People Describe The Weirdest Thing That They Find Attractive
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Everyone has their own little quirks.

If we all had the same tastes, the world wouldn't be a very interesting place. What makes someone uniquely attractive are the individualistic things they do, the things no one else would even take a second to double back at, and that's where the real connections come together. Odds are even you do something that makes your spouse or significant other go crazy without even knowing it.

Reddit user, u/JBStudios1, wanted to hear about the odd things that turn you on when they asked:

What's the weirdest thing you find attractive?

Perhaps the thing you find the most attractive is completely unnoticeable to the average person. As in, if you weren't looking for this one tiny, small, completely negligible thing, you would never notice it.

But these people did.

Whip It Back And Forth

"My wife had shoulder length hair for a while. Once, when I called her name and she did the hair-swish-smile thing, I just about f-cking died from cuteness."


Little Stragglies Of Cuteness

"The neck, when a woman has her hair up and those little bits of hair curl around."


"Seeing a girl have to stand on her tiptoes to do basically anything, especially to hug or kiss me.

I think it's the cutest thing ever"


Then there are those people who find things attractive that, on first viewing, someone else wouldn't see as "Wow, that's a real turn on!" However, you have refined and cultured taste. Of course you'll love it when someone's bones stick out a little bit.



"Collarbones. Can't even explain it. Just a shirt low enough to show a pronounced collarbone."


"Omgyes! Protruding collarbones and (at least imo) hipbones are crazy hot! It doesn't have to do with them being skinny though! Slightly curvy people can also have really nice defined collar- and hipbones!"


Controlling A Massive Machine

"My husband reversing the car. He puts his arm around the passenger seat and looks over his shoulder...."


"Oh, man, I love watching people drive. The arm-around-the-passenger-seat-while-reversing thing for sure, but also just people driving in general. There's just something about that focus people get when they're behind the wheel; the way their expressions are usually passive, but their eyes are attentive... oh man. I'm with you on this one for sure."


Someone Has A Thing For "Teen Wolf"

"Long canines. The teeth, not the species.

Not unnaturally long like vampire fangs, but just enough that they're longer than the rest of the teeth."


"Huh, weirdest compliment I've gotten from a guy before was that he liked my 'pointy teeth.' This was at a bar and it made my coworker do a double take."


Then there's these, which you may not have known did it for you, but after reading these there's no going back. You're hooked, now, and that's okay. Embrace the weirdness.

I See You Are Also An Individual Of Class And Substance

"Chokers, f-ck those things stir up something primal in me"


"Ah I see you also grew up in the 90s and watched buffy the vampire slayer..."


Wait, That Seems Pretty Obvi-Oh, That's Why...

"Guys who wear glasses.

For some reason I think it's sexy when we're making out and he has to take them off."


Seems Like You Like Everything They Do. Which Is Great.

"I like when women have to go pee really bad and do that dance. Yea it's weird.

Or when you successfully feed your girlfriend at the appropriate time of day and she does a little dance or starts humming a song as she's chewing.

I like watching the daily skin care routine as they furiously and rapidly circulate their little raccoon sized hands in various nonsense that I'll never understand"


Everyone is different. Everyone has different tastes. Everyone has things that speak to them. These are all perfectly acceptable, and steering into them might actually help you along as you continue your search for a viable romantic partner. Don't shy away from the things you find sexy. Embrace them. Be happy.

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