People Describe The Items They Own That A Collector Would Die To Get Their Hands On


I'm a big reader and a big film watcher so I own a ton of books and DVDs. Speaking of DVDs... my friends are jealous that I own a copy of George A. Romero's Martin and Richard Attenborough's Seance on a Wet Afternoon.

After Redditor Talc_Power asked the online community, "What do you have in your possession that a collector would die to get their hands on?" people sounded off about all the cool items in their possession.

We admit... we're rather jealous of some of these.

"A rare picture..."

A rare picture of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore. Moore was giving a talk at my university in 2004 and I printed out the picture. He was amused when I explained the Simpsons bit and agreed to sign it for me.


"My grandpa..."

My grandpa has an authentic Stradivarius violin (family legend I've only seen pictures so) according to my grandpa it's been passed down in our family since the 1700s. Refuses to sell or pass it down to any of my uncles because they have suggested selling.


"I have..."

I have an English text book from early colonial America. I've never gotten it appraised. I'll probably donate it to a museum some day.


"My great grand dad..."

I have a pocket watch worth about £10,000.

My great grandad was given it by a German during the Christmas day truce in 1914. I'd never trade it or sell it for anything.


"On top of the obvious..."

A Blues Brothers Album signed by the entire cast.

On top of the obvious awesomeness like John Belushi, Carrie Fisher, James Brown and Aretha Franklin, even people that made short cameos signed it like Peewee Herman and Steven Spielberg.


"A ninenty-million..."

A ninety-million-year-old chunk of Burmese amber with a water beetle and a gnat/mosquito type insect in it.


"It would probably..."

It would probably take a very specific collector, but I have a chewing tobacco can signed by Willie Nelson from when my grandma dated him back in the 50s.

I also have one of the first Ping putters from back when they only made putters, given to me when my grandpa died.


"I like to think..."

I like to think someone thinks my hockey stick signed by Hall of Famers Bobby Orr and Ray Borque is cool.


"An old..."

An old coin from the Roman Empire. I have NO IDEA how I got it. One day I found it in a pocket of my pajamas and that was that.


"First Edition..."

First Edition of Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," signed and sprinkled with Wild Turkey out of his glass, in my presence, Athens, GA, 'round about 1981.


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