The world is a beautiful place. From natural scenery like the Himalayan Mountains in Asia to the appearance of the Aurora Borealis at various times, awe-inspiring sights are never too hard to find.

Every country can boast a few different areas of jaw-dropping beauty. Some offer more gorgeous scenery than others. It makes us wonder, what makes one country more beautiful than another?

Is it the variety and sheer number of beautiful sights or is it the magnificence of one area? And what is the prettiest country in the world?

Curious to find out, Redditor Dream4Cats asked:

"In your opinion, whats the prettiest country?"


"Since I moved to Switzerland, I've always found the amount of beauty in this country to be borderline upsetting"

– Hour_Prune_225

"Prettiest country I've ever seen is Switzerland. Taking a train through that country is like traveling through a bunch of postcards that have been stitched together. It's f*cking beautiful."

– The_Mikest


"I was in norway 3 years ago. It was just... Beautiful. Definitly it is my fav. Country with france (corisca)"

– Dream4Cats

"I was playing Geoguessr with a group and this guy from Norway was very much not impressed by a beautiful landscape we found somewhere, because it just looked normal to him. Like what? Do you even see these trees and this lake and the mountains in the distance? Does it mean nothing to you xD"

– Roozyj

"Norway is so beautiful you can't take it..."

– EnvironmentOk5183


"Japan in springtime"

– PhantomFartz76

"Japan in the fall is equally as stunning. The changing of the leaves is picturesque anywhere you go here."

– thespicyroot

"Japan, cherry blossoms"

– plscallmeRain

The United States (Talk About Diversity)

"If you're talking about any whole country, I would have to say the United States. Every conceivable type of landscape is here. Grasslands, mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, huge cityscapes, Arctic, massive forests, lakes and so much more."


"USA- the diversity of natural beauty is hard to match anywhere else."

"Yes there are more spectacular wetlands, beaches, snowy peaks, deserts, ancient forests, rivers and natural springs - but there are not many countries which have all of these"

– GoodAndBluts

"The United States. Name a biome or a natural feature and we have it, plus things no where else has."

– twitch_delta_blues


"All of the Mediterranean countries from all 3 continents ( Asia, Europe and Africa) so diverse and rich, so many different cultures and languages in such a small area. Croatia, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, France"

– User Deleted

"I completely agree. I went on a cruise that visited Greece and Italy. It was absolutely gorgeous. Favorite places I’ve ever been."

– bustylusciouslady

"love all those greek islands with the beautiful sea around!"

– Flunderpudding


"I would say Italy (if we're talking about European countries that I've been too). The villages, landscape, the Tirol, the coastlines, historical ruins... every type of gorgeous (not to mention the people, food and even dare I say it, clothes)."

– TIL_eulenspiegel

"Italy is the most beautiful country by far. It combines alps and mediterranean and it contains multiple layers of historical civilizations."

– Redararis

"Italy—so much ecological diversity"

– pconti279


"I have only been to Scotland once but it was really beautiful and I enjoyed it. Love the green, the lochs and all the layers of clouds in the Highlands."

– soline

"The fact I went to a city in Scotland and there was just casually a mountain/possibly just huge hill basically right next to it blew my gd mind."

– EllieC130

"To me it’s got to be Scotland. I went to Edinburgh for vacation once and the natures that surrounds you is so amazing. The small towns were quite and nice and the main city was so beautiful when it rained."

– Koolaidbutasolid

New Zealand

"New Zealand"

– 14kee

"This is the only correct answer"

– Azonic

"New Zealand. Maybe this is just me coming from Australia where most of our native flora is dry, but NZ is the complete opposite. So luscious and green in many areas."

– ThrowRARAw

"We spent a couple of weeks driving around New Zealand’s South Island. It was absolutely stunning."

– mateoRH


"Ireland, by far. So green. As someone who loves just driving around in a car with the family, some of the scenery is truly beautiful. You don't even need to go to those hot tourist spots like Giant's Causeway."

– Northiree

"Northern Ireland. Go outside Belfast and you have Giant's Causeway, beaches, Mourne mountains, beautiful green fields, some amazing forestry."

– User Deleted

"Ireland is fantastic. My borther in law lives in county cork and we visited him a few years ago. Rented a car in dublin airport and first off saw the highest waterfall in ireland on the way to cc. Then next day saw the cliffs on the south coast and kinsale. Such a great place to visit! We hope to visit end of the year again."

– Adayuus

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

"Every country has a beauty of its own in some way shape or form. I don’t think there is one that is better than another."

– Ranos131

"This is a tough one. Every country has beautiful places."

– SwordfishNo4689

"Every country has beauty to it, you just have to know where to look"

– signaturefox2013

Obviously, the responses to this question were plentiful and diverse. However, all of the answers were valid.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what the prettiest country is. We can all be happy knowing that there is seemingly endless beauty in this world.

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