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Many people would rather focus on the scandals associated with celebrities notorious for bad behavior.

This is a shame since many of their phenomenal talents are overlooked in favor of a juicy tabloid.

But what about the genuinely well-behaved celebrities? Well, they are not without haters too, unfortunately.

For instance, stars like Taylor Swift – who has been a positive role model and ally of the LGBTQ community – still has her share of critics no matter how hard she tries to shake it off.

Curious to hear positive examples from strangers online, Redditor AndweleHarris asked:

"Who's that one celebrity that has like no haters?"

These Canadian actors were found to be simply irresistible.

He Took Us On Excellent Adventures

"Keanu Reeves"


"He is absolute good man. never seen someone with that much love and respect over media."


The Actor From 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids"

"Rick Moranis. The guy stopped acting to take care of his kids after his wife's death."


Aspiring Football Player

"John Candy"


"My favorite John Candy story: Joe Montana was playing for the 49ers in an important game, may have even been the Super Bowl. His team is down, they've got a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time to do it."

"Montana comes into the huddle and starts calling the play, then stops and points to the stands and says:"

"Hey, isn't that John Candy?"

"Teammates look over, and it is, indeed, John Candy. Turns out he was a big football fan."

"Montana returned his focus to the game and went on to lead a game-winning drive down the field."


These European personalities won the hearts of many people from around the world.

The BAFTA Award Winner

"Dev Patel. Seems like the most lovely of people and everyone that works with him sings his praises."


The Natural Historian

"David Attenborough"


"That's Sir David Attenborough to you, peasant."


The Dowager Countess of Grantham

"Maggie Smith"


"Professor McGonagall is the most underrated Harry Potter character in the series."

"She is so funny, even when she is strictly serious! But I mostly praise Maggie Smith for her line delivery in general."


Practically perfect

"Julie Andrews"


"I effing LOVE her story about how Walt Disney waited for her to give birth before filming Mary Poppins. Keep in mind at that stage Julie Andrews was nothing more than a mildly successful West End/Broadway actress. The fact that one of the biggest film producers at the time wanted her specifically to play Mary Poppins AND he was happy to wait until after her pregnancy is a true testament to her phenomenal acting and singing ability."

"It paid off too: Julie Andrews won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role as Mary Poppins, her feature film debut too!"


People Break Down The Creepiest Research Holes They've Ever Fallen Down | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

A.K.A. André René Roussimoff

"Andre the Giant."

"i was fortunate enough to catch a screening of The Princess Bride in Nashville a couple years ago; Cary Elwes (who plays the love interest) was there after the show and told some stories about working with different cast members. when he got to Andre, he recounted how he was the 'mood maker' of the cast and always had a smile on his face. he even broke his foot during one of the last scenes but powered through it because the other actors had been filming all day and wanted to go home."

"a real shame that he passed away so prematurely."


These real American idols are truly adored.

The Good Neighbor

"Mr Rogers"


Viggo Wherever He Goes

"Viggo Mortensen"


"He once gave my mom some chocolates, she still talks about it haha. In an industry rife with ego and jerks, he's a great guy."


America's Sweetheart

"Dolly Parton"


"She had me at, 'It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!' She does plenty of good in this world."


GIF by Dolly Parton Giphy

Betty White"


"Google her variety show. A ton of people hated her because she wouldn't fire her black costar. She pretty much told those people to f*** off for lack of a better term and it makes me love her even more!"


Encino Man

"Brendan Fraser."


"He's so good in Scrubs! Briefly, but a great performance."


Emmy Award And Golden Globe Winning Legend

"Danny DeVito."


"Danny DeVito saved the life of a thirteen year old, who says (he's an adult now) that he was suicidal from the abuse he was enduring at a boarding school. On a ski trip, he was on a lift and DeVito, who sat next to him, noticed something was wrong and offered support, referencing the abuse he also endured at a Catholic School. This guy says everyone ignored his cry for help, but DeVito saw a defeated teenager and was the first person to listen to him and believe him."


I can confidently assume Dick Van Dyke has no haters.

How could he? He's a lovable icon and is a very affable person to work with.

I would know. Although it was a brief blip in my performing career, I had the honor to share the stage with the Disney legend known for playing Bert in Mary Poppins.

He was extremely gracious and he shook hands with all of us in the ensemble of our show while looking at us individually with a glimmer in his eye.

He loves people. You could tell. And we love him.

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