Some people seem like they're meant to grow old while keeping a full head of hair or a full set of teeth. Others are fortunate not to have certain diseases or ailments run in their families; still others are lucky not to wake up one day only to find their bodies have betrayed them, the victims of an autoimmune disorder perhaps that cuts down their overall quality of life. Our genetics can tell us a lot whether we like it or not.

After Redditor Umikaloo asked the online community, "In what ways did you lose the genetic lottery?" people aired their grievances.

"I have..."

i have six impacted wisdom teeth. kill me.


To which this person replied...

Hey, so did I! I got them removed and it was not fun.


"Have you ever told a woman that you're dating..."

I'm allergic to dogs. Highly allergic. And yes hairless dogs too. And cats.

Have you ever told a woman that you're dating that you can't have a dog? I might as well say my hobby is punching babies because it would probably go over better.

And I know what you're saying: Oh its not too bad. Repeat after me... if we get married you can never have a dog. Now how do you feel?


"My mom and both of my siblings..."

My teeth. I got pretty much everything from my mom but I got my dad's terrible teeth genes except somehow worse. My teeth are incredibly sensitive, and I can only eat on my right side bc it hurts too much on the left. Every dentist I go to just tries to give me more fluoride s*** that changes nothing. I haven't smiled with my teeth in a photo since like age 6.

I've used every brush, paste, fluoride, technique and schedule. Every 6 month checkup I have at LEAST 2 cavities. I think my record was 8? You'd think at some point my teeth would be 100% fillings and no more cavities but nope, I still get cavities. I look forward to the day when I win the lottery and can drop 20k on full veneer crowns.

My mom and both of my siblings have perfect straight white teeth


"I wanted to complain..."

I am quite hairy for a woman. I don't look like a man at all, but I definitely have more hair than an average woman, a few hairs even grow on my face and it's a pain in the ass. I wanted to complain but I rode some of your stories and I am definitely not allowed to. I'm quite pretty, I'm tall, I'm loved and I'm healthy from an healthy family.


"I'm the shortest in my family..."

I'm the shortest in my family- I'm 5ft 2in. My mom is 5ft 4in and my dad is 6ft. I got the genetic anxiety disorder that runs through my family too. So I got a double disappointment there.


"I have less hair..."

I'm a woman with alopecia universalis. I have less hair than a naked mole rat. And, you know, Asperger's and the cocktails of comorbidities that come with it.


"My family pretty much IS..."

My family pretty much IS the history of thyroid disorders and just yesterday I had to get a lipoma cut off the middle of my back. It's like center mass area, pretty close to the heart and next to the spine so I opted to be knocked out for it. Hurts today, but at least it's constructive pain and not just an annoying fat lump playing with my nerves anymore.


"Then there's me."

Ohhhh I could write a whole book on this.

My Dad is the high self esteem class clown type kid who's 6'2 with black hair. My mom is the sweet nurturing gets along with everyone and has super rich friends and has a Reddit account mother type with stunning blonde hair (well, back then it was blonde).

Then there's me. I somehow got brown hair because that makes sense genetically, while I inherited my mothers height (5'4) with my Dads body type so I'm this tiny stick figure who doesn't tower over people like my Dad does, and I'm completely social awkward unlike both my parents who seem to know everyone!


"I was born with feet so flat..."

I was born with feet so flat that I had scoliosis and developing arthritis in my knees hips and ankles by the time I was 16. Just had a complete reconstruction of my foot at age 17... screws,bone grafts, you name it. Gonna have to do the other foot soon and then I'll be able to live a normal life.


"My facial hair only grows in fully..."

I'm half Chinese and half white. My facial hair only grows in fully from my chin/jaw line down my neck. And then I grow just enough body hair on my back and shoulders that it doesn't look right unless I manscape it. It's a patch here and a patch there.


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