People Describe The Strangest Thing They've Ever Witnessed That No One Ever Believes

Our memories are strange things. They can totally play tricks on us and make us believe we experienced something we never did, even if there is mounting evidence against what we recall.

Sometimes several memories become one memory, or else details become lost or embellished; sometimes we are told a story so many times that a false memory of the event starts to form.

But sometimes, something strange really did happen and our memories are actually serving us perfectly.

Redditor u/Tiny_Map5886 asked:

"What's something you can swear you saw but no one is believing you?"

Here were some of those answers.

Mr. Smiles

"I saw a dude standing next to my truck with an unnaturally wide smile. I was on highway 49 east right outside Greenwood, MS."

"I heard hail hit my truck a few times so I pulled over expecting a tornado. I was grabbing my backpack getting ready to bail out for the ditch".

"I turn back to the driver side window to check my mirror and this guy was just standing there. Smiling. It scared me so bad I just slammed the truck in drive and got out of there."-WhiteGravy747

It's My Party

"I threw a party at the condo I lived in with my sister and mom while they were on vacation when I was maybe 17?"

"After the party died down me and 4 of my close friend were the only ones still there and awake and while talking by the top of the basement stairs the handle of the door at the top that was closed moved like someone was struggling to open it."

"Thinking someone passed out in my basement and was too drunk to get the door open I opened it to an empty basement."

"All my friends saw this happen and we stayed up til the morning in my living room too freaked out to move. Everyone blows it off like we were just hammered but by then we were nearly sobered up."-lindsanity16

A Visit From Beyond

"Not something I saw, something I felt and heard. I was struggling to sleep one night, lying in bed feeling wired and irritable when I felt pressure lift from the bed on my partner's side."

"I assumed he'd got up to go to the bathroom (I was facing the opposite way so I didn't see him do this) a few minutes go by and I hear him come back into the room and feel him get back in bed, nothing strange about that."

"Lying there still frustrated the same thing happens again, a lift of pressure, some rustling sounds like a person trying to navigate a dark room, an absence of sound for a few moments and then the sensation of weight on the bed again."

"Still not thinking much of it, because it wasn't an obvious cause for concern, I continue trying to fall asleep. Then it happens again. And again. And again."

"I wasn't too into the idea of asking him if he was ok as we had a ridiculous argument that night and I was pretty pissed off with him, so I just ignored it."

"But then... Then it sounded like he had got up and was simply pacing around the room clumsily, I could hear things on the shelves being touched and slightly moved and hands gently brushing against walls, and then I felt the bed suddenly dip in a concentrated spot of the mattress as though he had stood on it."

"This carries on for I don't know how long, rustling, pressure on the bed and so on until I snap. I sit bolt upright, turn around and say 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?' to see my partner waking up from a very deep sleep and looking confused."

"I told him what had happened and he said he'd been asleep next to me the whole time, which was pretty obvious to see him in his very sleepy state, plus he would have had mere seconds to jump into bed without me noticing in the time it took me to sit up and turn around."

"I somehow fell asleep that night feeling confused and as though eyes were on me. And in a typical cheesy haunted house fashion, I get a call from my mum the next morning telling me my uncle had died the night before."-JenikaSwoosh

These things most certainly affected each and every person who remembers seeing them.

Re-Spawn In Real Life

"I have never mentioned this before to anyone. Scene: EPCOT in Orlando, on the brick walkway between a walk-thru part with stores and such on either side and the part leading up to The Land."

"Date: June 2008. I was with my pregnant wife. Huge storm rolls in, black clouds, about to pour, when there was this unearthly deafening sound and bright light exploded."

"I opened my eyes and I was standing 30 feet or more away back under the covered walkway, unharmed. My wife said I had been standing right beside her, then I wasn't."

"It was too far to have run in the brief second of the explosion (I assume a lightning strike). Swear this happened as well as I could tell it."-acrossthreeparallels

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Chasing Zebras

"I live in a rural community in Canada. My sister came to see me once and swore up and down that she saw a zebra grazing in the fields."

"I made fun of her for a couple of years about how the zebra roam the north pole and how Santa has zebra instead of reindeer. She was really starting to doubt herself but stuck to her guns."

"Well, I was driving one day and lo and behold, a f**king zebra grazing in the field. Turns out a zoo sometimes lets them roam around there. When I told my sister she felt vindicated."-greybruce1980


"I stayed over a church friend's house when I was 8ish. He said he had a little sister but my parents and I never saw her at church or anything. My Mom said it was probably imaginary."

"At night I walked in the wrong room and saw a teenage girl in a crib, dressed like a baby."

"I told my Mom, I told my friends, I told whoever I could but no one believe me."-Bullydaddy

Oklahoma Moments

"I am going to share something my grandma told me that she saw, because it is so f**king weird and I have never heard anything like this before in my life."

"My grandma and her cousin were walking on a country road in Oklahoma, sometime in the 1940s. They saw a strange figure float up over a hill up ahead about half a football field away. She said it appeared 2 dimensional and it was roughly the size of a cow."

"It was white and was composed of geometric shapes. It had a rectangular body, with no legs (it floated). It had a square head at one end with two little triangle ears and little slit looking eyes. No nose or mouth that she could see."

"When the figure rose up over the hill, my grandma and her cousin froze in terror. The thing froze, too. They all just stood there staring at each other for a moment."

"Then its head floated to the opposite end of its body and it floated back in the direction it came from. Her cousin corroborates her story, but it's just very strange to me."

"I believe that they saw something weird, but I'm not sure I'm convinced that a weird two dimensional demon cow is out there floating around in Oklahoma somewhere."-Traditional_Self_658

These moments quite literally took the breath out of people.

My Brother The Flash

"When we were ten years old, all of my cousins and siblings were playing hide and seek in the dark in the middle of a park. When someone gets found, you join the seeker to look for people, but you can't tell them where they are."

"I was the seeker and I had just found one of my cousins, so we were walking around and looking for the rest. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone that looked exactly like my brother run past us at inhuman speed."

"I turned to look at my cousin and he had admitted that he saw the same thing. We found my brother later in the round, but he was at the other side of the park. Nobody believes either of us but both of us still remember it."-PainfullyQuietAnger

A Semi-Aquatic Struggle

"A few years back I saw a capybara in my front yard (in Alabama). NO ONE believed me because by the time I came back with my phone he was gone."

"The best I got was a, 'I guess it might have been a capybara' after a local man was found to have his own exotic animal collection less than three miles away."

"Other animals I saw in that yard: an emu and two bison. I must have lived pretty close to that dude's land."-itsJussaMe

He Was A Slime Zombie!

"When I was little, maybe 7, the son of a lady who babysat my brother and I, cut his leg on our swing set. Green goo came out of his leg."

"I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the type of bolt it was, the cover is was missing to prevent cuts. I'm a dentist now (taken gross anatomy, dissected a human body, routinely in the OR for resections of crazy head and neck tumors)."

"With the exception of gross infections, I've never seen green goo come out of someone. Let alone a healthy leg. It will never make sense to me. Ever."-DrCJHenley

The moments that stop us in our tracks are the moments that we and we alone experience. Nobody can believe us--and in a way, perhaps nobody should. Perhaps, for some reason, we were meant to see and process these moments alone.

But then again, wouldn't it be nice to get confirmation that the world is as strange as you believe it to be?

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