People Confess Their Strange Habits


Everyone has habits, but some are definitely stranger than others.

Some people spend 10 minutes a day working toward a goal; some spend 10 minutes setting multiple alarms, only to turn them all off when the first one goes off and oversleep every day.

Reddit user LimitlessMediocrity asked:

"What is the strangest habit you have?"

Guess It's Not Just Me, Then

I type long Reddit replies that take several minutes, then I delete it without posting.


All the time. Write out a thoughtful, personal reflection on something. Consider it for a little while. Edit, clean it up. Looks nice.

Cancel post.


I do the same. At the end I'm thinking, "I don't want to have to reply to all the answers later. F*ck it." Delete.


"Pocket Macarena"

Before exiting anywhere I will gently slap my right pocket, with a falling of the arm across my leg, for my phone and the same on my left for my keys and wallet. I'll even sing a little tune that goes, "phone, keys, wallet" haha. Lost shit too often as a teenager; we all adapt in our ways.


I do something similar and I call it the pocket Macarena.


That Must Have Been Awkward

Whenever my mind wanders, I start counting stuff. Ceiling tiles at the dentist, panels of closets and cupboards, sofa cushions, swimming laps. I started trying to not do it when I noticed I counted the amount of thrusts during sex...


Doesn't Get Better With Time, Either

After I walk away from a conversation, I repeat the idiotic thing that I said in the conversation to my self. Over and over again, finding my self more stupid with every thought cycle.


I do this too, and then I can't sleep because the cringe factor seems to increase ten fold every time I think about it.


At Least It Amuses You

In a self-experiment to see if I could create a weird habit for myself back in high school (~14 years ago) I started purposefully making sure I killed my car blinker halfway through it's blink when I would change lanes. Just to give my tail light more of a flicker appearance upon its last blink. I still do it to this day and I doubt anybody notices because people do it accidentally all the time and I doubt random people have driven behind me enough times to catch on; which was what prompted me to see if I could get myself to do it on purpose all the time.

Pointless and very mildly mildly interesting, I know, but for some reason I get a strange, personal kick out of it when every once in awhile I realize I'm doing it without thinking.



Social Awkwardness For The Win

Making that goofy half smile/ tight lipped face whenever I pass a stranger and we make eye contact.


I immediately did this exact smile after reading your comment.


Every time I pass a stranger or someone I know, I hate having to say hi to them because I just feel so horribly awkward afterwards, for some reason. Maybe I'll just try a half smile.


This Seems Efficient

When I turn off the shower, I use my hands like wiper blades to squeegee off the water. According to my wife, there is a very specific pattern of what hand goes where and when. It's something I'm not capable of NOT doing; every time I think to myself "let's just get out of the shower and use a towel," I step out of the shower and squeegee myself off. Several times, though, I've been doing it in the communal shower in the gym, and some other dude is like "that is so efficient!"

[Edit: normally I squeegee myself inside the shower. Only when I think I'm not going to do it do I get out first and then find myself squeegeeing anyway. And yes, that makes a mess. Sorry for the ambiguity.]


I do this too!

My partner was really freaked by it the first time I did it, but I just explained to her, and then demonstrated:

"Look how much water comes out of my hair? Out of my beard? Off my body? See that big puddle, all those drops and stuff? They would have ended up on the towel, and the towel would be way more wet, making it more difficult and longer for me to actually dry myself off."


This is why I do it, in part cause it's efficient, and in part cause I loathe a wet towel. Damp towel is fine. Wet towel is horrible. It started back when I was a kid and had very long hair. If I dried my body first, it was too wet to efficiently dry my hair. If I dried my hair first, it was too wet to dry my body. Mum refused to let me bring two towels to gym/swimming class days, so one towel was what I had to work with.


Life's Just A Game

Play the amazing, exciting and interesting game of "bed" every night. I live with my GF and at some point last year I started shouting "I WON!" when I was ready for bed before she was. Id change into my PJs, brush my teeth and all and then sprint to the bedroom laughing like a maniac and get under the covers. She was super annoyed about me doing it for a few days and then she started to play along.

It is more of a mental game at this point, where you pretend to go pee, secretly get all ready for sleep and then triumphantly burst through the bathroom door and dash to bed.

Days where one of us is out late do not count.

The current score is 67-39


Just In Case

I hoard durable boxes. Small ones like jewelry boxes, or chocolate boxes etc. I don't really know why I just can't seem to have the heart to throw them out.


Me too. If someone knocks down my door and demands that I wrap 3 dozen small gifts, I am prepared.


Always Check For Poison

I automatically sniff a drink before consuming. I've always done it and it's subtle enough that people don't notice unless they are observant.


I sniff basically ANYTHING before it goes into my mouth. Sometimes I'll sniff things I'm not eating just because I'm curious. People have noticed.


I think it's weird that people don't smell things before they eat them.



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