Evil is very, very real and it lives among us. There are far too many tv shows, movies, literature and podcasts reporting on so many vile and depraved acts. We all have a few degrees of separation from the topic of murder. We either know someone directly or of someone whose life has been taken in gruesome fashion. And half the time we are all turned into super sleuths with the answer to the crime. If only we could prove it. (One day Carole Baskin)

Redditor u/violetgnome wanted to discuss some of humanity's darkest mysteries we maybe able to solve by asking.... What unsolved murder are you sure you have the answer to and what is the answer?


My Mom's murder. The guy who did it killed himself when he discovered the police were investigating him. It never went to court, he killed himself before it could. I know he did it but I can't prove it. Apparently, he must have felt the police could. Including my Mom we know of 5 women he killed, I have no idea how many (if any) are not yet known.

One thing I learned through all this, serial killers are NOT rare, we do not hear about 99% of them.


I'm so sorry, your mother deserved justice and you deserved better.



I have one that haunts me. My cousin's son was shot in cold blood on the streets. My other cousin's husband is a cop and I asked him once if he ever found any leads, and he surprised me by saying he knew 100% who did it, but the suspect was being protected by another corrupt department who was using the murderer for their own reasons and had "accidentally" destroyed the evidence implicating him in our relative's murder.



Pretty sure David Miscavige (leader of the Church of Scientology) killed his wife and covered it up, hence why she hasn't been seen since 2007.


Scientology's official stance is that "The Hole does not exist and never has."




OJ Simpson did it.


Its obvious he didn't do it, why do people still think he did?

Would a guilty man be found with

$8,000 in cash, a change of clothing, a loaded .357 Magnum, a United States passport, family pictures, and a disguise kit with a fake goatee and moustache.

Yeah, I don't think so.


At the time, the LA police were under investigation or had been proved to be planting evidence at crime scenes. The department was corrupt. So, not too surprising that the jury had doubts.



Well, my sister died at the hands of an abusive boyfriend in November 2013 in Iowa. She was shot. I was home when the police showed up to deliver the news. My sister was terrified of guns and even made anti-gun artwork in high school. There's absolutely no way she shot herself. My mom has a bag of evidence but I'm much to scared to look in that. The cops let the boyfriend go.

A year or two later my mom's school (she's an elementary school teacher) got put on lockdown because he made threats about shooting the place up. Apparently he's in Tennessee now. I'd love to get some revenge on that loser.



If anyone watched the new Unsolved Mysteries that aired on Netflix a few months ago; the second episode about Patrice Enders pissed me off. You're telling me the husband didn't kill her? Seriously?

He kicked her son out and changed the locks to her house the day she went MISSING, not when she was found like two years later.

Who does that, unless you know she's never coming back? Seriously watch the episode and try to tell me he didn't have some sort of part in it, even if it was just hiring someone else to do it Fargo style.



That my second cousin was killed by his stepdad.

There's no way in hell that a 15 year old, with his backpack on and getting ready to leave for school, could have shot himself in the chest with a shotgun that he would have had to have used his toes to pull the trigger on.

Freaking dummy police ruled it a suicide, even after several family members pointed out their stupidity, and the fact that his stepdad hated my cousin's guts and constantly threatened his life. Miss ya, Jaymie. One day that savage will get his due.



Lizzie Borden killed her parents. I'm very much on the side her father was incredibly abusive and this was her only means of escape. Her step mom probably knew about it and Lizzie always had a strained relationship with her anyway.


For sure. She hated her parents, her father was rich but hoarded money instead of spending it, was an awful guy in general, and then remarried and changed the will so his new wife would inherit everything leaving Lizzie and her sister with nothing.

She had motive. I also think her sister and the maid knew she did it but I don't think they were directly involved other than covering for Lizzie.



This one is close to home for me. We still have no leads. But it for sure was her husband. We all believe it. He never was charged. It's still considered a missing persons, but she's dead. He was crazy and abusive.

Kelli Ann Ackernecht



John Laurens was murdered by his fellow South Carolinians and it was passed off as a death in a useless skirmish after the war had already been won.

More specifically, Laurens had the ear of Alexander Hamilton, who in turn had the ear of Washington. After the war ended, Hamilton's views towards slavery became decidedly more milquetoast.

Sure, he was opposed to it, but he didn't fight nearly as hard about it as he did for his myriad other views. If Laurens had survived the war, the abolitionist movement would have had an influential Southern ally and it's possible (though this is wild speculation) that the Civil War may not have happened.



Patrice Endres' husband killed her. The way he talks about her like she was an object that he owned. And no innocent person changes the locks on their doors within 24 hours of their spouse going missing.


As insanely creepy as his behavior is due to his "mourning" like kissing the skull (WTAF) and sleeping with the ashes before putting them haphazardly in the closet, I couldn't say that was enough.

People do mourn differently and he is a weird dude. But the locks convinced me. Why would you ever, ever do that if your wife was missing? Especially so incredibly soon? I've read cases about people with loved ones missing for decades who are afraid to move or change things just in case they might come back some day.



The Black Dahlia

A lot of evidence points to a degenerate named George Hodel. He was a physician and also a horrible person. So it lines up pretty well in my eyes.


Steve Hodel really screwed the pooch in terms of having people believe him (his accusations that his dad did it) when he went on to accuse George of basically every serial killing from 1910-1972 or something. But the Root of Evil podcast as well as the TV show does make a compelling case that he was involved.



Tupac was killed by Orlando Anderson.


I always thought Orlando looked exactly like Pac too - which was always eerie to me.

I really hate the dumb fool conspiracy rumors about the "gOvErNmEnT" killing him when it's clear as day as to what lead to his death in that casino.

Not to mention, Pac and Afeni both stated that he'd die young - Pac in particular stated that he was a hothead and his pride would cause him problems, so he was very self aware of his actions that would lead to his demise.



Lady in my hometown went missing after dropping her middle school age children off at home and leaving again. She just didn't come back. We all thought her (going through a divorce) husband killed her because he lawyered up and refused to let the police search his computer or his lake house. Months go by. No trace. Someone notices one day that a large landscaping rock on the edge of the mountain is missing and then reports it stolen.

The same time someone else tells the tipline that they saw a lady and Jeep matching her description trying to turn around by the rock, months ago. The investigators follow the path of where the rock would have rolled down the mountain and find the rock, then a little ahead, the missing lady and her purse laying there, then several yards down, her Jeep crashed into a tree. It was extremely sad case.



My aunt was murdered by her boyfriend and made to look like a suicide. I'm absolutely certain of it but will never be able to prove it without a confession as the police are not interested in following it up.


God that's horrible. I hope your family gets the closure you all need. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that the POLICE would put a murder as low priority. Taking a life is the horrible, evil crime, and the only thing worse would be if there was more than one life taken.



The murder itself was obviously solved but I'm convinced that Chris Watts' mistress helped him plan the murder of his wife and two daughters. Investigators said they didn't look into her much because Chris plead guilty.


I believe this 100.



It was the Charles Lindbergh Jr Kidnapping. I learned about this case in school when we were doing a mock trial unit in 8th grade. The person who was accused named Bruno Richard Hauptmann was found guilty ad executed but the trial seemed very fishy. I went looking more in-depth about it and thought of a hypothesis that it was Isidor Fisch, Bruno's friend and Charles Lindbergh was an accomplice.



Not a human murder....

But on Tiger king the person who 'broke' in and set fire to that building killing the alligators was 100% his general manager. The CCTV footage showed the way the man walked after setting the fire and there was a clear limp on the same leg that guy had a prosthetic.



I truly believe Jack The Ripper was Frederick Bailey Deeming.


It's just a theory, and probably an outlandish one, but I'm fascinated by the idea that the reason the last murder was so much more violent and was indoors is because the last victim was actually the killer.

She killed other prostitutes, got away with it for the general public because she was a woman and could easily run around at all hours covered in blood by saying she was a midwife (if she actually used to be one it also explains the anatomical knowledge), and the prostitutes fixed the problem amongst themselves by killing her, showing their anger in how she died. It would explain why the murders ended after that.



Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood, 100%


I'm inclined to believe Wagner committed manslaughter.

Like they were all drunk and he got into an argument with wood and pushed her into the water, not knowing she can't swim. and because they were drunk, he didn't bother to try to save her.


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