People Describe How The Popular Kid In School Became An Absolute Outcast


As a kid, there is a universal desire to fit in. The cliques that exist in school seem to be so coveted, and the popular kids just seem so flawless. So what happens when the popular kids fall from grace? These Redditors will tell you.

u/mad-magical-mess asked: What did the popular kid at your school do to go from cool to an absolute outcast?


He got a bad haircut, was teased for it and threw a temper tantrum. He literally stormed out in the middle of class. He lost his spot as king bully after that.


Middle school functions very much like a prison. The key to survival is to find the biggest guy in there, and diss his haircut.


Yeah, that won't work.


Semi popular, kinda "preppy" kid. Tried to kill his parents by pouring vodka around their bed at night and setting it on fire because they took his CDs away.


Tried is the key word here... liquor doesn't burn that well...


But like, why?

She was pretty and fairly popular and near the end of the school year told everyone she had cancer. We were approaching the end of grade 7 at the time. Eventually literally everyone knew: teachers, other parents, other grades, etc., and it kind of united everyone who weren't typically friends and that was kind of cool.

Until one day (maybe a week or two in) a pair of girl friends go to visit her at her parents house and they bring it up and discover it was a hoax. She pissed off a lot of people and lost all her friends after that. Gained new ones eventually, but what a goddamn weird thing to lie about.


Oh hell no.

Known party girl at my school was texting while driving, She hit and killed someone crossing the street. Her father was a Sgt in the Police Department.

She went to jail for 6 months and then had to do probation/community service. Not quite sure what happened after the fact she deleted everything tied to her. This was 2 days after High School Graduation.


At least there's a happy ending.


He got with me. For real. He was the most popular and I was the most unpopular. He was still always popular but less so after that. Now we've been together for 10.5 years and married for a little over 8.


Idk why more guys don't do this. Much more likely to go the distance with a girl that thinks you're out of her "league" so to speak. I saw so many dudes throughout high school try to be serious with popular thots and it almost always ended up the same way.

Cheating and other dramatic bullshit that didn't happen as much with the more unpopular ones. I think being considered lower status sometimes makes people more humble and empathetic.


So many Superbowl jokes can be made.....

There was a girl that was THE popular girl in school. She had all the friends and even put out an album; she was a total star locally. One day we were taking standardized tests and she runs out of the room and doesn't return.

When we left the class there was green diarrhea ALL over the floor just down the hall from the classroom. Poor girl didn't make it to the bathroom in time. She didn't return to school that school year and moved to another town/school completely after that.

She married a famous NFL player and is one of these Instagram people now so she bounced back from a sh*tty situation pretty well.


Super senior.


Graduated high school.

He turned into that 30 year old dude that still hasn't gotten over high school.


I remember a lot of high school teachers state "your high school years are the best years of your life." If this is true for you then I feel bad for you.


That's sad.

Crack. He and his couple friends started smoking crack senior year of high school. They got quarantined to themselves. Ran into one of them a couple weeks ago, he kept trying to get me back to their apartment to do meth.


Well at least he's off the crack!


He's a better person now.

Wholesome for once, I guess.

All popular kids in my school were complete d*ckheads that bullied others. This fella, King of the Hill, starts dating a girl from another school that was friends with one of the bullied kids. The kid told the girl what her boyfriend does in that school, so the girl threatened to break up with him if he didn't change his ways.

He stopped socializing with the "cool" folks and started getting bullied by them, and none of the other kids wanted to warm up to him. He was a loner at school but he made his gf happy and he was happy.


Sounds like a real winner.

3 popular girls got the whole softball team to gang up on me - because I had the best shifts at the local diner (I went to college my junior and senior year - so I could work the mornings and no weekends).

They were 18 and I was 17, so I brought them to court. Got restraining order on one girl (the other two apologized so I dropped everything and we're friends to this day). But that one girl wouldn't let it go and tried to say it was my fault I was beaten up.

Judge was furious with her and granted me the order. She definitely couldn't work the same shifts as me then, because she had to stay 500 feet away. It was awesome.

She ended up marrying my husband's twin brother (not awkward at all) - but it didn't last long. She still hangs around the school - coaching and what not. Never did anything with her life & her hair is still the tease frizzball it was back then.




Beat up some kid everyone thought was autistic, turns out he wasn't.

But yeah this random kid without a lot of friends ironically made a diss track on this one popular kid so the popular kid beat the sh*t out of him. Everyone still thought the kid that got beat up was autistic so the guy that beat him up got death threats and had to move out of the f*cking city.


Stay FAR away from this creep.

His girlfriend found out that he'd been taking upskirt shots of a bunch of girls when she was borrowing his laptop and let everyone know he was a major creep.

He literally went from the most popular and attractive guy at the school to someone no girl will y'all to. No girl will talk to any guy that talks to him.


What a despicable human being.

A few months ago this kid (who we'll call Steve) asked an 11 year old girl for nudes and then sent a dick pic to said girl (bear in mind this is when we were all 16-17 years old). Bad enough in itself right? Well when Steve was called out for this he lied and said he was going through a rough patch and that his dad has been diagnosed with cancer recently. He said this to someone who had lost their mum to cancer a few years earlier, and once they found out he was lying they naturally outcast him from their friendship groups. He went from a really popular guy with loads of friends to a nobody practically overnight. The worst part about this is the friends who stuck with him after finding out he was a paedo, like who does that?

Well last week it was his birthday and some people from school were wishing him happy birthday, so one of my friends (who we'll call Frank) posted on his story "if you're wishing Steve a happy birthday remember he asked a year 7 for nudes", which was reposted left, right and centre. So what does Steve do? He turns up to Frank's house with 2 other guys and tries to break in while Frank was in there with his single mum and 10 year old brother. Frank called his friends and his mum (a 4ft something woman) scared off Steve and his big mates by threatening to call the police.


This is all too true of a struggle.


Ah sh*t, I was too late to the party by 3 days, but here goes. Apologies in advance for being a terrible storyteller. This was pretty sad , so spoiler?

I am Southeast Asian and went to a super competitive high school where they really emphasize of preparing their students to do well in university, so all the subjects there were very hard, especially the science subjects (maths, physics, chemistry, biology). Think engineering level maths given to high school students.

It was a very competitive environment, with a lot of people competing seriously for a top 3 ranking at their own classes. I was just a nerd with average grades, but I was quite close with this popular female friend, Cindy (not real name).

In Year 10 Cindy was the top student of her class, and she was known to be kind, smart, and very diligent. She often organizes this group study sessions for midterms and whatnot. Her parents were the stereotypical Asian parents who don't take academic failure lightly. And as a result, she was very insecure about this and does her absolute best to get the best grades she could. So, she took private tutoring from a maths teacher in the same school but teaches a different grade (he teaches only year 10 students iirc)

When we were in Year 11, our maths teacher was this super smart guy who likes to give extremely hard questions just for the sake of it. A lot of students were unable to keep up with his level of difficulty, and Cindy was doing pretty well in his class, while I just barely got through. Midterms came around, and the maths one was ridiculously difficult, way harder than his usual exams and the practice midterm problems he gave us. As a result, almost everyone got a score below the passing grade, and unfortunately this includes Cindy. She was devastated. I reckon her parents gave her a serious grilling, because she cried when we got her results back, and was quite depressed the weeks after that.

Fast forward a few months, and finals is approaching. Our maths teacher will undoubtedly do the same thing again, so I mentally prepared for a terrible grade on top of actual study. Cindy was attending her private tutoring almost everyday, mostly because she clearly wants to avoid getting the same grade as the midterms. And to no one's suprise, our teacher did the same thing as the last time - giving us inhumanely difficult problems. I did the best I could and got a decent score (around 70%), but Cindy got an amazing score of 94%. Being her close friend, I congratulated her for her hard work paying off.

Unfortunately, people got suspicious of this result, even the maths teacher himself. The teacher said he purposely made the finals so difficult so that no one can get more than ~80%. He said he will investigate, and will punish any unfair behaviour if there are any. Long story short, the IT technicians of my high school didn't secure the teacher's file directories so that all the files their save in the school computer can be viewed by anyone. And this includes the problem sets for final exams. Apparently Cindy's private tutor copied the file of that semester's math finals and gave it to her. Once this was found out, Cindy basically became a social outcast. No one wanted to talk to her anymore, only her bf and a few friends stuck around with her (myself included). A lot of people (particularly the smart kids) were REALLY mad at her because they feel cheated, and I can see where they're coming from considering how competitive the environment is. This continued on until we graduate, and Cindy is doing great in university now.

It's just really sad to see someone get pushed to the limit and forced to do something like this because of their insecurity, especially in traditional Asian families. What do you lads think?


This is really sad.

Came out as gay.

Wasn't really best friends with the guy, but knew him through my friends that were in the drama club with him, had seen him a few times at parties and knew his ex-girlfriend pretty well, but he was definitely the most popular kid.

He broke up with his girlfriend about two, three months before this all happened. They stayed friends and I think she knew he was gay, he must've told her or realised.

He came out to a few close friends during lunch, people overheard and soon everybody knew. This was however at the strictest, most conservative school in the country, and he lost most of his friends when they heard, and even more after they started to get shit for hanging out with him. Teachers tried to ignore him, didn't call his name, didn't check his homework, didn't answer e-mails, et cetera.

He did have a handful of friends left, but he soon quit drama club as they too were homophobic, and lived his senior year in almost complete isolation. People like actually ducked out of the way passing him in the halls, scared to get, IDK, infected or something.

He completely closed off during that last year, didn't have any friends, always had in earbuds or headphones, always wore dark, unnoticeable clothing and never saw him during lunch. I didn't see him open his mouth that whole year. Nobody tried to be friends with him and he didn't try to be friends with anybody in return.

I did look him up recently and saw he has a boyfriend, so I hope he's happy.




Semi popular, but she said the n word. People started bullying her and my best friend at first didn't actually know what she said and stood up for her until my other best friend said she said the n word. My best friend stopped liking her so quick.


How horrible.

Lied about his mom dying. He wasn't the biggest cat, but after that, he never will be.



Posted naked pictures of her smoking weed. Lost most of her friends and eventually transferred schools.


Not the math book!


The popular kids at my middle school were total d*cks, mean to me and the rest of the nerds, took my book of math problems and when I tried to get it back, he punched me in the gut. I kicked the sh*t out of him. After that no one talked to him.


How yikesy.

There was this kid with a bad type of cancer and this popular kid bullied him for it and sh*t. He fell like my grades. It was truly a steep fall.


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