People Describe The One Cinematic Experience They'll Never Forget

I miss movie theaters. I miss the smell and sound of fresh, popping popcorn. And I miss watching a film on that massive celluloid screen, becoming witness to a new story being told. We all have those moments and those movies that took us places we never dreamed our hearts and minds could go. We hold them forever. The cinema is an irreplaceable experience, whether it's in a theatre or in your home, cinema houses magic. Now, if only all audiences would behave with the same respect. Some people really should stay home.

Redditor u/LeadershipDifficult wanted everyone to share about the times film magic has left a lifelong impression by asking.... What was an cinema experience you'll never forget?

Dine In

full house eating GIFGiphy

Two people behind me pulled big aluminum pans of spaghetti out of their purse and started eating it during the movie.


To the Park

My 5th grade teacher used to take small groups of us on after school trips, as a treat. I think we needed money for food, extras, but the main event was totally on her. My small group got to go see Jurassic Park.

From the scene with the water glass I'm the Jeep, all the way to the raptors in the kitchen, we were on the edge of our seats. It's still, 28 years later, one of my favorite memories and favorite movies.

Ms Salomon, wherever you are, you were an awesome teacher. Still mad my kids can't have you as a teacher.



I went to go see the cinema classic Snakes on a Plane when it first came out and there was a scene when some character said to a little girl "guess who's on this plane today?" To which someone in the audience just screamed "SNAKES!"

Had the whole theater dying lol.



penguins madagascar GIFGiphy

When the reclining seats in movie theaters first became a thing, I saw this family bring pillows and blankets into the theater. It was wild.


In a Far Away Galaxy

First off, I'm old. I saw the first original Star Wars at its premiere in a theatre in Toronto. When the Death Star got blown up, people stood up and screamed and cheered. In all my life since I've never seen that happen at a movie. (The ushers and other staff were wearing big buttons that said May the Force Be With You. I offered an usher $20 -- $88 in today's money -- for his, but he refused. Wish I had that button today.)


"Written and Directed by..."

My youngest is an aspiring filmmaker. When she was 16 she entered a short film in a local festival. I had seen a final cut on a laptop and honestly I was a little underwhelmed. I gave her a " oh honey that's great!" parent compliment. Fast forward to the actual screening, oh wow what a difference seeing it on a big screen.

When the credits hit it got the biggest applause of the night. I was in absolute tears. She's had other films since then but the experience of seeing her name after "Written and Directed by..." on the big screen for the first time is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.


No Way!!

I remember seeing Empire the first weekend it came out. My brother and I saved our paper route money and got into the first showing on Saturday afternoon. When Vader said he was Luke's father, the whole theater just gasped. The a guy a couple rows behind us said "no freakin way!"

Walking out of the theater was probably the best part. Seeing people in line for the next show, knowing what they were in for, knowing we couldn't spoil it for them.


Oh Heck Naw!

anakin GIFGiphy

Revenge of the Sith. Anakin gets the Vader mask lowered onto his face. It's the quietest I've ever heard (not heard?) a theater be. The first ragged breath of the ventilator sent goosebumps.

Another was Infinity War. When "I don't feel so good" and Spiderman dusted, someone yelled "oh hell naw, that's some bulls**t!"


Ask Mr. Nolan

Interstellar. Just thought it was an ambitious and incredible movie overall, the most striking part being when McConaughey's character leaves earth knowing his young daughter, flying for only a little while, then seeing the message of her as an adult. Time dilation can be a b**ch.



flying harry potter GIFGiphy

I saw a Harry Potter premier while on vacation with my family.

A couple of people were dressed up, but this one guy wore a bloated golden vest and a saggy white collared shirt. It was only when the guy dressed as Harry Potter started chasing him before the movie started did he realize he was the Snitch.



The first time going to see Lord of the Rings.


When I saw Fellowship in theaters, I was 10 years old. It absolutely blew me away. I distinctly remember the penultimate scene when Frodo is standing on the bank debating whether to continue on his own. When Gandalf's voice fades in, it all suddenly clicked and I saw how the score, the camerawork, all these different artistic efforts were being pieced together to make this thing that was shaking me to my core.

It started a lifelong love of filmmaking. I even used this experience in my application for a UCLA acting program. Lord of the Rings dramatically changed the direction of my life. Though I'm definitely not the first.


Live long and prosper 

It was 1994. First time in a theatre with THX surround sound. Star Trek Generations. First off, the Enterprise-B seen for the first time. Then the Ribbon. Kirk's death. Then the HD Enterprise-D. Data cussing.

Then the Saucer section crash. Oh, man the crash. Hearing some panel fall off to my right, while a panel blows to the back left, the deep rumble that made your innards quake as the ship slid along the planets surface mowing down everything in its path, trees snapping like toothpicks... It was an experience.




The entire theater practically cheering when Cap lifts Thor's hammer was pretty amazing.


They hinted at it earlier, but he stopped to not embarrass Thor.


I think even if someone didn't love the movie itself, gosh it was just such a cool experience to watch in theater

Mine was opening night and it blew up when the circles formed


Energy like no other 

Omg. I was there for an opening night screening and the atmosphere was just craaazy. That specific scene made people scream on the top of their lungs. I had chills running up and down my spine for a whole minute. It was crazy. I don't know why everyone was so excited but they were. The final battle sequence was just people losing their minds and the Captain America hammer scene was just people almost having a heart attack. The whole atmosphere of the theatre was so different. I work at the theatre so I'm there a lot. Never saw that much energy at the theatre before.


Hurt a rib

Watching the first Deadpool when a guy comes in with his really young kids. I don't know why but I try warning him that this movie ain't suitable for children. I told him there was violence and profanity. "I don't care about the violence or swearing". He and the kids make it through a good portion of the movie when the infamous International Women's day scene occurs. He grabbed both boys by their necks and runs out of the theater faster than Sonic the hedgehog. My initial reaction was to laugh so hard I kinda hurt a rib for the rest of the day



​I know it's cool to sh*t on this movie these days, but seeing Titanic for the first time was unforgettable. The actual shots of the sunken ship, the way it transitioned to the ship intact, the swelling of the music in that moment... it was all very moving. You could feel the chill of the last half of the movie down to your bones, especially once you exited the theater into a cold December night. The whole experience was incredibly powerful.


Absolutely this. I remember I was 14 and my mom dropped me off at the movies. No one wanted to go out that night so it was the first time I went to a movie alone. I sat next to these nice older ladies and my row started passing a box of kleenex around by the end of the movie. It was masterful.



A late-night showing of Cats where the entire audience was there ironically. Half the people were live-tweeting. There was a lot of heckling.



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