Every now and then, we have a life experience that's just out of this world. The kind of experience that makes you think "wow, how am I gonna begin to tell people about this?" Truth is, sometimes you just can't, and these Redditors will tell you why.

u/Throwaway42042069666 asked: What about yourself do you NOT talk about because people would just assume you're lying?

That's incredibly creepy.

"The fact that when I was a child, a man came into my bedroom through my window. I mistook him for my grandpa in the dark and I got excited and started talking rather loudly and after shushing me didn't work, he quickly exited back through the window. When I got older it hit me how creepy this was and I know now that it definitely was not my grandpa."


Yeah, sure she did.


"When I was in middle school my girlfriend really did go to another school."


"In Canada?"



"My oldest known ancestor in our family tree was a guy in the early 1400s named Sicko Homan."

"It sounds like a joke, but it's not. I think it's hilarious, but people generally don't believe me unless I show them our lineage book."


Fair logic.

"My uncle worked for Nintendo."

"He was an office worker who wasn't involved in anyway with the development of video games. It isn't worth mentioning."


"Anyone who knows how long Nintendo has been around and what all they have done would have no problem believing you."

"Even after they switch from playing cards to video games, they still need accountants, secretaries, sales reps, etc... I believe you. SOMEONE'S uncle has to work there, who am I to say it's not yours?"


Didn't know that was a thing.


"I started growing an extra thumb and doctors removed it."


"You think you know a few things about reality and then you learn that people can just grow extra thumbs"


That's a tough thing to deal with.

"I witnessed the plane crashes on 9/11. It's not that unreasonable, NYC is full of people, presumably quite a few of them were watching the skyline at the time. But I've found that every time the event comes up, there's no organic way to say 'yeah, I watched it happen out of my classroom window. Not just the smoke, but the planes hitting.'"

"Honestly, it's easier to not even bring it up, it feels like some sort of dark one-upsmanship whenever I do."


Former Flat Earthers Explain What Finally Made Them Come Around | George Takei’s Oh Myyy


"I was diagnosed with autism as a child and was unable to read faces and understand metaphors until someone explained it to me. I learned a lot by reading books and watching movies, and also had many years of practice."

"No one would believe me now that my perfectly natural looking behaviour and empathy is actually the product of life long hard work."


The famous Nigerian price.


"I'm a guy who is part of a Nigerian royal household."


"Let me guess, you need my credit card details for something?"


No need to brag.

"I am close personal friends with several people who are very well connected in politics (in the country I live in)."

"When I hear other people talking about politics I sometimes want to chime in but I usually don't for fear that people either won't believe me, or they will think I'm trying to brag."


They probably don't know what to say.

"I rarely talk about the flood I experienced. Dozens of people died. I nearly died, and was so stupid trying to check on other people I am shocked I didn't. I walked across a bridge that would be absolute rubble a few hours later, and got way too deep in the water. I was up to my chest at some points, and if I'd been caught by a current I'd be dead. I saw the bodies of animals floating in the flood and human bodies lined up in bags at a park across from where we lived. I saw many people crying over lost loved ones all night, and couldn't sleep for days. No one I knew died, but everyone I knew lost someone."

"I used to tell this story but no one ever said anything. Same with my experiences nearly being shot. I just stopped talking about these experiences because no one cared that much, and many people act like I made these stories up."

I" know the symptoms of PTSD and I don't seem to have them. I just have some horrible experiences that I don't talk about because I don't think anyone believes me."


That's an interesting skill.


"I'm a super recogniser. For some reason people tend not to believe me. Why would I lie??"

"The police were looking for a drug dealer, we have a lot in our area, produced a book of mugshots. I successfully identified who they were looking for and could remember where I'd seen him."

"They routinely drop by now if they can't locate someone on the off-chance I've seen them somewhere. Make me a bit nervous tbh because I don't want the dealers to figure out I may be helping them. Moving soon though so, there's that."

"And no, I have no interest in being a cop. They keep suggesting it."



"I have managed to hit 200 on a IQ test. And averaged around 190. When I was young (13-15) and taking amphetamine. Had weekly hour long meetings with a psychiatrist and tests biweekly. One recurring section involved them saying a sequence of digits and asking me to repeat it forwards, backwards, or lowest to highest. I could go up to 30 digit sequences with very few errors."

"The 200 was hit after I had snuck out and smoked a joint with a friend during lunch."


This is not a drill.

"When I was in kindergarten, my school had a tornado "drill." (They said it was a drill so we wouldn't sh*t ourselves.) We all had to exit on one particular side of the school, but I didn't think much of it."

"Fast forward 10 years and I'm just now realizing it was because the left wing of our school had been torn up by the tornado. Fun."


That's totally valid.


"That my true intention on tinder was finding a relationship. I talked about this with some people and some guys seriously didn't believe me. I guess because I'm a dude I'm only allowed to use tinder for hookups."


Sounds like a sweet childhood.

"People assume I'm lying about having met Steve Irwin's father, having met Hugh Jackman's kids and basically my entire childhood while I was with my biological father. A lot of people have told me my past sounds unrealistic and that I'm making it up for attention"


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