People Describe Their Creepiest 'Glitch In The Matrix' Experience


Well that was something I never want to see again....

I hate life glitches; they freak me out. I've legit had moments when I space out and then come back and I'm stunned that I'm awake... and driving. One of the worst things is when items go missing and you know you put them in a certain place. Then after an hour of searching, you discover the missing items, exactly where you left them. Is it ghosts? Is it the Universe? Or is my mind detaching? Possibly all of the above.

Redditor u/CosmicLlama9908 wanted to hear about the times we've been spooked by those moments that seemed like déjà vu by asking.... What was your creepiest 'glitch in the matrix' experience?


travel style GIF Giphy

While traveling I randomly met the same guy in Paris, Seoul and Toronto. Neither of us travel frequently, I don't even want to try calculating the odds for this.


No U wish! 

This one isn't creepy but it did make me question everything for awhile. I like to leave early for work just because you never know how traffic is. I got to see all the cars that would leave around the same time every day. It's weird to say but in my mind if I saw these cars then I knew I was on time for work. I got used to always seeing a really nice Maserati and a Lexus with a vanity plate that said uwish on it. And I figured since I'm driving towards a office park they work in the same area.

One morning I was really really late like 2 hrs late. Im driving to work and I see these two cars also driving like if it was a normal morning. Again not creepy but what are the astronomical chances that these people where also as late as I was. I know it's so odd but it made me question everything and then the next morning I saw these cars on my commute like nothing ever happened.


The Sleepover....

When I was 17 I was sleeping over at a friend's house. I had to work the next morning and had to get up at 7am to go to work. So we go to bed, I set an alarm for 7 and go to sleep. The next morning my alarm goes off. I sit up, it's light out, I see my friend asleep with her girlfriend in their bed (I was on a mattress on the floor). I started to get up but decided to go back to sleep for 15 minutes, so I set my alarm for 7:15 and lay back down.

What seems like hours later I jerk up because I thought I had slept through my alarm. I grab my phone and it says 3 am. I look around, it's still dark out. At this point I'm like what the heck? I get up and wake up my friend and ask her what time it is and she checks her phone and tells me 3 am. I thought I had just had a super vivid dream, but when I checked my phone, the alarm had been changed to 7:15.

Still have no idea what happened.


While I'm Dreaming....

When I was younger I had a dream I had visited my friend. In the dream we went skateboarding to another boy's house who was his friend, someone I had never met before. He went into this house to get his friend to come outside and I waited on the front porch. The dream went on and nothing significant happened.

A few weeks later in real life I went skateboarding with my friend. He suggested going to grab his friend to come with us. I agreed thinking nothing of it. We arrived at his house and since I didn't know the kid I offered to wait outside while he went inside to grab him. I turned and looked out from the front porch and was hit with this realization that I had dreamt this exact moment weeks earlier.

The weather was the same, the house was the same down to every detail, the front yard. Everything was just as I had dreamt it weeks earlier. I could not have possibly known this kid or had been to his house before, I had never met him before. This experience stuck with me and still does. It was extremely eerie to say the least.


Through my Hands....

My sisters and I were at my dad's house last year, and we were making cookies for my nieces. My oldest sister just got done using the rolling pin right as I was turning around to wash my hands, so my back was to her.

All of a sudden I absolutely just knew she was going to put the pin on the counter and it was going to roll off and break her foot. Keep in mind it was still in her hand when I turned so I didn't actually see her put it down.

She had literally just finished rolling some cookie dough and the pin hadn't even lifted up from the final roll, so it wasn't like I saw where she was going to place it or anything. But it was deja vu on a whole other level.

I spun around without even really thinking about it, dove forward, and reached out with my left hand (I'm right handed ftr) and caught that goddamn rolling pin midair about halfway between the counter and floor like I'd practiced it a million times. It was so freaking smooth and there's no way I could do it again with my left hand if I trained for a week.

Everyone made comments about how great my reflexes are (spoiler: they are not. I'm 6'4 and 275. I'm not grossly overweight or anything but I also ain't that graceful or smooth). I didn't mention the insane deja vu-bordering-on-prescience thing and everyone forgot about it an hour later. But it was the craziest damn feeling like not only had it happened before but this time I could see what was going to happen and change the outcome. It definitely stuck with me as one of the crazier things I've experienced even if it doesn't sound like much.


True Colors...

When I was maybe 7 or 8 I was at my aunt's house. All of a sudden the carpet in her living room was a dark green color. It had always been a light, baby blue color but not anymore!

It wasn't even a blink and it's gone kind of thing. I remember purposely blinking and even rubbing my eyes to make it go back to normal. Eventually it did. Anyway hands down the weirdest thing to ever happen to me.


Petals from Beyond...

red the nightmare before christmas GIF Giphy

I used to work as a night operator at a hospital switchboard.

Almost every night I would get calls from a patient in a room in the involuntary psychiatric ward where patients aren't supposed to have phones. It was an elderly lady who asked every single time to be connected to a flower shop in town. If I transferred her call that would be the end of it for a few days. If I didn't and said we weren't allowed to transfer the call, she would always call back 1-2 hours later asking to be connected to the flower shop.

Either way, the calls kept happening.

Eventually I rang the manager at the psychiatric ward, explained what was happening, and asked him to please make sure the phone was disconnected in the room. He said without any joking around that the ward was haunted, there were no phones in the rooms, and that room had no patients in it.

So the next time she called, I googled the flower shop. It had been closed for YEARS. I explained this to the old woman, she politely thanked me, then hung up. And she called back an hour later, asking to be connected to the closed flower shop. It was always the same script.

I accepted part of the job to be connecting the netherworld to the flower world and went on with my life.


Sensory Overload....

Spidey senses!

Once I was working in a store, I was alone in a cooler with the door closed. The room was over filled with boxes stacked too high and on square rollers at the bottom. But this was normal in there. After 10 minutes of working on my knees with my neck to the room I get this intense feeling of being watched, and approached, snuck up from behind and I even saw a flash of tiger stripes.

My instincts were telling me a tiger was jumping down from a tree right above me. I start driving to my right and turning to look, a huge stack of boxes was toppling over right on me. I managed a diving roll out the way and these boxes made such a noise landing people came in to check.

It must have been my peripheral vision mixed with lizard brain survival instinct. Always listen to instinct.


How Grim....

grim reaper death GIF Giphy

I was hung over every day for a few years when I had a dream that I was wide awake and the grim reaper walked in and told me if I didn't stop I'd die.

Had one beer the next day and headed to Alcoholics Anonymous. Turns out I have a genetic disorder that depletes the same vitamin alcohol does and got really sick from it years later. I could have ended up a lot sicker I'm guessing if I didn't stop drinking at 20 years old.


Talked me out of it....

I've told this before so I'll shorten the story. Was suicidal. Went to go through with it drowning myself in the Mississippi. Girl came out of nowhere and started talking to me. Invited me to jack in box. Talked me out of it. After said and done. No sign of her ever even existing. The people working at the restaurant said i was by myself when i asked them. Can't find her on Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Anywhere. I guess not so much creepy but it's certainly the strangest most unexplainable one.


the backgrounds....

Used to drive on back roads to get to work. There was one part in particular where there was a middle lane to turn left. Usually, I never encountered people on this road at all, but one day I started seeing one other car in front of me every morning. It was never the same car, but it'd always just be one single car and no one else in sight.

The weird part was that whenever I'd get to the part with the left turning lane in the middle, whichever car was in front of me would never get into the lane untilIturned my turn signal on. They'd never use their own signal, they'd literally just change lanes as soon as I used my signal. After noticing this for several days, I thought it just has to be a coincidence, so I decided to test it. Next day, I did it way earlier than I normally would, same thing.

The day after I did it a little later than I normally would, same thing. The third day, I decided to do one final test: I waited until the very last second to use my signal and take the turn, bypassing the turning lane altogether. The front of the car in front of me was literally past the turn, but as soon as I hit my signal, they slammed on their brakes in the middle of the road and took the turn, having to almost do a u-turn to make it.

I didn't do anything further after that, just merely decided it was "one of those things". Eventually I only started having someone in front of me about half the time in the morning. But every single time at that spot until I literally got a new job and stopped driving that way, if there was someone in front of me on the way, I could guarantee they'd move into the lane the moment I use my signal.



ahhhh GIF Giphy

When I was little around 4-5 my mom worked nightshift at a nursing home and sometimes I'd go with her. I'd go see my favorite residents and say hi and talk. Well according to my mom I went in to see one of my regulars but instead of talking I just kept saying goodbye to him. He passed later that day.


When Locking Eyes....

I went to England to visit family when I turned 18, my first time back in 15 years (I was born there and raised in the US). One day while I was there I decided to go venture out on my own, and I took a trip to the shops by the ferry docks. After walking around for a bit I took the ferry across the water to see the town my dad had grown up in, and again after walking for a bit I decided to head back. At this point I should mention that I was wearing black doc martens, black skinny jeans, a black long sleeve, a black knitted beanie with a poof on top, and a grey and black flannel and had short bleached blonde hair and really intense makeup on.

So I got on the ferry, sat down, and put my ear buds in. Towards the end of the ride I looked up from my phone and saw a girl sitting across from me of the same age wearing brown doc martens, light denim skinny jeans, a white long sleeve, a colorful flannel, and a purple knitted beanie with a poof on top. She didn't have on any makeup and her hair was my natural red color. The weirdest thing though was that we looked exactly alike, same face/height/build, and she noticed it as well.

We locked eyes and looked each other up and down and then just stared at each other in silence for the remainder of the ride. As soon as the ferry stopped we both stood up and she disappeared into the crowd of people. I tried to follow her and looked for her throughout the crowd and when I got off the ferry I looked in every direction which she could have gone but she had just vanished. I have theories on what this could have been but I'll never really be sure.


"when did you get back"

A few months ago I went to a trip in another city for a day. I was with two if my friends. We left on Saturday night and got back on sunday around 8pm. They left me to my car and I went straight home. When I got home I went to say hello to my dad and stepmom. Then they go asking me "when did you get back" ... I, confused, said I literally just got back.

My dad was like "come on we saw you in your car earlier today! You were wearing your white coat and you even said hello!"

My dad and stepmom went to a walk in our neighborhood earlier that afternoon. They saw a girl, who looks exactly just like me, has the same coat i have, driving the exact same car as me. And the girl waved to my parents with a big smile on when she saw them.

(As I would've done) They were convinced it was me. My own dad! But I was 500 km away at that moment!

What are the freaking odds. I think i was at two places at the same time, without knowing it. Still freaking me out. Btw, pardon my english. Not my native language.


Static Voices

Animation Sky GIF by Daniel Skye Giphy

A month ago I bought a new TV. The next day I was working at home with the TV on the 40 channel, that's a news channel in Mexico, The tv lost the signal about 10 minutes but I didn't take importance. When it recovered the signal I heard a woman say "Are you still watching?" a soon as she finished the sentence the TV lost the signal again. Maybe a coincidence, but was too weird.


The Twin....

I was in 2nd grade and my family was taking a road trip. We were packing the car and going in and out of the house. as my older brother was packing his ipod he found an identical one next to it. it was obviously used and we only owned one. it's very unlikely that someone was inside the house because my entire family were going in and out and nothing else was moved. we just ended up with a free ipod, we still have it too!



In junior high my brother and I went to a big empty field to hit golf balls. We were the only ones there. We'd take turns - one of us would hit 20-30 balls with a pitching wedge (70-yards or so) and then we'd go collect them and switch.

Any at one point I was hitting and talking to my brother who was facing me, about 3 feet away. I noticed that the ball I was about to hit had a really hokey name ("Pinseeker") as opposed to the typical Titleist, Top-Flite, etc. and I even made a joke about the name.

Then I hit the ball and it went about 70 yards and took a hop or two. Then we started talking again and WHAM! A ball landed right between us!

We both jumped back and looked around but there was no one anywhere. We got the ball from where it ended up behind us and it was the "Pinseeker" I had just hit! We went out and got the rest of the balls and the Pinseeker wasn't there. We were so creeped out we left and went home.

Soooo..... somehow that ball either went through a wormhole or went backwards in time, because it landed EXACTLY at the spot between us from where I had hit it. I presume if we had been looking out in the field (instead of facing each other and talking) we might have seen it literally reverse it's flight and shoot up in the air and back toward us.

Anyway - to this day (40 years later) we refer to it as "The Golf Ball Incident."


Up for Air....

So there I was at 8 years old in a swimming pool drowning my dumb butt off.

I was really weak cuz I had been swimming the whole day and decided to sink to the bottom of the deep end. When I tried to swim back up I just couldn't make it to the surface. So I'm like half freaking out and half well damn guess I'll die. When I reach my breaking point and gasp in a bunch of... air? I'm sitting at the bottom of a pool and i'm breathing like it's no problem.

I ended up swimming all the way back to the shallow end of the pool and climbing out that way then collapsed and started choking and puking up a bunch of water.

I'm pretty sure my brain just broke and I was breathing water but I thought it was air and I somehow didn't die and made it all the way along the length of the pool and out before I noticed what was happening. It's the only explanation that makes any sense to me.


Side Eye....

upset oprah winfrey GIF Giphy

I was on the bus and a very pretty woman sat next to me. When she got off the bus, I watched Her go away. An other woman who looked EXACTLY like Her was crossing the street. I thought that they were twins, meeting at that corner. But they just ignored each other and went different ways without even looking.

Still troubles me.



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