People Confess The Things They're Most Proud Of That They Can't Share With Anyone


That's only for me to know....

We all have our secrets. Some secrets tear us apart from the inside out and some are blessings. There are often wonderful moments in life that are meant to stay intimate to those involved. It's ok to have these quiet treasures only we know about. Holding onto certain moments in a protective and proud way can inspire us to keep going. It's secret power if you will. Everybody doesn't have to know everything.

Redditor u/flyoverthemooon wanted to see who would be willing to spill some tea about the actions of their past by asking....

What's something you're proud of but can't tell anybody you know?

La Familia....


When me and my basketball coach met some scouts. He introduced me as his son.

I almost broke down on the spot. DarthMalgus3701


In 2009 I walked in a commencement ceremony for my bachelor's degree, but later found out I didn't pass my last 2 classes so I didn't receive my degree. I never told anyone, and life happened so I put it off. I started going back to school and had to take a few extra classes, but I finally finished my last classes and filled out my graduation application today! kingnicks

E.D. Out!


I've all but eliminated my problems with erectile dysfunction that have plagued me all my life.

Staying in shape and being well mentally makes a huge difference. And obviously so does experience and knowing my body. I_hate_traveling


My mom died 13 years ago and I became a teacher about 10 years ago. I work in a district with a lot of families in need. I use the money that I would have used to buy her a gift and buy something for a child in need. Normally it is a winter coat or hats and gloves for Christmas and in the summer I buy gift cards or send someone to camp.

None of my coworkers or family members know I do this. blessedtheloops

100% Free!


I've been 100% nicotine free since January 3rd, 2020 after being addicted since I was 16.

I technically can tell people I know, but most people, including family, didn't know about it in the first place. KazRow

Secret Jobs. 

When I graduated college I got a job offer with the CIA. I didn't actually take it but it's a pretty dope flex that I can't tell people for obvious reasons, most notable one is that I don't wanna come off as a pretentious fool.

For real the biggest thing that stopped me from moving on was that have to go through a serious of hoops: polygraph test, interviews, and a 16 month security clearance before you actually get sworn in at their central office. I did research and apparently 9% of people who get a conditional offer, (which I got) actually make it through, and at any point in the 16 month clearance the CIA can rescind your offer.

I had a colorful college experience that I knew would come back to haunt me so it was kinda one of those "I'm going to reject them before they can reject me" ordeals. I do wonder how far along I could have gone if I actually followed through, but tbh the CIA was never a goal of mines, moreover an opportunity I lucked into so I'm cool. msfortunateone

Healthy Secrets. 

I've been sober since February 21.

Thanks, haven't had a choice in this haha. I left my job/home because of the virus to stay with my parents. Can't exactly tell them what I was into where I was. I do feel sooooo good though. I'm sleeping, little to no anxiety, it's amazing. When this is over I'm heading to a place where it will be easy to stay this way. Yay. RenegadeWild

Break the Cycle. 

That despite my childhood family being abusive cold hateful and spiteful toward me, I'm proud of the fact that I'm super loving and nobody will ever change this. I don't want to drag this into my adult life. My kids will never know my sadness. They are amazing and they will never carry what I carry. They will only carry joyful memories. This makes me more proud than anything. internetownboy



20 years ago Dan Savage responded to a letter suggesting someone name the act of a woman performing sexually on a man with a strap on. He started a reader's vote which eventually came up with the term "pegging."

I wrote that original letter. Proudest thing in my life, helping come up with a new word in the English language - and helping name my favorite sex act - and other than a select few I can't tell anyone! Shigpossposs

Seek Help. 

This'll probably get buried but not committing suicide. Seriously contemplated it for a few months and made a plan but didn't go through with it, ended up being the best decision I've ever made.

Sorted my life out and found something I enjoy doing, also met my wonderful girlfriend and became an auntie!

Edit: Thanks to everyone for their kind messages! And to the people that are struggling currently, please don't be afraid of using the helplines. I had a lovely call with a guy called Mark back then that really helped root myself. Stay strong, you can get through this!

You don't need an amazing excuse to keep going, focus on the little things. Maybe you want to see that one movie when it comes out or have a pet that you know wouldn't understand if you left. Any reason to continue living is a good one. canecandle

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at


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