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Nothing lasts forever. That is a sobering fact about life. That and all good things must come to an end. As the world progresses and as society evolves, things change fast. Have you ever thought about which "things" we all take for granted on the daily? Certain parts of life tend to become obsolete and it can be a shock. Like back in the day, they put lead in paint and thought it was a good idea. Now it's illegal. Bet they never saw that coming. What else do you think the law has to catch up on?

Redditor u/Mazer_21 was wondering what is going to change the most over the next decade by asking... What's legal now, but probably won't be in 10 years?

I have a laundry list of things I'd love to see abolished. Starting with loud children being loud on planes. I've been grateful for a decade that indoor smoking was stopped. I never thought I'd live to see the day where we can eat in a less cancer causing environment. Makes me smile.

No Promo

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Mobile games ads not showing actual gameplay and being super sexual.



Getting away with listing "colour" or "artificial flavour" on ingredient listings and not getting to know what exactly those additives are.


This is a pet peeve of mine. I had an allergic reaction to a particular sauce.

All of the known listed ingredients I have regularly with no issue. We strongly suspect it is something in the "other herbs and spices" clause. Had my doctor do an allergy test, but it did not come up on the general list.


Let's Hope

Child/Teen pageants.


God, I hope so. Those things are SO monstrous. How the hell is that anything other than child abuse and borderline (if not outright).


Teen ones are creepy, the baby ones are mostly moms going crazy... idk how someone could be turned by that

Imagine those babies in 5 years.


Gamble Box

EA's "surprise mechanics".


EA is infamous for loot boxes. and in a hearing with the UK parliament they called them "surprise mechanics" to make it sound better. It's essentially gambling but it slides because you're at least guaranteed something. It's pretty scummy.


Secret Stash

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Gambling being quietly concealed in a video game (eg: FIFA ultimate team).


Now those are definitely somethings I never thought about. Of course I don't gamble already so that's no loss for me. But a few of those other ideas I can get behind. I wish some of them were already taken out. Let's keep compiling...


Members of Congress buying and selling stocks.


Congresspeople were profiting from stock moves before GME. There were literally congress fools that used their knowledge of coronavirus to buy/sell stock to their advantage before the general public knew of the same info. If this sounds fishy, it is LITERALLY insider trading.





That's already a thing. You can commission deepfake videos, anyone with a high end graphics card and some practice can make and sell them. Legally murky not practically difficult.



Drug commercials.


I always thought it was weird. Do people actually go to their doctors to ask for a specific brand of prescription drugs because they saw it in a commercial?


Doctor here. Yes, they do. And then I have to explain to them why they don't need the medication. Often the commercials are so vague, the patient doesn't even know what the medication is or does. I will say most people respond well to "This drug does X, and is used to treat Y. You don't need it because you have Z, which this drug doesn't treat."


Hang Up

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The telemarketers and scam artists who are now able to use any phone number they want to call you, so you pick up the phone thinking it's your local bank.


Lay of the Land

Gerrymandering, if there's any justice.


Yeah, it's actually really hard to enforce the no gerrymandering rule. It's illegal in my state but to some degree it always happens. It can never be perfect. My county in particular is really screwed over. I live in a county with about 20,000 people and it's in the same district as a county with around 700,000 so my vote basically means nothing.


Not too shabby. I would say that a large majority of this list will lead to enrichment for the greater good of mankind. Let's just do away with telemarketers now! PLEASE!!!!

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