People Describe The Absolute Worst Co-Worker They've Ever Had

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We spend more time at work than at home... So when someone you work with gets on your nerves, it can really put a damper on your work week.

I once had a coworker that always felt the need to interrupt conversation to correct people, even when they had no clue about what was being talked about. They would tell you that grass is purple just to have something to say.

Redditor u/Collective1985 asked people about their worst co-workers and heard stories about the worst people to work with.

20. Don't lie about cancer

"I worked at a fast food restaurant and one of the mangers lied about having cancer and being pregnant to the whole staff about 30 people for months. We only knew she was lying because we each had a different story."


19. Tough boss...

"Not only did I work at Miramax, I also used to work for Roseanne."


18. Useless Eugene

"Had a coworker who legit would leave to go home mid way thru his shift, leave a lot of calls for me and other coworkers. I called him out on it on a teamwide email, he proceeded to tell me everyone thought I was a *******, I let him know that his next name was useless eugene (which it was). He then reported me to HR. I kindly pointed out that if they think they are going to come after me when he called me a ******* and all I did was call him useless then they had another thing coming. He ended up quiting a few months later, after they installed GPS on our company vehicles.


17. If you don't like kids, then don't be a teacher

"Fairly recent. I teach, and move from room to room for class. There's a teacher in one of my rooms before I get in it who's just the worst. He's always grumpy, he doesn't seem to like kids, and he always writes things on the board with a 'do not erase note'. Like dude, there are four other teachers that use this room. But the worst was when yelled at and threaten to write up one of MY students literally for 'closing the windows in HIS classroom'. Like seriously? You're a replacement for a teacher on maternity leave, chill out and leave my kids alone. Apparently he has a laundry list of complaints against him that my supervisor is dealing with."


16. How was she not arrested?

"Know im late to the party but she was a stealer. Like over $3,000 over a couple months. She memerized mangers codes and refund money onto her card. The fact that they only made her pay back what they could trace and not arrest her was mindblowing. She was also the kind of person who would hop on snapchat when her drawer was full and act like it was her money. You worked at Mcd's, no one believes you're 'making 6 figures every day.' There was some **** heads there but she pissed me off the longest."


15. No politics at work

"luckily this girl just left but she was the worst. always jumping in on other peoples conversations, even if they were on the phone. always talking about politics in the work place, always inserting herself in any and everyones business! so glad she's gone."


14. There's always a coworker who thinks they're the boss

"There's quite a few to choose from... I"m going to have to go with Bob who thought he was my boss."


13. Brad sounds rude

"Brad. I won't give his last name for confidentially. We worked night shift at a grocery store and all he did was complain the whole time, tell everyone he was better at their job then they were, and screw up his job while doing it fast. Outside of work he was worse. He lived next door to my friend's grandma and when it would snow he would blow the snow from his driveway onto her (70+ year old woman) driveway."


12. Some people don't care if you're nice

"Sam, he's the worst. I try and overdo the niceness, not because I want him to be friendly, but to try and make him see what an ******* he is."


11. A sleepy worker does no work

"I worked in a warehouse doing inventory and packing with a team of people and one of my coworkers there was always high. Not just smoking the holy green, but on Xanax and other pills. He would always be sleeping in the bathroom, at random desks, in his car, in the kitchen, you name it. We even once found he had made a small room inside the many"


10. This coworker was hard to get rid of

"Probably the guy I fired once for stealing. GM reversed my decision. Fired him again for walking out on the job. Again the GM reversed my decision. Oh, and he was facing prison time for nearly murdering his 15 month old niece for crying. I believe he's locked up now"


9. When management ignores problem employees

"He stole from people, would 'let himself in uninvited' to homes, groom and prey on teens (13-17), harassed a girl for years and pulled a knife out on her when she rejected him, and more. He didn't get the boot until years later because 'he was such a good worker'. The guy is in his mid to late 30s and still does this working not far from a middle school and his former workplace.

When any of the above happened, the higher ups would say 'he never acted like around me' and would ignore the situation."


8. This vet's work was doubled

"She was actually a very nice person, but she made my job so much more difficult. When I was a new graduate vet at my first job, there was another new vet working there as well... For months, she'd come find me for nearly literally every other consult to get me to examine her animal to 'make sure she didn't miss anything' or talk to her clients because she wasn't able to say things like 'no, this doesn't need antibiotics' to them. I as effectively doing two jobs half the time. "


7. I can't stand the term "rockstar employee"

"I work with a 'rockstar' employee. This means they're brilliant, but a nightmare to work with.

They frequently forget to attend meetings, work hours that piss off everyone else, they're a complete hypocrite when it comes to working standards, gossip about everyone else, piss off their coworkers by their constant (but mostly valid) complaining and can't follow the simple rules everyone else in the company has to follow."


6. The best revenge is success

"The 'subject-matter expert' who was supposed to be my mentor decided she was threatened by my existence and seized every opportunity to try to get me fired.

I didn't get fired. I worked extra hard to figure it all out on my own and eventually got promoted because of it. So **** you Janet."


5. Deodorant benefits everyone

"There was a guy I worked with who...while he was fine and good at his job...just didn't bathe. It filled the room.

I could tell when he entered the building from the next floor up.

Like do you tell a superior about washcloths and deodorant?"


4. A serial pooper

"In a building with 3 floors, he'd use alternate men's rooms each day, never flushing the toilet when he was done.

The guy thought it was hilarious to leave it there for all to see - including coworkers on other floors.

Even when he was called out on it, the guy persisted leaving his #2 in plain view and somehow feeling 'cocky' about it."


3. This coworker was just done

"During college when I worked food I had a co worker that absolutely could not handle customers coming in. I mean we'd open and wouldn't have anyone come in for an hour, as soon as someone walked in he'd throw a fit. He was there so long it just broke him I guess. Towards the end he took a chair and sat just outside the back door to the restaurant so he didn't have to be in the place. It was really sad and pathetic honestly."


2. It's great when your boss is on your side

"I had a co worker who literally would do nothing but tell my higher ups they needed to fire me, because I wasn't as organized in her way as she was...

Over the next several months, I had to record our interactions, because she would say I made some backhanded comments to her and left the front desk messy. My bosses always took my side though, because she'd had a reputation there before and only took her back on because they were desperate for staff."


1. You are what you eat...

"Had a guy who would only pack Mt. Dew and Marlboros for his lunch.

That's also how I'd describe his work ethic."


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