People Break Down Which Things Still Cannot Be Explained By Science


I'm still confused.

Science is baffling. No matter which field of science or how many times details are broken down to the smallest detail.... I still get lost. I'm in good company though. Most of us will never fully comprehend all that science has to offer or understand the vast scope. Chemicals, organisms, gravity, nature, humans.... its all gibberish at a certain point. So no, I'll never be on 'Jeopardy', but I still find it fascinating. I'm just glad I'll never be graded on my understanding of it ever again.

Redditor u/senoritachristy_94 thought we should all discuss how science is still mind boggling at any age by asking.... What is still unexplained by science?

Eel the Way

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I heard somewhere that experts still aren't sure how eels reproduce.


Apparently Sigmund Freud spent a lot of his pre-psychology life cutting open eels and looking for their testes. He never found any.


Down Below....

Basically what lives at the very bottom of the ocean.


Alternative theory: They know exactly what's down there and they don't want to get its attention.


More people have walked on the moon, 12 in total, than visited the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which lies at a depth of 35,853 feet. Only 7 people have ever been there, one of them James Cameron in 2012, first person to descend to the bottom in 50 years. That just shows how much money is needed for ocean exploration.



How to heal nerves. they can literally grow whole full human organs but do not necessarily know how to heal them when they break. Nerves in particular are a shining example. They don't even have good drugs for nerve pain - they use anticonvulsants and antidepressants.

The body is meta.



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What happened "before" the big bang.

What is really going on beyond a black hole's event horizon.

Dark energy.


Whether or not "before the Big Bang" is even a coherent concept, given that time effectively started at the Big Bang.

Similarly, whether "beyond the edge of the universe" is a coherent concept.



How time keeps happening.


My dad was a kid when this song came out. He says he remembers smoking with friends in their basement listening to this song and thinking "wow, that is the deepest thing I've ever heard. Time really does just keep slipping into the future..."


Your "Thoughts"?

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Where does consciousness come from.


Probably an emergent property.


Numbered Days

Growing old, humans are regenerative enough that it shouldn't happen but it does.


They're simple organisms though.

Stuff like trees for instance can take ages before dying of old age because, well, why replicate cells when you could just, like, vibe?


Ask Sandra...

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How gravity works.


More precise: How gravity works under certain conditions. We have a really strong theory of how gravity works in most cases: General Relativity. GTR makes really good predictions, if quantum effects can be ignored. If, however, quantum effects can not be ignored, GTR breaks down.



The Dolomite Problem.

There are dolomite formations in the sedimentary record which all appear to have formed around the same time, but no one has found a feasible reason how/why they formed.

It forms naturally under specific conditions. The problem is there are units all over the world that were deposited around the same time and they shouldn't have had the right conditions for formation.

Sedimentary units preserve the conditions they were deposited in. A skilled geologist can know if a sandstone was made by a river, shoreline, or offshore based on the grain size distribution, mineral content, and patterns in the rock (ripples, crossbeds, etc).

It's just an anomaly for geologists/geochemists to figure out.


Got a List?

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Why hot water can sometimes freeze faster than colder water.

How, why, and where is the Universe.

Why do we dream.

Where do plectrums go after you dropped them?


Beyond Breath

What happens to our consciousness after we die?


I believe consciousness will not go away. I see it this way: When you sleep really well without dreaming, a whole night will feel like a second. So what if when you died, the existence of the universe may also feels like a second? When everything gone to it's ashes,endless eternity becomes irreverent for you.


Not Existant...


The placebo effect.


The placebo effect is its own placebo effect. It doesn't exist really, but you think it does, which makes it exist, but doesn't really, but you think it does, but doesn't really, but.


In the Matter...

Dark matter.

Partly black holes.

Generally a lot of space stuff.


Matter that we can't see or interact with at all, in any way shape or form, aside from the gravity it emits.

Don't worry though. It shouldn't be a big deal. After all, dark matter only makes up a mere 85% of all mass in the universe.


This Little Piggy....

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Where do hamsters/gerbils/guinea pigs live outside the pet store.


Guinea pigs are native to South America.

Some folks there even eat them!


How Modern....

Morning sickness (which is not at all limited to the morning).

Modern medicine: we can remove tumors from brains! HIV is no longer a death sentence!

Also modern medicine: We don't really know what causes morning sickness HaVE u TrIEd GInGeR?



Where life comes from.


We have theories, we don't entirely understand the jump between not living and living.


Keep in mind that science uses some words differently than the rest of us. A scientific theory is usually a thoroughly tested and peer reviewed construct with a very high degree of likeliness. This is opposed to how non-science people seem to think that "well, it's just a theory so basically they don't know if it's true."


Kitty Lies...

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How cats purr and why they purr.


Cats purr by resonating the evil that lives deep within them and the reason why they do it is so they can trick you into putting your hand, which is conveniently made of meat, near them.


The Ork Way...

How Orks manage to make red fastah.


I thought they just had a latent psionic effect that they are blissfully unaware of? Kind of like how they can take a slab of metal and fill it with bullets, but somehow it still shoots despite physics not normally working that way.


Pretty much. If they have enough orks that collectively believe something, it will happen because of their psychic powers. Spaceship that has no engine and is literally duct-taped together? No problem. Tanks with no gas in them? No biggie. Orks just get crap done.



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How people can deny facts.


Another thing people always forget is science doesn't inherently prove things, it is theories tested until no one can figure out how to disprove them. Consensus changes all the time and the immediate politicization of a given consensus at any time only makes people more skeptical.

You are absolutely right that many 'facts' are up for debate, and a huge portion of things presented as 'fact' are actually entirely conjecture. Reddit is just as bad as facebook.


So many Thoughts....

There's a huge number of topics:

  • the human brain
  • black holes, dark matter (and energy), the big bang (theory)
  • how many species there are (specifically that many haven't been discovered)
  • why, with trillions of planets, we have no evidence for intelligent life
  • behaviors of many animals
  • there are many more that are less commonly discussed ploopanoic

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