Life is hard enough. Why should we have to think all day long about we're doing? Sometimes, isn't it easier to just let your body do all the heavy lifting while your brain takes a short, sweet nap?

Or are the following stories a perfect example of why we should be thinking about what we do all the time?

Reddit user, u/MManooks, wanted to hear when you should have been more mindful when they asked:

What strange thing have you caught yourself mindlessly doing while alone that made you think "...What the f-ck?"

Putting On A Show For The Class

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One day when I was about 10 or something, I started subconsciously undoing my shirt in the classroom. While the teacher was teaching. I don't know why and thankfully no one notice but 20 years later even today I remember and think why would that happen?


Pushing The Limits Of Biology

Unfortunately, I wasn't alone—

I was zoned out in class and just squishing my chest against the desk and playing with my bra straps. I'm not usually one to do anything like that, and it was not intentional. I hope nobody saw it. I was just "mhm yes biology— d a y u m, s o f t— ah yes hypertonic".


Swapping One For The Other

Started brushing my teeth one morning, getting ready for work, and half way through wondered why there were so many bubbles overflowing out of my mouth, and why it didn't taste minty. Realized I used face wash on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste.

Surprisingly, it did a good job.


Planning Out Everything You're Going To Say

Having a silent conversation with someone who is not there.


I've planned whole conversations before, with branching dialogue options, before having to stop myself


Keeping It Fresh

I leave my phone in the fridge more often than I'd like to admit


This Is How We Got The "Turducken"

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My goldfish looked hungry and so I got the cat food out and almost poured it into the tank


Your cat would've appreciated the fact that you took the time to stuff his food with his other food. You're a good owner.


Wandering About

I pace through my entire house when I'm on the phone. In and out of every room in a pattern and I have no idea I'm doing it until it gets pointed out


Switch Into Auto-Pilot

Reaching home and laying down still dressed then waking up a couple hours later thinking it's early morning and I just got dressed so I get my stuff and start to leave home.

Happened to me at least one a week for a couple months.


I once went through my entire morning routine, shower and breakfast and everything, before glancing at a clock and realizing it was like 3 hours before I was even supposed to be up.

The thing was, I'd heard the alarm clock loud and clear! Turns out the alarm clock only went off in my dreams though. Looking back I realized that I had memory of the alarm going off and waking up, but no memory of ever turning the alarm off.


Careful, It's Hot?

Blew on ice cream I was eating because I was watching a cooking show where they were making soup.



Lmao, years ago I was on a date with this girl and we went to see Spiderman. Well before hand I had just shaved down there but didn't use any lotion. So like all throughout the movie we're holding hands and I am itching like crazy. Well without thinking I just take the back of my hand and start rubbing my pants to make it stop not realizing her hand is in mine and I'm aggressively rubbing my crotch.

After the 3rd or 4th time I did it, I had this "oh my f-cking god" just hit me and I look up and she's glaring a hole through my head. She didn't say a word, got up and walked out. It took like two weeks of texting between friends before one of them finally explained to her what happened (bc she blocked me) but the damage was done lol.



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Driving. I'll be driving home from work and then suddenly realize I was on auto-pilot and am now half way home. Did I run every light? Who knows


I learned from a previous reddit post that your brain basically deletes memories like that right away. If you drive on the same road every day and nothing happens, the brain doesn't need countless memories of nothing happening on that road. If you'd run a red light, you would remember.


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