People Describe The Historical Bad@sses They Never Learned About In School


School tends to keep history lessons pretty vanilla.

If you want to expand your knowledge past the vague paragraphs in textbooks, factual gems can be found all over the internet. Historical figures that are otherwise glossed over are easy to look up, and you can easily learn all of the dirty details about them.

Redditor u/sgtxsarge "Who are some bad***es in history that school didn't teach you about?" and people talked about the awesome historical figures that don't get enough attention.

20. This crazy Norse warrior

"Gotta go with the berzerker of Stamford Bridge. A giant Norse axeman who apparently slaughtered about 40 English soldiers and held up their entire army himself, and was only killed when one soldier snuck under the bridge and impaled him, presumably in the groin."


19. The truth about Magellan

"Lapu-Lapu. History books often cite Magellan's death with a passing sentence like 'died in southeast asia while circumnavigating the world' but Filipinos know he was killed in the Philippines by Lapu-Lapu in the Battle of Mactan.

When Magellan landed in the Philippines, he made a deal with a neighboring king, Humabon, that if Magellan took care of a rival chief on the other side of the island, Humabon would swear fealty to the the king of Spain. Magellan had no idea he was being used. Magellan initially offered not to attack Lapu-Lapu if he bowed to both Humabon and the King of Spain. Lapu-Lapu refused and Magellan marched over with his heavily armed and armored men and was thoroughly thrashed by hundreds of Filipino warriors with swords."


18. This Chinese female pirate

"Ching Shih

She was a Chinese pirate who led a massive fleet of somewhere between 20,000 to 40,000 men, and ruled over the South China Sea and had influence in all of China's territorial waters. Her fleet stood toe to toe with the likes of the British Empire, the Portuguese Empire, and The Qing dynasty."


17. Washington's slave

"William 'Billy' Lee...he was George Washington's attendant slave, and as such, he accompanied Washington just about everywhere. As a result, he not only became an accomplished horseman (due to Washington being a top level rider himself), but he was also in the midst of the fighting throughout the entire Revolutionary War (likely making him one of the first African Americans to be a part of that general, non-whites weren't allowed to participate directly until a ways into the war, IIRC). He was also the only slave of Washington's who was freed immediately when Washington died, and he was given the option of living at Mount Vernon for the rest of his life, which he did."


16. More details about President Roosevelt


"Teddy Roosevelt grew up with really, really, really horrible asthma. Just like me. He's one of my heroes"


15. A big time Russian Assassin 

"Yevno was a socialist Russian revolutionary assassin, who killed Russian ministers in an attempt to bring about a socialist revolution. He consistently pushed for Russian socialists to be more violent and engage in more extreme measures. Yevno became the leader of the Socialist Russian Combat Organization in 1904. He organized assassinations of the Russian minister of the interior in 1904, and the Tsar's Uncle in 1905."


14. This American Legend

"John Paul Jones

I feel like most people with recognize this name From Oversimplified videos, but if you don't;

He fought in the American revolution and raided a bunch of cities. He was an absolute legend and help the Americans a lot."


13. Myth or not, this is bad@ss

"Agnodice was a woman living in Athens. She became tired of seeing women dying in childbirth so she decided to be a doctor. Of course everyone told her no because she was a woman so she used mad acting skills to disguise herself as a man and enrolled in medical school. A few years later she finished studying and began working as a doctor for pregnant women."

"All the other doctors became antsy about this new doctor who was doing a better job than they were and accused Agnodice of sleeping with her patients. At the court Agnodice stood up on the stadium and dropped her tunic, probably saying something like 'I ain't ****ing your wives' The court was of course furious and was going to arrest her when all her previous patients WHOSE LIVES SHE SAVED busted into the court room demanding the charges be dropped. The court couldn't really contend with the angry mob and granted a new law so women could learn to become midwives."


12. Jesus's younger brother...?

"While the American civil war was going on China was dealing with it's own against Jesus's younger brother Hong Xiuquan. Guy has a crazy story and the conflict that he was part of was one of the bloodiest in history."


11. At least a film finally recognized them

"The African American women who helped get the U.S. into space. They did the math better than the IBM, but I was never taught anything about it."


10. A Native American war hero

"Joe Medicine Crow was the last Native American to completed all four tasks required to become a war chief: touching an enemy without killing him (counting coup), taking an enemy's weapon, leading a successful war party, and stealing an enemy's horse. He did this during WW2. He died about 4 years ago, age 102."


9. The inventor of hangul


"King Sejong of ancient Korea was so tired of the Chinese style-writing, so he said '**** this ****; and devised an entirely new form of writing that led to the modern Korean hangul. Not the bad*** you all were probably thinking of, but the man was a genius for this."


8. This tough Canadian

"Leo Major. Canadian hero who liberated and ENTIRE DUTCH CITY IN WW2 SINGLE HANDEDLY. Honestly Canadians seem all polite but as soon you in war with them, you dead."


7. This ignored whistleblower

"Capitan Witold Pilecki, a Polish cavalry officer who turned undertook an insane mission: to get himself arrested by the Germans and sent to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. He escaped too to tell the world of the horrors but no one really paid him much attention. This is just the gist of it but the guy had some other amazing achievements."


6. Imagine the punishment for doing this today?

"Tommy Fitzpatrick.

In 1956 he stole a small plane from New Jersey for a bet and then landed it perfectly on the narrow street in front of the bar he had been drinking at in Manhattan. Two years later, he did it again after someone didn't believe he had done it the first time.

What's also crazy is that the punishment for the first time ended up being only a $100 fine, since the charges were dropped by the owner of the plane, and the second resulted in only 6 months in jail."


5. The very successful Nellie Bly

"Nellie Bly - A female journalist who in 1887 pretended to be mentally unstable to be admitted into the Women's Lunatic Asylum in New York City. She stayed there 10 days and wrote an expose of the abuses and deplorable conditions there.

She also lived in Mexico for 6 months and wrote dispatches back the US. She later took a trip around the world that took 72 days, a world record at the time. She wrote about her travels in the New York World newspaper.

She also traveled abroad to cover World War I, was arrested mistakenly thought ot be a British Spy.

In addition, she has 2 patents in the US, one for a milk can and another for stacking garbage cans."


4. Look up "Matilda Effect"

"Matilda Gage she was a hardcore feminist who also fought for Native American Rights and was an abolitionist. She fought hard to get rights for everyone and was also really smart in fields like science and the Matilda effect is named after her which is the tendency to not give women credit for sciencetific invention."


3. He was runnin' with the Sons of Liberty and was lovin' it


"Hercules Mulligan. Sons of Liberty spy who made uniforms for British officers during their occupation of New York in the Revolution. The officers openly talked about British plans and strategies and Mulligan got that info to Washington. Twice, he saved Washington's life."


2. This British mad man

"Mad Jack Churchill. He was a WW2-era Brit that used bows & arrows and a medieval broadsword in battle against the nazis. He wasn't Scottish but he also wore a kilt into battle and played a bagpipe on more than one battlefield. Dude was king of the underappreciated bad******"

1. How is this not a movie yet?

"Yasuke, a former african slave who became the first foreign-born samurai in feudal Japan."


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