People Debate What Would Be On TV In Hell
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Even those of us who lived through it might forget how terrible it was to have our shows decided by someone else, thousands of miles away. When you had to sit, and wait, for the show that was on to end so you could finally watch the one you want.

I think Hell might be like that.

These people, on the other hand, had a much more sinister idea for what everyone is forced to watch down below.

Reddit user, CharmingWitty, wanted to know what you're forced to watch every day in the afterlife of misery when they asked:

"You’re in Hell. What’s on TV?"

Why do advertisers think they're commercials are good? They're not. We tolerate them. We don't actively enjoy them.

So imagine watching the worst of the worst when you're downstairs.

I Will Remember You

"That commercial with Sarah McLaughlin music and the neglected and abused and abandoned animals."


Buy. Our. Stuff.

"Commercials and nothing else"


"So the shopping channel? lol"


"Selling only one thing - possibly slapchop. As a plus there's slap chop billboards everywhere, just in case you get the bright idea of switching the TV off and going for a walk."


Holy Forking Shirtballs

"The Kars 4 Kids commercial on a constant loop."


"That's the theme song for The Bad Place!"


It's not hard to imagine what's on television in hell because as it turns out, a lot of that stuff is already on as we speak.

All The Good Stuff Is Taken Out

"Whatever it is, it’s the edited for TV version."


"Yippie Kay yay, mister falcon."


“Im sick of these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane” - Samuel L Jackson brought to you by TNT.


The Internet Was A Mistake

"Staged tik tok videos"


"...that say wait till the end."


"All of them have the oh no song"


How Does This Work With Them Supposedly Being On Opposite Sides?

"TV preachers."


"Wouldn’t they be doing live shows in hell?"



"Politics fighting over not important shit and avoiding serious matters"


"Hey look, we’re already in hell."


It is Hell, after all. Maybe the Devil will get a little creative with your punishment.

Up Next...

"America’s funniest home videos, except all the videos are all the times you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of people and it’s hosted by Andrew Dice Clay so none of it is funny"


*copy, paste, apply to any sitcom

"Big bang theory, but whenever someone talks it's just their shitty laughing tracks"


"Or worse. The laugh track is removed leaving long eerie silences after bad jokes"


Just Nothing Happening. For Forever.

"A tv show about a guy trying to connect to the internet through a dial-up modem, but the connection never happens and you just constantly hear the dial-up tones and noises. Probably has a really sh-tty, but catchy tune as well that gets stuck in your head as Satan takes you to the fire pits"


Wait, THEY Got To Go?

"Endless keeping up with the Kardashians."


"Special hell edition: Shows about the Kardashians' life in heaven."


Let's all try to be a little nicer to one another. How about that?

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