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Memories are beautiful yes, but there are also so many memories that haunt us. There are things we'll always see in our mind that will be seared into our psyche for eternity. That is why we have therapists. They help us unpack these moments where we face horror and fear. And these memories will always lurk. Let's all discuss.

Redditor u/Moist_mop wanted to know who was willing to share some life moments who have left them haunted by asking.... What is the scariest thing you have seen?

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It's unbelievably scarring to see someone dead. Not like someone lying in a casket dead where you're already mentally aware that the person has passed. But coming up on someone who has died and you're not expecting it. My best friend passed in a motor cycle accident when I was 22. Went to the morgue to get details and confirm it was him. I was not ready for that. That image is burnt into my eyes. niranjan_ravikumar

Dear Dad....

I was 14 years old and getting ready for school one morning, nothing out of the usual. Whenever I went downstairs to my kitchen, I found my dad slumped on the kitchen floor. I yell, he doesn't respond, I start shaking him for a minute and still nothing. I go to get my mom, she comes out and also yells. As she was preparing to call 911, he finally gets up.

Luckily for us, he had recently started a new medication that made him extremely tired. Apparently he fell asleep while making coffee. He is still with us to this day, but that memory always scares me. StayGoldBronyBoy


The inside of a green sedan car when a guy tried to kidnap me when I was 18. He had the door opened and tried to push me inside several times, I remember thinking "if he gets me inside I'm dead" so I put the heel of my shoe at the bottom of the door, one hand on the roof and pushed against the car with all my strength while crying. I bit, scratch and hit but I'm thin and he was a muscular young guy. So the inside of that car is the scariest thing ever. limrtyam

From NY to FL.....

This winter I was driving a trailer with two horses from NY to FL. The day before it had just snowed about 8 inches or so. On the highway there was a massive big rig in front of me and I see this huge slab of ice fly off the top of the trailer.

It was this enormous piece, looked at least 5ft by 5ft and a few inches thick of just solid ice. The way it flew off the top of the trailer, it caught some wind underneath and went up even higher. I immediately knew that this piece was going to come down directly onto my windshield.

The highway was full of cars so swerving to avoid the ice wasn't an option and being that I was carrying horses and pulling a trailer, a sudden movement would risk me losing control. I sat there staring at this huge piece of ice, knowing in a few seconds it would come crashing down onto my windshield. I just hoped for the best and hoped it wouldn't smash through it.

My brother was sleeping in the back and when it hit, it made one of the loudest noises I've ever heard, immediately waking him up! Luckily it didn't shatter the windshield, it did however rip off the side mirror on the left side of the car. It was very scary and I consider myself very lucky that it didn't end up way worse. Racing_in_the_street


Maybe 8 or 9 years ago I went on a late-night bike ride to Niagara Falls, from my house in the neighboring town. It was kind of spooky fun going there at 1 AM with no one around, but that's not the scary part.

Heading home around 2 AM, I had to pass underneath the bridge leading back to Grand Island, where I lived at the time.

Just on the other side of the dark underpass were three naked dudes throwing a rope up in a tree. One had a torch, like an honest-to-goodness Indiana Jones torch. They all just kind of looked at me as I rolled past. I noped out pretty fast.

To get home, I had to sort of loop around from the bike path and double back to get onto the bridge. As I was climbing up the bridge, I chanced a look down on the scene I'd just passed. All three guys were just staring silently up at me. It was another big NOPE. kuluka_man

Bedroom Tales....


It's 3:00AM. My bedroom door is half open and my fiancee is asleep next to me. I see a shadow of someone walking in the hallway. Then I see the person walking through the door. I am literally about to poop my pants... then the "person" walks into my bedroom. It was an old birthday balloon that had floated to the ceiling a few weeks ago. The helium had leaked just enough to cause it to float 6 feet above the ground and hover silently into our room. My heart is racing just telling this story. RollerDerby88

Through the Hole...

I remember cleaning out our old garage and I leaned a broom precariously against something, it slipped and tapped the wall. For the next 10 minutes we saw a steady stream of termites coming out of a few small holes in the wall, they filled the air after a bit and we had to bolt out or start breathing them. Zumvault


I got mugged once, so I'd say my mugger. I remember his face very clearly. He stabbed me once on the side of my torso and I had to go to therapy for it. HistoricalFun4

The Flames...

Driving down the street approaching a freeway overpass and see a tanker crashing into the bridge and exploding on the overpass. I stop about 5' from the flames and can't backup because the traffic behind me. I jumped out and ran. 14to0

Redback Scary...

Was backpacking in Sydney, got a job helping renovate a guys house. Walking out of the garage one day and something like dust or plaster falls on the back of my neck. I swipe it off, it hits the floor and starts damn moving. First instinct is to crush it, which I'm glad I did. Was a redback spider, that had been on my NECK!!!! RandorLewsTherin


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