Sleeping is one of life's greatest gifts. And there is no one specific way to sleep perfectly. Some people do sleep in the strangest ways but hey, whatever gets you that good R.E.M is what you need to do. One of the most popular ways for getting a sound sleep -especially when you're not sleeping alone- is to sleep in the nude. That feeling of flesh cradled in fresh sheets is one of the greatest feelings in the world, however, for some it's just uncomfortable and strange. Everybody has an opinion.

Redditor u/bill1211 wanted see hear what everyone's thoughts were on a very vital debate.... What's your opinion on sleeping naked?

So fresh... so cool


Sleeping naked after an invigorating bath and fresh sheets: Heaven. Sleeping naked cause it's too hot and your bed is soaked in sweat: seventh circle of hell. McStaken

Hot shower, toweling off then crawling in my satin sheets. Feels so good. Umbrella_merc

Yep, sleeping in the nude with freshly cleaned sheets is one of the greatest feelings after a long, hard day. However, sleeping nude with a partner who's external body temperature rivals that of a thousand suns is a nightmare. Fact-or-Fiction

Never mind snakes on a plane... oof... 

I don't like wearing a shirt to bed, but I prefer to have my genitals covered. I saw a horror movie when young in which a snake slithers up a woman's vagina while she's sleeping, and even though I know that would never happen, I ain't about to take the risk.

Sorry, I don't know the movie's name. I've tried to search for it to no avail. I watched it in the 90s, but it could have been from the 70s, 80s, or 90s. It was pretty obscure, not a big hit or anything. I'm not sure how we even found it. I just remember the scene of a woman with long, dark (black?) hair, laying in a white bed sleeping and a black snake going under the sheets and implied it went up her hoo-ha. Maybe part of it took place in Mexico or south or central America. That's all I remember. hihelloneighboroonie

Oh my...

Fine for other people, not for me. Last thing I need is to be picked up by the law again for jogging naked. Not much of a story. I sleep walk, and used to sleep in the nude. One night a cop buddy found me jogging naked down the road during one of my episodes. bad_luck_dragon

How is that not much of a story? That's the best kind of story! x_Saturn

Spread Eagle....

My parents didn't knock and my door had no lock. But now I'm in college with a bolt-lock separating my room from the living-room and my roommates' rooms. So it's nice. Dickcheese_McDoogles

I've lived by this rule for a few years now. Only once was I awake when someone came in and honesty I couldn't have cared less. Im sure they were more uncomfortable seeing my naked mess just hanging out spread eagle half asleep, than I was knowing what they were witnessing. davoisbad

Do you feel the shake?


Not the best choice in a country where earthquakes are common. legenj

I don't get it. Do earthquakes seek out naked people? paulthenarwhal

I think they mean like if they have to evacuate the house quickly, they would at least have clothes on when outside. Timotho73


72 years old and have slept naked almost all my life. I hope the nursing home I end up in will understand. lol Florence_Eichorn

Florence is a legend! Dickcheese_McDoogles

I'm sure they've had plenty of stranger things happen than Florence here wanting to sleep in the nude. Isn't sexual activity among nursing homes at a pretty high rate? to_the_tenth_power

All the bits and parts....

Don't like it because briefs hold my d**k and testicles in place, if i go commando they hang and get squished. dnieto2003

Lady here- same thing with the bazoombas. Shirts keep me from pinching them. Strawberry1217

Scrolled pretty far to find this. When I was a young man it was fine, boxer shorts, sleep naked, whatever. Now, there needs to be a nice cup to hold the jewels in place and a layer of fabric between testicles and thigh else I go crazy. I've actually woke up with sore testicles from sleeping in shorts with no briefs. Them things start flopping at a certain age. superMAGAfragilistic

Feel the Sun.... 

Sleeping naked in clean sheets freshly dried in the sun - best feeling ever. BeNice2244

Ever had your hands in muddy water, dried and then rub them together? That awful chalk on blackboard feeling on your hands, especially if you wipe them against any kind of cloth. That's what my entire body feels like if I just dry myself in the sun after taking a shower or bathing etc. Have to pretty much use moisturizing lotion like I'm marinating myself for a barbecue. Thorm_Haugr

Silly boobs...

I hate it. My breasts just go everywhere which is super uncomfortable. I need at least a tank top to keep stuff situated. Shannyishere

Exactly what I came here to say. I find it so uncomfortable. Though even with a tank top, I'll wake up with like one boob just out doing its own thing, so I do prefer at least a tee. And also, I am just so much more comfortable all cuddled up in soft clothes. I never got the appeal of sleeping naked. monachopsiss

Clothes ain't Saving you! 


I love sleeping naked. My fiancè has major aversions to it because "what if someone breaks into the house?" I don't understand that logic. Are pajamas superior for home defense? Personally, if I'm breaking into someone's house and a stark naked ginger man came running at me down a dark hallway I'd probably have a heart attack right there. PhoenixTwonkie

Those are my thoughts too, if someone comes into my house they are either going to kill me or be beaten up by a chubby naked guy with a bat. Reddit


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