Believe it or not, some people have enough energy to live two lives.

A double life sounds like something out of a spy movie. However, plenty of people in real life go about hiding secrets from everyone around them. These secrets aren't exactly little ones either. From multiple families to a life of crime, some people have the acting and manipulation skills to fool even their closest friends and loved one. It really goes to show that you never truly know a person.

Redditor u/-gradmania- got to hear some dirty secrets when they asked people about the double lives they've found out about.

When life isn't so fabulous

I knew a guy who is a pathological liar. I've known him well since middle school and this behavior started when we were teenagers. It began with embellishments and exaggerations. By the time we were in college the lies were grandiose and absurd. I knew he was working fast food at 19, like many of us were, but he claimed to be an investor who owned islands and resort hotels. His marriage was a **** show. This poor woman who married him apparently believed all his lies, and it took far too many years to realize he was full of ****, because he is the most convincing liar I have ever met. The end came when he claimed to be running a humanitarian organization which took him out of the country on super heroic missions from which he claimed to have PTSD. His wife tracked his phone during one of his "missions" and it turns out he was visiting brothels not far from home.


Just... woah. This story has everything

A while back, my partner's father was murdered, and the police got ahold of my details as part of the investigation and I got called in to give a statement. Never had much to tell them as I had never met him. Their questions were really weird too, and I got this weird vibe about why they kept asking about the names I knew people by. Didn't think much of it at the time, what started to piss me off more was that they took my phone to copy the contents and then took months to give it back to me.

Months later, the detectives call me to say they can drop my phone off at the local station, and I'll just need to sign for it and make a final statement, only the detective uses the wrong surname, and I ask why. They tell me that it's not their business to mess with people's personal lives if there's nothing illegal going on, but since I asked: the man I knew as her father was not her father, but in fact her long-term partner and they had been together for years...

When I ask her about this, she denies everything, but when I go to the police station to give a statement they have me declare in writing that I knew nothing about the true nature of our relationship and show me posts from her facebook account, one of several that I knew nothing about.

Everything I thought I knew about her was lies, from her childhood to her name to the relationships to everyone in her life. She told me she had siblings, one of whom I'd spoken to on occasion: THEY DON'T EXIST. Her career, her skills, her family, everything was an invention. The woman is a psychopath.

When I confront her with the truth a second time, she caves, but she insists that despite lying to me for the entire time I had known her (including encouraging other people to play her twisted ****ing mind games), that what she feels for me is real. I stormed out. Haven't spoken to her since.

The thing that still ****s with my head to this day is that she never slipped up once, never let on anything, for the entire time we had been friends and more besides. To this day I have trust issues, and discovering someone hasn't been truthful with me makes me see red.


At least friendships were formed

A friend's brother got jailed briefly after a fight. That's when it all unraveled. He's a British-Asian guy, and all of a sudden this white Polish woman is at the Asian family's door, saying she's his wife, and asking where he's got to. Closely followed by a Black-British woman with the same spiel. Long story short, this guy had three families and two dogs.

To be honest I admire his energy.

The 'wives' became friends.


I feel like multiple family revelations happen often

My great grandfather had a wife he didn't tell anyone about. He married my great grandmother without divorcing the first woman, whose name came back as his legal spouse when his death certificate was delivered. GGma sent his body back to his first family, figured he could be their problem.


This not-so-nice mother

I had a really nice manager back in college who was like a mom to me and all my friends working at the store. She got along with us so well her and her daughter even moved into to an apartment with two of my friends. Eventually she moved down to Texas and about a month later my friend told me to google her name. Apparently she tried to POISON her 12 year old daughter (it's been a couple years but I think she put something in her drink to harm her?) and was arrested.

What's even more weird is the whole time those two were living with my friends I don't remember them fighting once? They kind of seemed like a perfect mother and daughter.


As long as he does a great job

He's not close to me and I've only met him a couple of times, but there's a guy in town who has impersonated other people and lives under a fake identity... so he can manage the IHOP.

He's the only person at the IHOP who actually does his job (lol New Mexico, customer service is absolute sh!t here) so when he got outed by the newspaper, nothing changed.


This shocking affair

I found out my mom was cheating on her husband of 18 years when he discovered it and told me. It was only a few months to a year, but I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. I don't know why it started, but she met him through a friend that he was roommates with. He was in jail, but the friend helped them get in touch. I know being in jail doesn't automatically make someone a bad person, but that's the mindset of my mom and her husband, so that shocked me more than the affair. She chose her husband- no clue why, he's an @$$hole- broke things off with the other guy, and cut contact with the friend that got them together.


This enormous hypocrite

My boss was a super friendly person to most people but targeted me to try and find ways to get me written up almost every day because he once worked with my father and wanted retribution for my dad busting his balls all the time.

You can see the friendly mask completely removed and a slimy manipulating ****bag would reveal himself underneath. I tried hard to prove this man was just a rotten person and was making things up about me at work but being in his position of power I just would up looking like the fool and eventually fired for all the unjustified blemishes he put on my record.

I come to find out 6 months later that guy was apprehended at work and thrown in jail. Turns out he was stealing huge sums of money from every place he worked by manipulating the company, moving to another state and changing his name, then doing it again. The feds were after him for 3 years before they got him that day.


Their uncle had a very secret job

My gentle and unassuming farmer of an Uncle was a gigolo in his spare time. My dad and I only discovered proof of this after his death. We don't know if his wife knew, but neither of us want to ask her.


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