People Confess Their Family's Darkest Secrets
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Don't do it.

After reading this, you're going to consider calling up your mom or grandfather and ask them if any of the stuff that's happened to the people in the following stories has happened in your family. You'll feel it, gnawing in the back of your mind, to find out the truth, so you can "feel better."

You won't. Don't do it. Otherwise, you might find out your ancestors were capable of some horrific acts.

Reddit user, _Mitnix_, wanted to know what your family is hiding when they asked:

"What's your family's darkest secret?"

Deathbed confessions seem like a good idea to the person on the way out of this world, but they definitely leave behind a devastating crater of emotions and bad thoughts.

Can't Wait For The Body To Get Cold

"My dad‘s dating the boss of a nursing service who was at my mum’s deathbed. They had an affair beforehand. She’s still married and wants to wait at least three years more to break the news."


Lotta Deathbed Confessions...

"On my father's deathbed, he revealed that his best friend since kindergarten had actually been his half brother. His father had an affair with the housekeeper after his mother became disabled."


"Omg that is so crazy. When did he find out?"


"I had been disowned, so he didn't want me to visit in the end; I got the revelation second hand. He mentioned it to my son (among other confessions), but follow up questions weren't asked. Dad was the last survivor of his generation, so there wasn't anyone else who could corroborate. I never met my paternal grandparents nor have any pictures of them or of my dad when he and "friend" were young. I remember dad's friend visiting many times while I was growing up (he lived at the other end of the state) and they were really close. My mother remains dubious, but it would be one of the lesser oddities of dad's past."


Are You Who You Really Say You Are?

"When I was just a little baby, a tsunami hit my home country, which messed with the sh*tty third-world government data system (or so I was told) and deleted the "real me" from existence. It wasn't until my mom decided to raise my @ss in the U.S. that I finally got a legal name and birthday, both of which were changed in the process of moving."

"I was 7 at the time and have since been living under this makeshift identity, but the fact that I was hidden from the government that long amazes me. If you ask me, though, she missed her chance to raise an undercover and very personal hitman."


Wait For It...

"My Great, Great Uncle allegedly ran an illegal abortion clinic in the early 1900's out of a barn on the property my parents now own."

"Supposedly he would perform operations in the barn (which still stands today) using crude tools and coathangars, then toss the remains in a seasonal spring so the bodies would disappear underground at the end of the rainy season."

"To be fair, i've never seen any actual evidence this is true, just rumors in my family and the occasional mumblings around the older folks in the town I grew up in. The spring where the remains were apparently dumped was blasted with dynamite in the 30s and used as the town garbage dump for the next 40 years, and the barn was abandoned and left to deteriorate a long time ago, so any remaining evidence is long gone."

"Also, my Great, Great Grandad probably murdered my Great, Great Grandma. She mysteriously disappeared while they were out on a walk together after he had spent the day beating her in front of my Great Grandad. Her body was never found."


Do any of us really know our families?

Because with family like this, you'd probably choose anyone but them to spend birthdays with.

When Your Grandad Is The Literal Worst

"My grandad has 7 kids with 3 different mistress while married to my nan. My cousin is actually ualy my mom's half brother. He would hit her if she spoke up or said anything. My grandad told my family hen my nan fainted in the kitchen he watched TV for around 20 minutes before she woke up, when she woke up she begged him to take her to the hospital but didn't want to waste fuel so he called his friend who took around 20 minutes to get to their home so the could drive to the hospital. My nan died on the way to the hospital."

"We don't know which friend drove them to the hospital nor which hospital they drove to and her cause of death is still unknown. This happened around 6 months ago and it still hurts. He lied about how my nan died before her funeral and told his kids including my mother to get over it. He stole part of the money for her funeral and spent it on his mistress. No one talks to him he is an absolute piece of sh*t. He was so flippant at the funeral. His wife of 40 years died and he doesn't care. My nan refused to leave him as she loved him even though he cheated. He is a despicable piece of sh-t."


So Crazy It Had To Be Publicized

"My 11 year old cousin got pregnant, then was in Dr.Phil's trash tv show. Her aunt adopted the baby, and 12ish years later they haven't told her any of this. She's seen pics of her mom from when she was a kid and said she doesn't remember taking that picture. They look identical."


"What happened to your cousin?"


"She's got a job and is doing ok as far as I know. She doesn't have any more kids. She wants to see her daughter, but can't. I'm not very close with that side of the family though."


Maybe next family party, when mom and auntie ask if anyone wants to open up the wine, tell them only so long as the secrets stay just that.


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