wasn't, just blood everywhere. Owner refused to let me report it, made me clean it, and I didn't want to get in sh*t for bleaching a murder scene at 14 so I never did call the cops."-EThDOtaG

Each and every second of imagining the worst job you've ever had probably makes your whole body tense up.

Torture In A Corporate Hell

"Worked at my dad's office."

"To show everyone that he doesn't hand out favors I peeled stickers from old files. That was the job. In a windowless basement. For 8hrs a day. Week after week."

"He also invited me to his 2nd wedding. And expected me to wait tables on the guests. The post was titled 'what's the worst dad you ever had?,' right?"-nohiddenmeaning

Power Plays

"About my 6th year in the U.S. Army, I accepted a stateside assignment which was initially only a year in length, that ended up being 4 years of hell."

"For nearly the duration of that assignment, I reported to an a**hole who made it his mission in life to destroy me mentally and physically."

"My morning would start at 7 with him effectively verbally assaulting me at the top of his lungs, complaining about everything he could think of, even the weather and would end at 7 with him telling me to 'get some rest.'"

"He'd text me until 10 at night demanding I respond to e-mails and contact people in prep for whatever we had coming the following morning."

"He'd assign me to every detail he could find and would volunteer me out to other commanders who required my skillset. I'd work back to back shifts for the entire week, with only Sunday's off."

"I spent almost the entire time traveling. At the end of it all, turns out the reason he hated me was because he thought I had hooked up with one of his ex girlfriends. I hadn't."

"He tried to be friends with me after that. F**kin d**che nearly ruined me but I never caved once. The saving grace of this entire assignment that I was promoted twice and eventually rose to be his equal."

"I left the Army shortly after with no friends, a distant relationship with my own children, a looming divorce and no discernible identity of my own. I had sacrificed everything for that job and didn't even get an award out of it.
Fun times."-

Why We Avoid The White Girl Fb Messages

"I worked for an MLM for a month during Covid. It was called Cutco. They said you'd get paid $15 an hour on the phone but it was just for everyone 1.5-2 hour appointment you set up."

"They also didn't pay for the mandatory 5 hour meetings you were required to join where you had to set up appointments to sell their sh*t to your family and friends."

"I obviously couldn't go out to get a job in April of 2020 so this seemed like a good deal for me. Obviously, it was not. After 2 weeks I stopped going to the meetings that were 'required' and quit soon after that."-kristen_elena

Mediocre Purgatory

"I had a boring warehouse job. Pretty typical. But they vastly overhired and all the packing would be done half way through the day. And then for the final 4 to 5 hours of the day, the owner would have all 16 of us sweep the warehouse."

"Do you know how much dirt and dust is left on the floor when 16 people spend 20-25 hours a week sweeping the floor? NONE!"

"It felt like I was in some mediocre purgatory where I was forced to sweep nothing for half my life. So boring. But if you got caught not sweeping the air you'd get yelled at, so sweep we did."

"Easy job but killed my soul a little."-Girlmode

And somehow, for a period of time, day after day--you showed up to slog through THIS.

Analyzing Ego

"Former Data Analyst at an oil company that filed bankruptcy. No raises for 5 years. My overtime got cut (I was laid off and then rehired and I said I wanted to be hourly because I knew I would be working more than 8hr days so I wanted to capitalize on that in a non-bonus eligible position)."

"They fired my manager who personally coded and automated a bunch of our reports so that the facilities we were helping could actually do their own analysis if they had the time; he was the only one who could troubleshoot the code if there were any issues that popped up."

"On a daily basis, people that couldn't believe 1+1=2 would argue with me that 1+1=3. Consistently undermined in front of dozens of people on morning calls."

"Paid well (kinda?) but f**k those people, honestly. They would get upset at their own data telling them the opposite of their expectations and say it was my team's fault for some reason."

"I quit and am now working at a Hospital doing their analysis and it's so much better because there are no egos and everyone is willing to learn (including myself)."-actioncomicbible

Over And Over, Scroller By Scroller

"I had to take manuals and scan them into PDF format and make links on the table of contents, so it'll take you to each chapter. It started alright at first until they decided I was the only one that'll scan for 6 or 7 people."

"I'd scan multiple manuals, put them on a disc and give it to them. Then they decided to increase it to 4, 10 hour days so I'd wake up at 4:30am to make it to work by 6am and leave at 4:30pm."

"Then the 2 people next to me decided they would only scan these small cards and not do any manuals and just bring in movies to watch and I had to pick up the slack."

"I was studying for Security+ at the time because I had to get out of there and every time I took a break to study, my supervisor instantly hits me with a 'Oh did you need more work to do?'"-Hawkthorn

It's True...We Do Hate Them

"Street canvassing. Have you ever been the most hated person on busy a city street? Do you want to spend your entire day around sleazy salesman types, scammers, drug addicts, runaways, the homeless, and the mentally ill?"

"Do you want to develop a drinking problem? Do you have any interest in totally misleading job descriptions and minimum wage? Are you clever enough to under report cash donations and pocket the overage?"

"If Yes..well this might be the career for you!"-PlayerH8rsBallz

Jobs from hell seem to be on the "it's inevitable" list of things that will happen to you in your life. The USA is so big, and there are so many jobs that people can and will have as they move through life, that these experiences will be universal.

At least they make for fun stories.

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No one wants war.

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