People Compile An Anti-Bucket List For Things They’ll Never Try Again

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Do you have a bucket list? Those things you want to try at least once?

What about an anti-bucket list? Those things you've tried and have vowed to never do again?

Reddit user zzephyrus asked for people to contribute, asking:

"Let's make an anti-bucket list. What is something you'll never do (again)?" 

Here are the best suggestions for your own list.

Charge It

Go in to credit card debt.

40 year old me finally paid off 23 year old me...  wseibert mini4x


Ignore all the red flags because of love.  Sarastrasza


Young Love

Agree to move in together with an unemployed boyfriend.


oh, early twenties.... tulipgem

Turn Up the Heat

I ate a Carolina Reaper and even made it in a video with the guy who invented it with millions of views and still won't do it again. I spent 45 minutes naked on the bathroom floor at my friends house it hurt so bad.  bdizzzzzle



Buy a house with a history of structural problems, no matter what repairs have been done.  InstagramLincoln


Ride motorcycle without enough protection.  Road rash is a b*tch!  naagraaj


Make $1,000 a Day At Home!

Go to an "interview" for a "job" that's been offered by a stranger who is pretending to be my friend. 

 F*cking multi-level marketers... "but it's not multi level marketing though, it's referral marketing!"  el-toro-loco Pop_Dop

Looking Back

I once ran backwards to see how fast I could go. I learned two things.

1. I can run backwards pretty fast.

2. Breaking your arm in 2 places is not fun.  SoapSudGaming


Heroin.  10 years off the sh*t!  Weeee  tanarchy7

Crack Is Whack

I'll never visit a crack house again I didn't even know it was gonna be a crack house and BAM! I don't even do drugs! 
"It'll be a great party!", they said. And there I am, sat on a broken sofa in the kitchen. Net curtains soldered to the windowsill with mold. A single depressing red light bulb glowed. A constant throbbing of a booming bass speaker, echoing vibrations through the structure like some sort of, demonic heartbeat of the house. The doors all duct-taped open - even the toilet door. Passed out people everywhere. 
Drugs everywhere. High people everywhere. Someone lit a fire in the parking lot out back. And out there beyond the burning furniture I could see a sad gazebo. It was upside down. They never even picked it up. Despite not being high I knew the gazebo was sad. He was next in line for the fire. 
I called a taxi. "We don't go down that road." 
How did I end up here? 
But I got out alive! And I'll never do that sh*t again.  Empty_Allocution



Keep telling myself that I can and have to handle everything.

Don't overwork yourself, and don't be afraid to share your worries and sorrows with your friends and loved ones.  meppel

Waning Desire

Wax. I hated my chest hair, so I decided one time to get an at-home waxing kit.

Oh boy, that hurt so bad. It had me, a grown man, in tears rolling on the floor ripping those hairs off my chest.

You know what? Honestly, chest hair isn't so bad anymore, now that I think of it.  llcucf80


El Capitan

Compliment someone on their Captain America shirt when it was in fact the Puerto Rican flag.  gandalfthescienceguy

Phil Wasn't Phabulous

Going to Groundhogs Day in Punxsutawney, PA. It's cold, miserable, and usually muddy from snow. Nothing like the Bill Murray movie. Also once it's over you wait 3 hours to be bused out. Crossed it off and never again!  chrisflynn85


Anesthesia Please

Tooth extraction without sedation.

The $200 for the gas is the best money I've ever spent.  theshoegazer

Rode to Nowhere

Spin class. I like cycling, I'm in decent shape, I have weekly gym sessions and I even like most dance music.

But I will be f'd with a cactus before I take another spin class. Having terrible dance music played at distorting volume while an annoying a-holes shouts directions at me, while I pedal away fruitlessly...f' that.  16chapel


An Acquired Taste

Never gonna eat durian again. I was at my friends house and her mom offered some and I tried it to be nice. I literally gagged and spit it up on a napkin like a baby.

I can still remember what it tastes like  TheOozyMan

Sell, Sell, Sell

Work retail on Black Friday.  ILL_DO_THE_FINGERING


Exercise In Futility

Argue with a flat earther. My lord, that's like arguing with a looped recording of nonsense.  FusRoeDah fedupwithpeople

Unhappy Hour

Drinking to solve problems.  Tends to create more of them.  MH24


Low Hanging Fruit

My (testicles) were pretty loose one day and I accidentally sat on one.(Never again) Ouch  Barack-YoMama


Dog sledding. The dogs are cool, but half of them were all caged up going crazy. Also, much more sh*t and pee than i anticipated.  baggs22


Once a Cheater

Date a girl who cheated with me before getting with me, thinking they would be different while dating me, funny joke.  gt35r

Reluctant Spelunker

Go cave exploring. It's too dangerous, in the last place you'd want to get hurt. Tight squeezes, huge drop-offs. If you should lose your lights, you're entombed.  Scrappy_Larue


When It's Over

Ask my ex to have sex with me.  IMEShealth

When to Say When

Try to make it work with inconsiderate and irresponsible roommates. I was so stressed out that my hair started turning white and falling out.  KittyDomoNacionales


Vlassic Attack

Pickle Jello Shots. Ever hear of a pickle back? You do a shot of whiskey and then a shot of pickle juice. Amazingly, the pickle juice neutralizes the burn of the whisky. For a picnic my friends were having, I'd thought I'd escalate the experience by making pickle jello. Literally pickle juice and knox gelatin and water. So we do the shot of whiskey and follow with a carefully chosen square of pickle jello.

Reactions ranged from "oh that's gross" to "hey that's oddly satisfying" to... mine. I didn't get a full bite, the minute my mouth closed around it, my body decided to violently reject it. I spat it out and dry heaved a couple times. My friends were laughing their a** off, since it was my idea. I kept belching as my stomach spasmed. It was SO salty and SO brine-y and my entire body couldn't handle it. My stomach was doing flips hours later. Even just thinking about it is turning my stomach. Don't... don't do this.  BridgetteBane

Party Animals

Party with a bunch of cops. I am not sure how I survived that, but I know why we weren't arrested.  Nf1nk


Fan Is Short for Fanatic

Work a concession stand at an NFL game. If I the hear words "ultimate nachos" one more time...  not_andyh

Grease Is the Word

Cook bacon naked.

Lesson learned sufficiently after only one time.  bigbabich


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