People Confess Their Strangest Habit


I'm an odd duck. Want to know why?

We all have little quirks and oddities, nee, rarities, nee, unique aspects of ourselves that make us special. Well special or just flat out strange. Old habits are difficult to get rid of. Our memory can't help but keep circling back to what feels like a comfortable place. So when we hum, or whistle or air punch for no good reason, it's a sort of self soothe. But some of us may need to look into the root of a few behaviors. Just a thought.

Redditor u/PiggieMcGee wanted everyone to take a deep breath and spill some personal tea by asking.... What is a weird habit that you have?

On the Toilet.


I get completely naked to poop.


Same, when ever I have even one piece of clothing on I feel a sense of irritation as I'm trying to let it rip.


Sleep Well..

I like to put my hands on my genitals when i sleep.


That ain't weird that's the only way to sleep.


All Fours...

I run up the stairs on all 4s when I'm home alone. No I am not possessed.


I would only think you were possessed if you did it on all fours, feet first, back towards the ground.


At Least 40....

I require at least 40 min of pre-bullshitting and time wasting before I can get any schoolwork done.


I get to the library sit down with my coffee and computer ready to get some work done. Then proceed to watch an hour of YouTube continuously saying "after this video I'm gonna get sooo much work done."


Vibrate to the Rhythm...


Sometimes I blink to the rhythm of the music I'm listening to so I get weird looks sometimes.


I can make my eyes "vibrate" and I'm doing it to the rhythm of the music (with blinking)

PS: Try with Excision - Virus.



I make up a beat in my head and "click" my teeth together to the rhythm. I also count syllables.


I used to count syllables in words and sentences, trying to get find a sum that was 8, 16 or 32. Sometimes I'd modify the sentence or words to force it into one of those numbers. Would bug me if I couldn't get it exact, often keeping me up at night.

Stopped once I started taking medication for both anxiety and OCD, so it might have been one or both for me. For you, hopefully not. Doesn't seem like something that'll torment you if you didn't meet a goal you don't seem to have set.

Interesting to read about someone else counting syllables, though. My mother was the only other person I knew who did the same.


The Dentist. 

At some point I stopped rinsing my toothbrush after the initial toothpaste application.


Actually it's what dentists recommend. Rinsing it makes it nice, smooth and foamy, but without rinsing cleaning your teeth is more effective.


The Cheek Menu.

I bite the inside of my cheeks.


I chew the hell out of the inside of my mouth all the time too. Hopefully it has fewer drawbacks than biting one's fingers and spreading germs like an inconsiderate normie.



I check that doors are locked multiple times before going to bed even knowing I already did once.


Yep me too. I check everything multiple times before leaving the house too. Oven off? Hair iron? Lights? Even if I didn't have any of those things on? Gotta check the door handle three more times. OK now we can leave!


Note to Self.


I discuss and analyze things that I need to think about with myself, often asking myself a question, knowing full well I already have the answer to simulate a conversation where the other person is actually able to help. Put simply... I talk to myself.



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