It is quite a time to be alive and a witness to "reality." The world is in upheaval and everybody is searching for answers. The problem is.... nobody has any... so people are starting to believe just any old thing. I suppose it brings some false stability, but that breeds false comfort so when one starts spouting off conspiracy nonsense, that can lead to a world of trouble. Facts are indeed facts. Do your research, think before you speak.

Redditor u/moon0750 wanted everyone to discuss the stories that others believe that are too unbelievable to digest by asking.... What is the strangest conspiracy theory you've ever heard of?

We Dare You!

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The Cold War was actually America and Russia saying "we will nuke this place try us" to the orbiting aliens intent on invasion.


Tiny Spies

The government has tiny helicopters that are injected into your bloodstream and fly around in your blood vessels and control you. They never clarified if the helicopters were being piloted by tiny people.


Plus, why not submarines? Didn't they ever see Fantastic Voyage? Never mind, hasn't been on TV lately. And were the helicopters black?


Those Homo Floresiensis

That leprechauns were actually a smaller hominid species that migrated to Ireland from Africa way before humans got there but the Irish wiped them out.


That one could theoretically be true (unlikely, but possible). Homo Floresiensis is believed to have been a separate species of archaic hominids that were 3-4ft tall.

So the possibility of another similar species in Ireland is theoretically possible.

Of course the idea that they survived long enough to enter into folklore while simultaneously leaving no traces is a lot less likely.


The Devil's Deal

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My uncle strongly believes that all celebrities have sold their souls to the devil to be famous. He really believes in most of conspiracy theories.


The Order

Project Blue Beam is arguably the weirdest one of all. It's about NASA creating a advanced projection device to simulate the Second Coming of Christ to trick the world to believing it while the Antichrist is orchestrating a New World Order.

Yup that's the gist of it.


Right? It was the plot of a Heinlein novel. I mean, not NASA, but the projection device.

Revolt in 2100.

One of the main characters used to work in "Applied Miracles", which was essentially "Using special effects to depict miracles being performed on 'live' TV."

The backstory is actually more frightening than people believing in this:

In the fictional history, written in 1940, the First Prophet, a televangelist named Nehemiah Scudder, rode a populist, racist wave of support to the Presidency in 2012, named himself dictator, and no elections were held in 2016 or thereafter.


Electric Wrath

Aunt of a friend believes ball lightning is gods punishment for atheists. Not regular lightning, only ball lightning.


The logic is rarely that well developed. I remember my dad was just dumbfounded that I called it bad luck when he showed me a video of a thief's car getting struck by lightning. He literally could not process why it would matter that non-thieves also get struck by lightning and many thieves don't. He just saw it and thought "yup, that's god's wrath."


The Biggest Secret

My particular favorite is that all world leaders are baby eating shape changing lizards from outer space.


Good old David Icke.

I've actually read that book, The Biggest Secret, it's quite clever in the way that it tries to persuade the reader.

It starts off with a lot of reasonable assertions: people through history have depicted snakes and reptiles... royal families have bloodlines... powerful people tend to protect their power... it gets you nodding along then hits you with 'therefore the Queen is a baby-eating reptilian shapeshifter that uses monoatomic gold to maintain human form'.



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My particular favorites are 'JFK shot first' And 'Australia doesn't exist, it's just a scam by the government to sell plane tickets'


Sir Paul. Is that you?

That the real Paul McCartney died in the 60s and was replaced by a look a like.


I was 15 when that whole thing was the craze. I read the stupidest newspaper article "explaining" it. That was when I found out not all reporters actually research a subject.

Mischaracterizing the whole point of Fool On The Hill, misquoting lyrics I had heard hundreds of times, the whole shot. Still somehow royally creeped me out.

And as I keep saying, if it were true, the guy who replaced Paul has been Paul way longer than Paul was Paul.


The Wonder

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My top has to be the conspiracy that Stevie Wonder isn't actually blind.



Coronavirus is spread by 5G masts. How would that even be possible!? The earth being flat is also a good one.


Came here to say the 5G towers too. lol i'm positive schools cover bacteria and virus in science class... at least in depth enough to know a cell tower can't give you a viral or bacterial infection. lol.


Theories and theories....

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I like the "conspiracy theory" conspiracy theory best. The term is made up by the CIA, to hide the real secrets by throwing in a bunch of crazy stuff. If you believe 9/11 was a inside job, you are probably one those crazies who believes in the illuminati ruling the world.


"the otherside"

Guy at my GFs work thought that there were people who lived under the world, like the world is a flat disk and people lived on the otherside.

It gets weirder, on the otherside there is no light as the sun doesn't rotate below the Earth, so these under-folk are very sensitive to the light.

This meant that when they come to our side, as like secret spies, they must wear glasses to be able to see properly. So basically anyone with glasses was suspicious AF to him.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is how this guy can get a job but I'm rejected from toilet cleaning jobs.


So many areas....

I honestly believe something along these lines: that Area 51 is set up to appear like the hub for the US Government's knowledge on alien visitors and whatnot, but that's all really just smoke and mirrors, and the REAL alien tech and evidence is kept somewhere far away from Area 51 at some location we've never even heard of.


That's Quacked.

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Birds are cameras. The quarantine was made to replace the battery in them.





UFO Plans

Nazi UFO Bunkers. The theory of Hitler escaping to Antarctica and managing to set up UFO bunkers which in turn allowed the nazis to establish secret bases on the moon.


I loved browsing the conspiracy wiki back in the day. Lmao. I went from a wiki stating humans never made it to the moon. Then reading about a Hitler Colonization on the moon. And somehow some tiny little craters make a swastika.


Stephen Knew

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The events of Stephen King's IT were true, simply because he hasn't gone on record saying his inspiration. Guess we really do float cause of these airheads.


That actually kinda works, in a horrific and disgusting way, and as long as you take away the supernatural stuff.

He was the age of the Losers in 1958 and they were all old enough for that orgy (barely) and while I don't know anything about King's upbringing, turning a serial killer or even just one killing, a fear of sewers, clowns and giant spiders in the basement might be what you get if you separate enough of elements of the supernatural extradimensional super god that fights a turtle after years of life and cocaine.


Project Birdseye.....

About 20 years ago I worked at an apartment complex. As a joke I made this one up.

Project Birdseye. The DEA planted cameras in pigeons eye so they could tune in and watch drug deals. Pigeons stay in high crime areas because garage door opener remotes (like in affluent neighborhoods) mess with the circuits and give the birds a headache so they stay away. I told my boss this as a joke.

He must have spread it around because a week later I watched a drug deal start to go down and a pigeon landed nearby and the dealer took the customer away from the bird to finish.

Either others had the same idea as me or mine grew because I have seen it mentioned on other websites many years later.


Sad Beliefs

Magic Johnson never had HIV/AIDS. He was paid by the government to publicly announce that he was positive to change the negative stigma around the disease.


"save us"

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I have a friend that believes John F. Kennedy Jr. is alive and is going to come back to "save us" very soon. Yes, she is into Q. I hear theories several times a week. It's exhausting.


These are the same people that believed Hillary had him killed. But they seem to believe he's working WITH Trump on this.



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